How To Contact Starlink Customer Support? No call just tickets!!

You need help with starlink Billing, Installation, Cancellation, Refund, etc and looking to contact starlink customer support? If the answer is ‘yes’ then we got you covered. Today we will reveal all the possible ways to contact starlink customer support for faster resolution to your problems.

So, Spacex Starlink does not provide support over call, so you won’t be able to call them as of Jan 2023. But you can reach them via their website or app and raise a ticket. Or you can even email them and the support team will get back to you.

Lets learn how to reach starlink customer support via website

So there are two methods to create a support ticket via website-

  • First is by directly visiting the starlink support ticket page. Note that you need to be signed in into your starlink account to be able to submit a support ticket using this page.
  • Second method is by going to the document page, there you need to open any query and click on thumbs down. It will bring a prompt for you to submit a ticket. 
  • So once you submit a ticket you can expect a reply to your query within 24 hours. Due to heavy traffic flow sometimes many customers have to wait a bit longer than 24 hours as well.
  • Moreover, it is likely that you will find the answer to your query on this troubleshooting support page. So, you can use the search bar on the top left hand side to search for your query. 

Thankfully, they have created different sections or categories for each query. You will find Account, Billing & orders, Setup & Installation, Cancellations & Refunds related answers there. You can select any section and then play around to find the topic of your interest.

Contacting support through starlink app

So this method is a bit easier, because we already have starlink apps on our phones. Moreover, it has been observed that if we contact them through an app for technical support then your issues will get fixed much faster. That is because with the “remote troubleshooting” option from the app they can make changes from their end too.

So to get in touch starlink support via app follow these steps-

  • Go to the starlink app on your cell phones or tablets.
  • Select the support option just below the settings option
  • Search for your question there.
  • Now if you are not satisfied with the answer, tap the thumbs down icon just below the answer.
  • It will open a support ticket option, you might be asked to sign in if you already didn’t had.
  • Next is to fill out the support ticket form and wait for their response.

Also we have a bonus tip for you today. If you are trying to get to the support team for technical assistance then enable remote troubleshooting beforehand. This will allow the starlink support staff to fix your issue faster. Because they will be able to perform additional diagnostics now.

To start remote troubleshooting from the app follow these steps-

  • First and foremost open the starlink app on your device like phone or tablet.
  • Go to the support option.
  • Goto very bottom and in the “additional resources” section, select the “advanced” tab.
  • Now toggle the ‘Allow remote troubleshooting’ to ON.

How to check the status of the starlink support ticket?

You can check the status of your tickets very easily via its website or app. First you just need to be logged in. Next, go to the support option on your app or website. Then select ‘all messages’ option to view the support ticket status. This option will be visible on the left side of the interface. Once open, it will show you all your current and previous tickets.

Contacting Support Via Email

As of today the best method to get help from support is via ticket system. But if for any reason you can’t do that. Then you can email starlink on their official support email i.e. [email protected]

We recommend you to include ‘technical support help’ or appropriate subject for faster resolution.


So, it is expected in the near future that starlink will start providing customer support over call as well.

As of now you can reach them via their website, app or email. So, don’t get fooled by fake starlink customer support numbers. Hope the given information was useful to you.

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