How to connect two routers in one home network?

If you wish to improve the network performance then you will simply add one more networking router to your home. This second home router is also a more reliable system to extend the signal range including the large home and connecting lots of devices. To connect two routers in one home network, you just have to use the wireless or wired connection mode. This mode fundamentally improves the overall performance of this networking system. You can effortlessly combine two routers in one network by using the LAN to WAN connection. To make the 2 WiFi networks in one house, just install your first home networking router with the power.

You know very well the primary wireless router delivers the wired network connection only for limited devices. By adding an extra wireless router, you have to get the extra wired connection for more wired enabling appliances. In addition, the second wireless home router usually works as a range extender, which extends the wireless signal coverage including signal range. It has excellent support, especially for wired and wireless setups. Hence, if you want to improve the WiFi coverage in your home, then simply use the extra wireless router with this home system and enjoy its excellent signal range.

Step-by-Steps Guide to connect two routers in one home network

To connect two routers with the same network is an impeccable match to improving the wireless coverage. It also enables you to connect this system with wired and wireless-enabled appliances. Know a step-by-step guide to connecting the same routers in one home network. If you think “how do I set up 2 routers on the same network?” then let’s obtain all steps from the below.

1. Two Routers Setup on the same network

Fundamentally, you have to connect both routers with the two methods, a wireless method and a wired connection mode. Here are the following steps to set up both routers in an easy way.

  • First of all, you need to choose an original and secondary router from both of them.
  • Just pick a new WiFi router as a primary router and choose your previous one as a secondary router, to extend the signal range of your first router impeccably.
  • After choosing that, kindly place these wireless routers closer to your home than several appliances (computers, laptops, Tv, mobile phone, etc.).
  • After accessing the network, set both routers on their permanent locations.
  • There are two types to connect the secondary wireless router. You can set it up as a LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN connection.
(i) Connect two routers LAN to LAN

There are the following steps to the two routers setup like a LAN to LAN connection. All of the steps are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, connect both routers power cables with the switch and turn on its power, after establishing a LAN to LAN connection between both of their appliances.Connect two routers
  • The LAN to LAN method is particularly helpful to extend the signal range of your existing wireless router network connection.
  • It may also extend the SSID of the internet routers while it joins with the LAN To LAN connection.LAN To LAN
  • By using this connection is enabled, you can share and transmit the files between your regardless appliances, which you want to share with the connecting router network.
  • To create a wired network connection, you have to use the powerline Ethernet kit and wireless media bridge.
  • Connect both of the router’s LAN ports and configure the secondary WiFi router on the primary router network IP address.
  • After this, you can use both of these wireless routers extended networks.
(ii) Steps to the LAN to WAN connection Setup

Here are some necessary steps to connect two routers in one home network using the LAN To WAN connection mode.

  • To connect two routers LAN to WAN connection mode, first, switch on the power of these both routers after plugging the power cable into the switch.LAN to WAN connection mode
  • After this, use the network (Ethernet cable ) cable to connect its main point with your primary router LAN port.
  • Apart from this, attach another point with the EAN port of your secondary wireless router.secondary wireless router
  • Now, the LAN to WAN port connection is generated between both appliances. So, wait for a minute and check the signal light of both routers.signal light
  • If this is blinking well then use this wireless systems network connection.
  • This is a network that does not support sharing or transmitting the files with the two different network connections.
  • By using this connection, you have to also enable it to isolate certain devices. It also allows you for the place restrictions to unite its network on any device.

Steps to the secondary router setup via Ethernet cable

Here are the necessary steps to connect the two routers on the same network using the Ethernet cable.

1. Link the primary router with the secondary router

First of all, finish the setup of your primary wireless router if it is not set up. After that, it also ensures that your primary router is also connected with your modem’s network. Now, connect this primary router internet with your home computer using the wired connection, to check that its network is working correctly. If this is working precisely then go ahead. After verifying this, kindly switch on your secondary WiFi router power, to fix your previous router not connecting with your Windows PCs or MACs system. So, let’s combine the secondary Wifi router and use its extended network connection.

2. Log in to the Primary wireless router

If you want to control your primary router internet connection through the modem then you will only access the web interface. It is particularly accessed by inserting the IP address into the web URL. Hence, access your primary router IP address and let’s log in to this system with your primary router admin login credentials. Designate the admin field and enter which username or password of this router and finish the login process.

3. Modify the DHCP settings of the secondary router

To modify the DHCP settings for taking the LAN To LAN connection precisely, just go into the settings after accessing the web admin page of this router. Apart from this, modifying the LAN to WAN settings, you will need to set up the DHCP settings with both routers having the same IP address.

  • Enable the DHCP server settings on your primary wireless router.
  • Renew the static Ip address to modify the DHCP network range.
  • After configuring your primary router settings, kindly must save it all.
  • Apart from this, also disable or turn off the DHCP server connection and its signal range, just to extend the network to only your primary router. So, after disabling it, kindly have it and use this system again.
  • After completing the connect two routers configuration process, you have to use the system extended network with the impeccable signal range.
4. Modify the Wireless channels

If you want to configure the 2.4Ghz wireless band settings then simply apply the settings for this system. Click on yes to enable the wireless network. Enter the Wireless SSID and wireless interface type. After that, choose the channel and current channel. Choose the wireless security key and activate it using this wireless channel. In the end, apply all your modifying settings.

5. Place your both routers in an exact location

After completing the configuration process, you have to set up both routers in an impeccable location. Place both of their wireless routers in an exact location in your home and let’s assess the proper signal range with the extended signal range. Attach both devices with the same connection of the network using the wired or wireless connection mode. Enable the bridge mode to take the internet connection with the “bridge mode” or “repeater mode”. SUe the Ethernet cable connection and connect it with your several appliances.