How Does Coolpix WiFi Work With Pc?

The Coolpix works with a WiFi connection. If you wish to transfer all your pictures from the Coolpix wifi camera to Pc then you should use the UC-E16 USB cable or memory card.

Moreover, you can also use the Nikon wireless mobile utility app for iPhones or Android-based smart devices. It will automatically transfer into a smart device and you can use it very easily. Apart from this, you can use the App to control or manage the camera’s shutter.

Although, It is not directly transferred to a PC. You can use the Wireless Transmitter Utility for Windows application to upload the pictures from the cameras to the PC.

Here, we will discuss, “How does Coolpix WiFi Work With Pc?” and how you can use it. If you would like to know about it in-depth, then let’s know from here.

What Should I Do To Connect My Nikon Coolpix WiFi With My Computer?

If you would like to know about “How Does Coolpix WiFi Work With Pc?” and how to connect it with Pc then you must follow the three steps below in a series. It is as;

1. Pair Your Computer and Coolpix Camera

First of all, you have to pair your camera with your computer. Before this, you must confirm whether your camera is configured or not. Turn on it and press the “Menu” button. Now, you see on the display of your camera, that the list of menus will open there.

(i) Steps to configure the Nikon Coolpix wifi camera

If you think, “How Does Coolpix WiFi Work With Pc?” then you must have to configure your camera first with the following points. It is as;

  • Go into the Camera Setup Menu and click on “Connect to Pc”. Thereafter, go into the “Network settings” and choose the “create profile” option.
  • There are two methods available for the wifi connection wizard, the first one is to search for a wifi network or another is a direct connection to a Pc.
  • If you choose a “Direct connection to Pc” then select it. Connect your Pc with the access point network, it will manifest on your camera screen an SSID and security encryption key (Wi-Fi password).
(ii) Steps to configure the Pc Windows
  • Open your Pc and click on the Wireless LAN icon that’s given on your computer’s taskbar.
  • You will also need to connect to the same network on your computer with which you have connected with your camera.
  • Click on the same SSID, from your computer network name list and enter the wifi password, finally click on the “connect option”.
  • After this, launch the Wireless Transmitter Utility application on your Windows Pc.
  • Now, you have to open this app. After that, you have to pair your camera and computer.
  • Select your camera name from the appearing list and enter the authentication code that’s displayed on your camera screen.
  • Click on “Next” and finish the pairing process.
  • Make sure the camera shows the pairing complete message on its screen. Click on the “Ok” option.
  • Finally, the Coolpix wifi has been paired successfully with your Pc.

2. Designate a Location or destination

These are the steps to choosing a location for uploading the pictures from the Nikon Coolpix camera. It is as;

  • After the pairing process is over, you have to click on the Next button. The Wireless Transmitter Utility app will ask you to choose a destination folder.
  • You select it through the browser and click on the browser. You will have to create on your desktop a new folder with a specific name like images.
  • So, choose a desktop and form a new folder and type the folder name.
  • Click on the “Ok” button and then click on the “next” option.
  • Now, the confirmation message “action has been finished successfully” is manifest on your computer screen.
  • Finally, click on the “Next” option. Emulate the on-screen instructions and confirm that your camera has been connected to the Pc successfully, if it’s connected then click on the close option.

    3. Upload into PC selected pictures

    Here are the following points to upload the pictures from the Coolpix wifi camera to Windows Pc.

    • First, choose the upload pictures option. It helps you to transfer them all from your camera to your Pc. Press the Playback button on your Coolpix camera and select all the pictures which you would like to transfer or upload. Press on the “i” button that’s given on your camera.
    • Click on “select to send/deselect (Pc)” and click on the “Ok” button to run the upload pictures process. When this process will start the green pictures transfer icon shows on your camera screen. When it moves into the blue icon, that means the transfer of pictures has been successfully finished.
    • You could repeat this process again if you want to upload additional images through your Coolpix camera to Windows Pc.
    • Finally, click on the destination folder on your Windows and click on the images folder. Now, check that all your images have been uploaded.

    Thus, the above-given points are described as “How Does Coolpix WiFi Work With Pc?. so, if you want to know about it then you must follow the above-given points.

    Can I Connect My Coolpix Camera To My Computer Via Wi-Fi?

    Yes, you can connect your Coolpix camera to the computer through wifi connection. When you pair your camera, go into the network settings. After that, enter your network name and password to connect it. Also, connect the same network with your Windows to operate both devices with the same wifi connection.

    Can I Connect My Laptop With a Coolpix WiFi Camera?

    Yes, you can connect your Coolpix Camera with the laptop. You can use the Wireless Transmitter Utility app or use a USB cable to upload the pictures through your camera to your PC.

    How Do I Use Wireless Wi-Fi On Pc?

    If you would like to use wireless wifi on your pc then you will first connect your Windows PC and portable system to your wireless network.

    After this, ensure that your PC or laptop must have a LAN cable or wireless network adapter. Most desktops, Pc, tablets, and laptops come automatically with the preinstalled wireless network adapter.

    How Do I Transmit Pictures Through Coolpix Camera To My Computer?

    Connect the USB Connector cable with your PC and Camera USB port. After this, follow the on-screen instructions which are given on your camera. So, let’s start uploading all of your pictures from your camera to your computer.

    Can I Upload Pictures From My Nikon Camera To Pc Wirelessly?

    Definitely, you can send the images through the Coolpix camera to Pc wirelessly. To transmit the pictures, you will use the Wireless Transmitter Utility App. Open it and choose to send it to a smart device and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

    Do I Use Nikon Coolpix As A Webcam?

    Yes, you can use a Nikon Coolpix camera as a Webcam. It is the most effortless way for the setup. You can use it as a new Nikon Webcam Utility. To use it, first of all, you have to download or install on your Mac or PC a free Nikon Webcam Utility program. After that, select the Nikon camera and use it with the USB plug-and-play method.

    Can I Connect My Pc To Wifi Without Cable?

    Yes, you can connect your computer through the wireless network connection mode. To use it, you will need to go into the settings. After this, choose the internet or wi-fi settings. Then, choose the same SSID which you have used for the camera. Finally, enter the security encryption key or wifi password and click on the connect option.