How to Cancel Part of Starlink Order? Cancel any item from order?

Let’s suppose you order an ethernet adapter and ground pole mount with your starlink kit. And now you would just like to use the already available ground pole at your home. So, starlink has provided you with the option to cancel part of the starlink order.

How to Cancel Part of Starlink Order?

So, let’s learn how you can cancel your shop order like mounts, accessories., etc. The catch here is that you can cancel the order if it has not been packed for shipping yet. In case it has already been packed, or you are having trouble canceling the order then you can get in touch with the support team here. Also, if the order has already been delivered then you can return the item you want.

  • Firstly login into your starlink customer account.
  • Now goto my order option.
  • Next, select the order that you would like to customize or cancel.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the order summary and choose the option to cancel the order.
  • Give confirmation and order status will reflect as “Cancelled”

Another method is to submit a ticket and the support team will make the necessary changes for you in the order. This will save you a lot of time and effort as they will alter your order directly.

Lastly, you can even cancel the complete order and place a new order with only the items that you need.

These are the Accessories Available to purchase after receiving your order confirmation email from starlink.

  • Pipe adapter
  • Volcano mount
  • Flashing mount
  • Ground pole mount
  • Cable routing kit
  • Masonry routing kit


So, this is how you can cancel part of an order on a starlink shop. In case your starlink order say preparing order then read on here. Or if you are wondering about when you will receive a starlink order then you can read the related article. 

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