How to connect Blink camera to WiFi

The Blink camera is a wireless surveillance camera to monitor the activities in your home and offices. The inbuilt microphone and speaker proffers you to do two-way audio communication. It can be easily set up using the Blink app. You just need to connect with the Blink sync module. You can easily monitor and view the live activity from your digital phone after concluding the setup. If you are wondering how to connect Blink camera to WiFi, then get the brief info from here.

Easy Steps to Connect Blink Camera to WiFi

The Blink camera setup begins here. To connect the Blink camera to your WiFi network, you have to set it up first. The procedure is flawless but you have to go after the steps to finalize the setup.

Steps 1: Download Blink Home Monitor App

Blinks app is available for your Android and iOS device. It is congruent with digital phones, Alexa devices, and tablets. Here is the info to download the app.
Firstly, get into the mobile application store and typify the Blink camera app in the search section. Touch the get or install button once the app manifests on the interface. The installation may take a few seconds, and relies on the internet speed. On the other hand, get the Blink user manual and scan the QR code using your digital phone camera scanner.

Steps 2: Create Blink Account

Launch the Blink camera app and touch the white text link indicating Create account. The next interface will reveal which demand you to pick up your region. Once you pick up the region, select OK. Next, typify the email address and generate a fresh passphrase. The alphabets of your passphrase must be greater than eight. Now enroll the PIN you get into your email box. Once you verify the email, enroll in the phone number. Now validate the phone number by entering the code you get as a text message. Once done, you can link the Amazon account to get the Alexa services. Otherwise, skip it.

Step 3: Setting Up the Blink Sync Module

You have to add a sync module and generate a system. Get the easy steps from here.
Get into the Blink app home screen and then discover the + symbol on the top flank of the interface. Touch the + symbol and it reveals the Blink device list. Pick up your Blink camera. See the serial number attached beside the QR code. Now, get a digital phone to scan the QR code on the Blink camera bottom. Before that, validate all the permissions demanded by the app to access your phone camera. In spite of giving access to the app, you can typify the serial number.

Step 4: Continue the app info to Connect Blink Camera to WiFi

Once a QR code has been detected, it will demand you to generate a fresh system. Typify the name for a new system and touch done. Now touch the Blink icon. The next interface will tell you to plug the module. Deem the guide before proceeding. Now, put the sync module to the electrical jack using the USB cord and stay for approximately 30 seconds. The module blue light flashes randomly and the green one stabilizes.

Once you spot those lights, link the app to the Blink WiFi network, Observe the WiFi network name with BLINK-XXXX. The XXXX is numerical and may vary. Join the 2.4 GHz networks viewing the range. The sync module collects the network info. Refresh the interface if you did not see the network.

Get sure you have typed the accurate passphrase, Tap the done icon to conclude the Blink camera WiFi setup. The welcome scream manifests that signifies the camera on the top flank. The green bar decides the device on the top flank signifies the device is connecting to the cloud.

Step 5: Add Camera

On the home interface, touch the + symbol. Pick up your camera from the table and then go ahead to scan the QR code or typify the serial number manually as mentioned on the label. This will add the camera. The info may manifest which signifies the camera is added, touch done. The camera name with its serial number reveals. Tap on it to give the custom name. You can add an additional camera in the same way as you added the first one. Point your Blink camera where you want to monitor the activities.

Troubleshooting: Blink camera not connecting to WiFi?

Still, encountering trouble even after connecting the Blink camera to the WiFi? Here are the keys that you need to apply.

  • First of all, boot up your digital phone or tablet to set the WiFi connection. Once done, go to the WLAN settings and try to connect the BLINK WiFi network.
  • Toggle OFF the WiFi network in the setting of your phone or tablet. Toggle ON WiFi and then refresh it before connecting to WiFi.
  • Get assured the WiFi box or any other network device is getting power. It should be in ON condition. You can inspect it by seeing the PWR LED light. It should be firm.
  • The sync module, Blink camera, and the WiFi device you are employing should be in the coverage of the WiFi box. Evade interferences such as thick concrete walls, electronic objects, glasses. It may mitigate the signal of the WiFi box.
  • Toggle ON the location on the device. Otherwise, this may generate an issue a few times.

In this way, you are able to connect Blink camera to WiFi to monitor the activities from your digital phone or tablet.