How Do I Configure FactoryTalk Linx Communication over wifi?

The FactoryTalk Linx browser is a communication service. It is made up especially to provide control system information from Allen-Bradley products. It is the latest Rockwell Communication software that is known as a FactoryTalk Linx. FactoryTalk Linx has multiple software options and functions that replace and encompass several software packages.

Moreover, the FactoryTalk Linx essentially evolved from the previous software that is known as RSLinx. FactoryTalk Linx is designed for the Rockwell automation network and devices. FactoryTalk Linux was released in 2018 and then replaced enterprise beginning with FactoryTalk Linx studio version 10. It was delivered as an alternate telecommunication platform for Rockwell software studio 5000 beginning with version 31. It was never used after the 32 latest versions of it; it was replaced simply with FactoryTalk Linx.

Despite this, the FactoryTalk Linx is an awesome network browser. It is an application name that permits running as a standalone application on your computer. You can Configure FactoryTalk Linx very simply. Its configuration is similar to an RSLinx classic.

What Is FactoryTalk Linx?

The meaning of the FactoryTalk Linx is that it is essentially made up to deliver a specific solution from small applications. It is maneuvering on a single computer with a particular controller, to spread an enormous spread and even redundant or duplicative data server configuration system easily communicating with immense automation systems. You can Configure FactoryTalk Linx application very easily. Its configuration process has been similar to RSLinx. The RSLinx will still need previous version communication protocols like data highway plus and DeviceNet.

What Are The Advantages Of Configuring FactoryTalk Linx For Applications?

The FactoryTalk Linx is an immensely outstanding browser that delivers the services to control and manage the various applications on your computer. It runs all the applications on your single computer with a single controller. Following are the advantages of the FactoryTalk Linx.

  • The FactoryTalk Linx reduces the setup steps from the network drivers.
  • Its operation speed is more rapid in comparison to RSLinx and allows you to download fastly over the VPN and WiFi connections.
  • Apart from this, it still supports USB and RS-232 DF-1 serial communication services. But after the expansion, it’s preliminary to support the Ethernet network connections.
  • It uses only a single driver to configure FactoryTalk Linx software and its latest version provides the exclusive user interface for usability and searching the topology.
  • When you have to configure the Ethernet driver, you can choose the broadcast or device list as a discovery method.

How Do I Configure FactoryTalk Linx Communication over wifi?

Following are the steps to configure FactoryTalk Linx software, which are mentioned below.

  • Launch a FactoryTalk Linx network browser on your computer.
  • Make sure the wifi network connection has connected to your computer.
  • Open the FactoryTalk Linx application and choose the to configure drivers.
  • After this, click on the discovery method and start the configuration process of the FactoryTalk Linx.
  • Go to the configure driver administration panel and select the add new device button.
  • You will have to choose the device list from the discovery method and click on the ok button.
  • It can copy from the excel spreadsheet instantly into the driver when you have to use the device list. You can use it when you merely need to highlight the Ip addresses in excel. Just select all the addresses with Ctrl+C and click on the paste option that is given on the right side of the configuration driver window.
  • Moreover, you can use the description for searching the Ip address in the device list.
  • Type an Ip address in the device list or range box and press on the Ok option.
  • After that, you will apply the settings to configure the various applications. Emulate the on-screen instructions and apply the advanced settings.
  • Lastly, save all which you have to make on your device.
Can I Use The FactoryTalk Linx Software Free Of Cost?

The FactoryTalk Linx browser does not need any license. You can easily download and install it from the Download Center (PCDC) and Rockwell Program Compatibility. After installing it, you can use it very easily without any issue, just following the given instructions on the screen.

What Is The Main Distinction Between The Rslinx Classic And Rslinx Enterprise?

RSLinx Enterprise is generally composed of all FactoryTalk products. Hence, you do not require to buy the data server individually. On the other hand, the RSLinx Classic is essentially the most widely installed browser and communication server in best automation today. Moreover, RSLinx Classic Lite can be utilized either as a service or an application.

Why Do We Need The FactoryTalk Linx Software?

The FactoryTalk service platform particularly offers various services to use the application on your single computer very easily. Additionally, you can also use it for activation, events and alarms, security, directories, live data, audits, etc. It has some additional security features and internet access control.

Is FactoryTalk Linx A Scada?

They’re a lot of companies that sell SCADA Systems. One special company that arrived at intellect is Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk. Apart from this, it is designed with the SE HMI SCADA software feature which can communicate and transmit information on Allen-Bradley products. All can be possible with the ControlLogix programmable automation controllers (PAC).

What Is The Distinction Between the Factorytalk Linx And Rslinx?

The RSLinx is one of the best communication drivers, it is particularly designed for the RSLogix5/500/5000 and Studio 5000 versions. Moreover, the FactoryTalk Linx is the communication driver that is mainly used by FactoryTalk View Studio (PanelView Plus). The FactoryTalk Linx Communication browser is not convertible, you don’t pick one or the other.

Can I Use The Rslinx Enterprise As An Opc Server?

The Rslinx Enterprise is a Lite version that supports upload or download to the latest version of Rockwell Automation controllers. Essentially, it was formed with the purchase of RSLogix. You can download it freely from its official website. Apart from this, the RSLinx Classic Lite does not use an OPC server, whereas there are three newest versions available for the DDE/OPC servers. A single node is restricted to one regulator while OEM permits numerous controllers.

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