How to Disable the antivirus from your MAC computer?

Having trouble disabling your antivirus software temporarily on your Mac computer? No worries, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ve covered the issues regarding disabling all types of antiviruses from your apple computer. We will explain how to duly remove antivirus software from your Mac system. The problems you might be facing and how to break them.

A person may frequently feel the need to disable an antivirus program. It may be due to installing an application or program that the antivirus doesn’t allow. By disabling the application for some time, you can successfully download the application and restart the antivirus. However, if you are also looking to disable your antivirus software on your Windows system, click here.

Turning off the antivirus program on Mac is a different process from Windows. Go through the steps below and get to know how it’s done.


  1. Switch the device on and access the” Spotlight” search box.
  2. There write the name of the antivirus software you’re using.
  3. After you type the name, it should reflect on the screen. Now click on the icon, and it’ll appear on the screen.
  4. Once the program’s interface is on the show, you should see the term” Stop” or” Disable”.
  5. Tap the function and on approval press” Yes” or” OK.”

Still, try going through this one, if you’re facing a problem with the above method. 

  1. Visit the Mac menu bar, and you will view the antivirus icon.
  2. Right-click or left-click it and a drop-down menu will be shown.
  3. Click the ideal function similar as” Disable” or” Stop” and if it asks for any permission, hit” Yes” or” Confirm.”

How to Turn Off Antivirus on your Apple iPhone?


You may most probably be using an iPhone as well, if you are an Apple PC/ laptop user. Due to Apple’s ecosystem (Phone and Computer direct connection), this information can be helpful to you. Sometimes you no longer want to continue the security measures of a particular antivirus application.

So, the best option is to disable the security for some time or delete the app. This is only applicable if you want to get relieve of the application permanently. Follow the way below and learn how to do it.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s screen and visit the antivirus icon. Press and hold the app for some time, and it will show a cross sign “x.”
  2. The moment you tap the icon, the app will be deleted. You will no longer be able to use the antivirus app as its removed from the system. To disable it, tap the app to get access.
  3. Detect the Menu option and try to locate the term that says” Disable” or” Stop”. Press the option and when it asks for permission, click “Yes” or” Confirm.” This way, the security system should be impaired for a specific time.

How to permanently disable/uninstall antivirus software from the Mac system?


Generally, Mac users face issues while trying to uninstall Avast Antivirus, Sophos Antivirus, MacKeeper or others. Frequently, although after uninstalling the antivirus software, its files remain on Mac.

  1. The easiest way to remove the antivirus software from your Mac is to first visit the official support page of your antivirus inventor and there check how to uninstall it rightly. Generally, the developers give an uninstaller for their programs.
  2. Further note, some antivirus software creates a kernel extension and hides them in the Extensions brochure in deep subfolders. Also, they cover kernel files from being deleted. However, you’ll face a situation when Finder ignores the remove command, when you try to remove such a file to Trash. However, please learn how to remove a kernel extension on a Mac, if you face such an issue.
  3. The hard way to uninstall antivirus software is to make use of side-party applications. There are 3 easy ways to uninstall malware protection programs with App Cleanser & Uninstaller. But before you do so, it’s important to quit the antivirus. Else, the handling processes in the background can produce new files. You can also check for background processes with the help of Activity checker and near all ongoing running processes. And only after this, uninstall the program. If you are looking for such app, have a look here.
  4. Launch the uninstaller> find your antivirus app in the list of scrutinized apps> elect all files connected to the antivirus app and tap “Remove”. The software allows you to find indeed the leavings of previous removed apps. So, if you forgot to quit the antivirus, do not worry. Re-launch the uninstaller again and visit the” Remaining Files” section. Delete the service files of antivirus from there. After this restart your Mac and your problem are resolved.

Things to be aware of before disabling your antivirus temporarily from your Mac computer.


  1. Never remove your antivirus software just from the application menu in the Finder window in your Mac system. This will cause a new series of problems.
  2. When you try to move the program to Trash, it will show an error. Since its files may be in use by another application or, most probably, the antivirus system services are still running. It’s important to first quit the program and near all running processes.
  3. Further removal of the antivirus software can be delicate for the reason that in the first stage some necessary files have been deleted. Most of the Mac antivirus comes with their uninstaller files. So, it’s not possible to remove the antivirus in this way.
  4. Occasionally disabling or deleting an old antivirus can also be troublesome. The reason for this issue is that nearly any antivirus software penetrates the operating system veritably deeply during installation. It isn’t always easy to find its service files indeed if you remove application support files from the” Library”. It’s veritably important to remove all leavings of the removed Antivirus for Mac that were used before.