How much is the Starlink Limited Warranty Period? 24or12 months!

If you would like to know the Limited Warranty time period of your Starlink kit then in this article we will cover that. Moreover, we will also learn how to claim your warranty plus what will be the reasons that will make your warranty void. 

Your Spacex Starlink Limited Warranty Period will depend upon kit model, service location, and the equipment sellers. So, let’s check if your kit model is still covered under warranty-

Starlink Kit Model’s And Their Warranty Period

High Performance (all HP Models and all countries) :- For this model you get 24 months of warranty from the date of purchasing it. 24 months starlink warranty is applicable when bought from Starlink directly. You will be applicable for 12 months of warranty if bought from an authorized retailer. It starts from the day of its activation.

Standard (European Union and United Kingdom) :- You will get 24 months of warranty if you purchase it directly from Starlink from the original date of purchase. If you purchase it from an authorized dealer then you get a 12 months warranty from the date of its activation.

Standard (All countries, Excluding EU and UK) :- You get 12 months of warranty from the date of purchase if you get it from official starlink. If you buy it from an authorized dealer then also you get a 12 months warranty from the date of its activation.

How to get a Starlink Warranty?

If you want to claim your warranty for starlink kit then you can directly go to starlink customer support portal. Once you file a claim Starlink will process it within 30 days. As per their convenience Starlink will either replace, repair the whole device/part or provide you the new one. And the warranty for this replaced device will be for the greater of 3 months or the remainder of the original warranty period. 

Starlink Warranty does not include malfunctioning or underperformance resulting from:-

  • Instructions were not followed properly, which includes improper field of view or covering antenna with a radome.
  • Doing Manual re-orientation of the antenna.
  • Using your kits in motion while they are not authorized by Starlink.
  • Using third party devices or software not approved by Starlink.
  • Electrical power problem at your residence.
  • Network conflict or interference from too many emitting devices.
  • Making changes like paint or any other cosmetic changes, repair or modification, disassembly of starlink kit by third party or yourself.
  • Earthquake, fire, wind, flood, lightning, weather or act of god.
  • starlink limited warranty dinosaur
  • Liquid or other food spills by customers.
  • Emergency maintenance by starlink on the network.
  • Any kind of neglect, alteration, vandalism, accident, abuse or misuse.
  • Wear and tear that does not affect the performance of the kit.

Get Your Kits Modified By Authorized Retailers Without Compromising the Warranty For In-motion use

You can get your starlink modification by authorized retailers without compromising with the Limited Warranty. In case of modification it must be approved by Starlink in writing. There might be some evaluation fee to assess the reliability of your kit.

Final words-

So starlink’s limited warranty period is different for each model. Also it depends upon your location too. To avoid your starlink kit warranty from getting null & void, keep in mind the above stated point. 

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