Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-Fi Thermostat

The smart thermostat is manufactured by the company “Honeywell” situated in North Carolina, USA. The product (Part Number- TH9320WF5003), launched in the year 2016 in January. The item is selling since then, (ASIN- B0166QE9QC) costing 137 U.S. Dollars. The price is quite reasonable on this website, mostly less compared to others. The Wi-Fi thermostat (Model Number- TH9320WF5003) is available in a single colour variant that is “White”. The device is classified with #16 ranking in the Home Programmable Thermostats Departments globally.

The best sellers received a notable amount of fair reviews, from the customers online, downfalls are combined with uprisings in a loop. Nevertheless, the company provides a warranty of 1 year, on the touch screen and internal port damage of the gadget. However, in cases of abusing Honeywell, may permanently lead to no service from the brand. If you need help with anything else call 1-800-468-1502 toll-free number (customer care service).

Structural design of smart Honeywell thermostat TH9320.

The programmable thermostat weighs around 8 ounces and has a 4.53 * 0.87 * 3.46 inches size structure. The rectangular-shaped gadget is made of very low-quality plastic. A touch screen is constructed right at the front styled in 8.06 sq. in Trilingual format. The colour display has a 3.5 * 4.5 inches dimension along with a snap-in plug profile at the rear. A circular hole is drilled at the back, for power connection (AC output) and all system wirings too.

2 screw pointers for fitting in the cover alongside the wall plate is created as well. Once you remove the back panel, you will be able to see the switchboard designs with various named terminal ports on either side. Referred to the installation procedure, while the placement of the product. The fan outlet is given at the sides for hot air ventilation, as an extra. Lastly, the “Honeywell” branding is printed at the facing side, above the screen.

Unboxing the Honeywell Wi-Fi TH9320WF thermostat.

As the product doesn’t stay on demand all the time, the availability is less too. It takes half a month time before the package gets delivered to your pinned location. The purchase comes in a small durable box, straight from the company. Slit off the plastic and take out the white box. The Honeywell has loaded the box with a large amount of information, printed on all sides. In the box is the main Honeywell unit, displayed at the front. Beneath stays the mounting hardware (2 screws and 2 adjustments), company manual, quick installation guide, warranty card, etc documents. Make sure to lock away these product booklets safely, for claiming aid in future. If anything, apart from this is missing contact the customer service at Amazon, immediately and report them about the fraud.

Features of the Intelligent Honeywell TH93 thermostat.

The company provides a nice customer service satisfaction, above all. They also maintain the shipping temperature of minus 20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The back-wall plate assembly, along with the other parts can be easily replaced on the TH9320. Refer to the part number THP 2400A1027W for spare part assembly.

  • The Honeywell unit has a subtle temperature range. The heat withstanding range starts from 40 to 90degree Fahrenheit, and the cool from minus 50 to 99degree Fahrenheit. The operating ambient signature is 32 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and an operating relative humidity of 5% to 90% is maintained. The terminals have various names embedded on them, for conventional fixation of the wires. The average voltage for all wirings is 20 to 30VAC, with a max current rating of 1.0A.
  • You can personally set the advanced preferences according to your needs. Visit the “Advanced” tab in the “Preferences” section on the screen. The changeable options can be viewed from there, set them as per your wants and click “Next” on the display. Redo the steps for every change you make. Select the “Done” option at last, for applying all your requirements on the Honeywell thermostat.
  • App-controlled

    Being app-controlled generally takes your device to the next level. You can control your Honeywell from anywhere, anytime. Since it’s connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the device is quickly accessible. You can convert your room temperature, long before you enter the house and meet a suitable environment once you are inside. The temperature on the system settings can be derailed with, along with the modifications. The app can also show 7 days weather forecast for you to set your weekly settings adequately.

  • The Honeywell has a Web app feature, that allows the user to do all the previously mentioned features, along with something extra. They allow the owner to turn on email notifications for alterations of all possible scenarios. For example, if the humidity drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you can schedule the daily chart. The app itself can run this operation quite easily and tweak changes whenever and wherever necessary.
  • The touch display is quite bright and responsive as well. The touch sampling rate is fast when compared to its competitors. The physical touch display is quite a feature itself, as it’s missing from most of the products, out in the market. The colour is changeable and the system is easy to read, navigate and control. The homepage arrives, with date and time, room temperature, fan, and other controllable floating options on the screen.

Installing that TH9329WF5003 thermostat by Honeywell.

  1. Use all safety gears and steadily do this job, taking lumpsum time. Call expertise over, to give you a hand instead. Cut power and take out the wires from the switchboard connecting spot. Drill in the extra wall plate using screws and a hammer.
  2. Open the Honeywell’s back, to attach the wires correctly in each terminal port. If you have R and RC wires around the circuit, remove the red jumper loop on the device. Leave it, if based on a single transmitter system. C for common wire, RC for controlling power, K for optional were and R for heating power is given on the left side. The right side is filled with W-0/B, Y, G, W2-Aux/E, Y2 and L for first stage heating relay, compressor contactor, fan relay, second stage heating relay, compressor contactor and heat pump monitor.
  3. After providing power (24 volts), the screen will flash displaying a quick setup. Set the language to “English” and move forward. Tap the “Home” and “Thermostat” options one after another. Select both cooling and heating options and touch on the “Forced Air” option, simultaneously on the screen. With this, you will be done with the initial setup.
  4. Now, download the “Honeywell” app on your tablet. The app is mostly available free of cost on both Android and iOS devices. Sign up, using your common email ID and password. The “Add Device” option pops up on the touchpad. Follow the on-screen instructions to attach your smartphone with the TH9320. Provide it with a stable Wi-Fi connection, to finally get it going. Watch the installation video on the Honeywell Wi-Fi YouTube channel for a little help and fetch a live experience as well.

Review of the programmable thermostat TH9320WF5003 Honeywell.

With the thought of how amazing it would feel if we were able to control the room temperature in our house. With everlasting evolving gadgets around us, people want something to match their body/climate temperature, as they enter the home. No biggie, as I will be introducing the Honeywell TH9320WF5003 smart thermostat today. This thermostat is the most inexpensive product with a touch screen functionality, installed up-top. Now you can control your settings with both the Honeywell app and the wall controller.
Adjust and customise your room temperature from time to time, seeing the climate report and scheduling it accordingly.

The colour changing screen is also a sweet gesture to your eyes, which acts as a quick reminder for date and time as well. The app notification also plays a nice triggering part in your weather forecast changes. Moreover, it’s a great product to have around your four walls, but if you want options take a look at Thermostat programmable 1, Line Smart TJ-225, Honeywell home RTH9585, Emerson ST75S, Ecobee light, Emerson sensi, Ecobee smart, etc devices for quick alternatives. Also go through the company official website, to know more about the Honeywell products.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to update firmware on the Honeywell app?

The software update is usually pushed by the company over time. The firmware if required, will update automatically and install on the mobile, during non-usage hours. Keep the data flow on your smart device “On”, all the time to ensure this activity. Other than that, the security patch gets a newer version on the TH9320WF every 3 months. Check the latest update, by visiting the “About” section on the app in your free time.

How to reset, restart the TH9320 thermostat?

The procedures to reset and restart are quite similar and easy to run. Visit the “System” window on the Honeywell and click on either of them to buckle up the process. Directly access it through your Honeywell device, and allow them some time to go through the procedure. The reset will take up to 5 minutes and then restart up to 2 minutes. Remember, restarting the device will set the TH93 back to its default settings and erase all your personalised settings from the server. You will need to customise it, back again from the beginning. However, restarting the device will just give it a fresh start, clearing all the junk files stored in the background.

How to connect the TH9320WF5003 smart thermostat, to the Wi-Fi network?

Once the initial setup is over, the connection for Wi-Fi will be asked on the screen. Touch “Yes”, to begin the process, if you want to do it later visit the “Menu” tab and click the “Wi-Fi setup” option to get moving. Choose your home Wi-Fi network and type in the password correctly on the displaying panel. A successful connection will be displayed if everything is done correctly. “Rescan” the Wi-Fi page, if your router name is not displaying (twice or thrice). Go through with this and click “Done” to complete your device registration. The password for Mac is 0123456789ab and for CRC is 1234, regarding the thermostat connection.

Need writing instructions for Honeywell TH9320WF5003 thermostat?

Following this will be tough on your own. I will recommend you to get an electrician over to simplify the job. Nonetheless, the K terminal is for power (wires – TH9045A1023). Each terminal port only provides access to 1 wire at a time. Don’t push into wires forcefully before insertion, cut the wire slightly at its tip, for the layer to decrease and insert it straight into the port. Avoid the jumper loop for double transmitter systems, the common connection will arrive from the cool transformer. Extra: Shielded cable is to be left out, use thin (18 to 22) gauged thermostatic wire for the process.

System settings showing error on Honeywell intelligent thermostat.

Note these directives down, this will help you get past the issues. Sometimes the system may not direct its settings back to the cool mode. You need to see if your system type, is matching with the cooling and heating temperature, set it accordingly to move on. This case runs in both situations vice versa. The fan doesn’t tend to respond, even when the hardware is getting heated. This common issue can be solved quickly. Visit the “Your Fan” control option in your system setup screen. Match that also with the heat signature, to cool down the thermostat wherever necessary.

The Wi-Fi thermostat Honeywell TH9320WF showing a blank display?

Resetting the appliance normally solves this issue, but keep an eye out for the circuit breaker as well. The power supply for the thermostat should stay uninterruptible. The furnace door at the back must be safely attached as well, for avoiding trouble. Type C is a mandate for the Honeywell product, check its utmost connection also. If everything is in place, I’m sure you will have no problem viewing the colourful display.

Wait for screen and pump issues on the Honeywell touch thermostat?

The wait screen issue is an everyday problem with this product. Many complaints are filed, due to this issue as well. The most probable reason for this to appear is the compressor protection feature being engaged on the Honeywell. Halt for 10 minutes, until the thermostat reboots the system slowly. This circumvents the device from damaging the compressor completely.
At the time the heat up may deliver hot air on cool mode and vice versa. Visit the system setup tab and click “Type of changeover value”, configure it accordingly to your house circuit. This is the best possible way to get out of this mess instantly.

How to change the system from showing heating or cooling not responding error on the Honeywell TH9320 thermostat?

Go to the “System” window and set a high temperature for the heating system and a cooler temperature for the cooling system. This is the basic reason, for showing this kind of system failure. The reset can also solve the problem, but only temporarily. The wait option is also displayed in such cases, do the needful to go through with that. Lastly, the power supply and furnace door are to be managed properly, to steer clear of this kind of trouble in future.

Safety instructions for installing the TH9320WF5003 thermostat?

You need to put on all the safety gear before installing this product. You must have rubberised gloves, shoes, smoke glasses and cutters. Attaching this in a rush won’t get you anywhere, but bring more trouble instead. Throw the old circuit board in a contained packet, apart from the trash can to avoid it from being radioactive. Kill the main electric system of the house, before you start engaging on this job. Place the thermostat about 5 feet from ground level, so that it stays away from small children’s reach. Avoid too many metal objects, being placed nearby the thermostat. Provide it space to run healthy and smoother for a lifetime.

Why should you buy it?
  • It is the cheapest thermostat in this segment, to provide such features. The cooling and heating standards are beyond every other thermostat’s range available, so that’s a plus point too.
  • Away from other products in the market, the Honeywell has a responsive touch colour display. You can control it via the app and the in-display system.
  • The customer service is absolutely delightfully, provided by the US company. Contact, if you require support on further assistance. The spare parts are quickly available and the company warehouses are universal too.
  • The TH9320 runs on very low power and is easily customizable by the Honeywell app. In future, they are also planning to bring in a voice command feature, through the firmware update, so stay tuned for that as well.