How many Starlink Satellites are in the orbit?

 Thinking about the Starlink Satellite count in the orbit? 

Well, if you are a Starlink user, atleast for once you must have wondered “how many Starlink Satellite are circling in the Earth’s orbit”. To answer your curiosity, SpaceX has launched  2,091 satellites as of today. Moreover, if you are planning to get their services and want to know about starlink internet speed then read this writeup. Anyways, without wasting time, let’s dive into the facts. 

How many Starlink Satellites are in the orbit? 

SpaceX successfully launched 2,091 satellites into orbit from February 2018 to 2022. SpaceX reported producing six satellites per day in March 2020. The initial 1,440 satellites were to be launched in 72 orbital planes with 20 satellites each. Incorporating a requested lower beam minimum elevation angle to enhance reception: 25° rather than the other two orbital shells’ 40° angle.

In May 2019, SpaceX carried out the first 60 satellites in the constellation, placing them in an orbit that was 550 kilometres (340 miles) across. At that time, SpaceX anticipated carrying out up to six launches in 2019, with 720 satellites (60 of them) providing continuous coverage in 2020. 

Starship, a SpaceX rocket that is still in development, has the capacity to carry a much larger payload; it is planned to launch Starlink satellites via Starship. Plans to launch 400 Starlink (version 1.0) satellites simultaneously were included in the initial announcement.

Starship is currently the only launch vehicle that will be used to launch fewer of the much larger Starlink version 2.0, as per current plans. According to the most recent update, 1478 Starlink satellites are currently in use. The slower speed is because about 247 satellites have deorbited from their track. To know more about the technology that Starlink uses, visit here.

What is a Spacex Satellite?

Here’s a quick brief for those who haven’t heard of Starlink. Starlink is a massive network of satellites that aims to provide high-speed Internet access to even the world’s most remote locations. Since 2015, SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, has developed and constructed it. 

Each satellite is put into orbit in stages. 775 solar-powered satellites are currently in orbit around the Earth, 13 batches of which have already been launched into space. SpaceX intends to eventually construct a massive constellation of 12,000 satellites. Additionally, with the possibility of later increased the number to 42,000

What happens when many Starlink satellites are circling the Earth’s orbit? 

Around 5,000 satellites are currently in Earth’s orbit, which is a large number and is creating issues. Our skies will be overrun with man-made objects that reflect light if SpaceX’s plan is successful.

Professional astronomers may find their work hampered as a result, as the sky’s images may be tainted by satellites. The fact that so many things have the potential to collide, resulting in space junk, is another issue. 

SpaceX has already tested two prototype satellites with darkened surfaces to address the first concern: VisorSat and DarkSat. Since the Starlink-8 mission, all satellites have anti-reflective surfaces.

Concerning the second issue, Elon Musk stated that in the event of failure, the satellites would deorbit within five years. If you are facing any issues with your Starlink you can get in touch with starlink customer support here. So, we hope your curiosity about how many starlink satellites are in the orbit is answered.

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How many Starlink Satellites are in the orbit?

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