How to do google home mini setup with your home network

With smart voice control speaker installed in google home mini, its price range starts from $49 and goes upto $129. This is the latest edition addeded to google family and is also a mini version of google speaker.

The home mini smart speaker used to play online music, Control all smart gadgets, add products in your cart, Create a calendar, play videos on chromecast- enable screen. Google added an additional feature recently to make phone calls as well as it can locate your phone if you lost in your home.

In this device you will get help without touching this device in any room of your house. You can easily purchase this smart speaker from online shopping stores like Walmart , Best buy and any other stores.
Just need to say “Hey Google” it will respond to you quickly from google assistant, The assistant can tell your voice. Six devices can connect with personal assistance in each home mini.

Some advance features of home mini

Sleep Timer –

If you love to listen music during sleep time, You can use google home mini as a music player, Just need to say “Hey google set a sleep time for 45 minutes” it will automatically stop in set time.

Find my android –

If you forgot your smartphone in your home and are unable to find it just need to say “hey google find my android” your phone will automatically start ring (works on silent mode also).

Control smart gadgets –

This device can easily control your smart gadgets, like turn on your TV, Chromecast and many more.

Late Night mode –

You can also start night mode, In night mode, light of mini got started to flash in dim and volume automatically gets lower. It will not disturb to others in late or (early)

Make phone calls –

It can easily make phone calls from your contact list, also need to say “hey google make a call to ****” and it will start dialing.

Send text messages –

You can easily text a message to your friend or anyone by using a home mini smart speaker. It is possible to send messages via google assistant in Google home/nest smart speakers.

You can easily enjoy these smart features with any google home or home mini device.

Google Home mini Manual

Quick start guide of google mini manual by reading this you can use these manuals in following ways.

Plug in :
Power on your Google Home Mini by plugging its switch in the electric socket.

Download the app :
Download Google Home app from play-store.
Just start by saying “OK, GOOGLE”

In Sitting Room

“What about my day”
“Update me at my billing time at 7PM.
“Play Music”
“What about weather”

In Kitchen

“Give me a recipe of making pizza”
“Add sugar in my online shopping cart”
“In korean language how can we say “It’s delicious”

In bedroom

“Switch on the TV”
“Set wake up alarm for 5AM.
“Switch off the lights”

How to setup the Google home mini

If you want to do google home mini setup, You can easily complete but it involves multiple steps here’s how you can do.

If you got your google home mini and unpacked it from the box and plugged in the switch and wondered about setting up so lets go.

  1. Download Google Home app from your smartphone’s play-store and open it.
  2. The screen off the app automatically detects the home mini. If it’s unable to detect just click on the “Device button” now “Add new device” now proceed for “setup”
  3. After connecting with the right device you will get a confirmation sound from the home mini. Now click on “YES”
  4. Decide a room where you want to locate your home mini than proceed for “Next Process’
  5. Choose your Wi-Fi network and connect with it.
  6. It will ask to enter your Wi-Fi password, After entering click on “NEXT”
  7. You will get your privacy information on your screen, read carefully and tap to next.
  8. If you want best results from your google mini then you can train google home mini to recognize your voice. (After completed the training) press on “NEXT”
  9. Now google home mini play some voices, Select which voice did you want in reply and click on “NEXT”
  10. Submit your location, If you want to get information about weather, Local news, Traffic or any other services.
  11. In the end, It’s better to review the information you filled in. In addition ,You can also add a payment method if you want to make online purchases.
  12. Now click on “Continue”
  13. In the Final screen you will get some sample commands. Click on Next after ready.

Some common problems related to Google mini and solutions

While Google Home mini is a useful product, And promises voice assistance. But not all things will work according to our plan. Humans also get sick, While it’s an electronic device. We are going to explain some problems related to home speakers that are usually faced by users.

Google home is disconnected from network

Google home min is disconnected from google mesh Wi-Fi system network is so common in some Google Home devices. This issue will arise due to whether you place it directly to the router or antenna. That’s why home mini may not connect properly or can’t provide a reliable connection.

Solution –

  • You can fix this issue by doing factory reset google home mini.
  • If you already reboot it 2,3 times and still the problem is not solved, then you can contact google support and ask if anything is wrong with the router or connection.
Google home not responding voice
  • Be sure that mic is working and in “ON” mode may it have accidentally turned off. You can also check indicator light if four lights blinking means the mic is off. Also turn on the mic button available on the back side of your google home mini.
  • If the speaker is in mode and not working, Check for physical placement. Is there any chance of noise interference? Noisemakers can prevent you hearing properly. So try to move your home mini to a quiet place.
  • Google mini home recently learned to recognize the voice of multiple users. To use this feature, also need to open google home app. And search for a card with multi-user is available “select that one” Now click on link your account and start training on home mini by saying “OK GOOGLE” “HEY, GOOGLE”.
Commands also turn on in laptop, Google Phone and other devices
  • It’s annoying to start commanding a phone instead of a device at the same time. You can’t do anything to avoid this. According to us you can change the activation phrase. “Ok, Google” is default phrase, Can change your default browser or phone phrase, And keep “OK, Google” phrase only for home.
  • For changes in phrases, Also install the open mic+ extension. In this you will get the ability to change phrases.
Google play music will stop automatically
  • This problem is so common it’s not only the problem of Google home mini as well as it can also be a problem of streaming platforms like. Pandora, Spotify.
  • To solve this problem update google home mini if available, Or the best way is to reboot home mini.
Not updating current location
  • This problem will arise while asking weather, Traffic, nearby services, and other locations.
  • It can be fix by updating the correct location in your home mini. Open Google Home Mini app and click on additional settings then more settings open Google account settings. Select personal info and enter your location correctly.
Says something went wrong try it again
  • This kind of issue can be raised due to slow internet speed. The google home is trying to link with the internet, but the page is unresponsive and taking time. Be sure your router is working properly, You can also restart the router.
  • If your router is working properly, You can reboot your google home mini by unplugging it power cable from the electric outlet, Wait for some moments and again restart it. If the problem is still not solved, you can contact Google support. It’s a good idea to take help at this time.
Google mini start responding automatically

In this type of issue try to move your google mini away from your Tv, radio and other vibrations sources. Place it on a hard surface. It may work. It is also a common problem that devices start to speak randomly, Don’t need to worry isn’t haunted.

Google home mini reboot

If everything is good and working well, it’s good to reset your Google home mini from time to time. To reboot your google mini here are some simple steps given below –

  1. First, Make sure that your smartphone is connect to the same Wi-Fi network, and also the same account is link.
  2. Launch Google Home App.
  3. Click on device then settings.
  4. On the right side, the Reboot option is available just click on Reboot.
  5. After rebooting, Unplug your speaker and display.
  6. Also unplug power switch of your home mini speaker.
  7. Wait for one minute.
  8. Now plug in again and reboot is successfully complete.

NOTE – Reboot or factory reset google home mini is not the same, For Factory reset process here are some steps below.

Factory reset process of Google Home Mini

In the factory reset process it will reset google mini to factory defaults. After resetting your device will also become like a new device. All the settings and saved data will erase.

To reset google home mini locate the circle etched into the base of the bottom, the reset button is available below the power cord, also press it for 15 seconds. It will automatically enter reset mode. A Sound of resetting google home mini will come if the device is resetting. By using these some simple steps the google mini reset process can be done.


“HEY, Google” by saying this word, Google Home Mini is starting to work. Mainly you can also use this to make phone calls, send text messages, and many other activities. It can be easily performed by google home mini without moving from your chair. At last we can say that it’s a best deal for you to buy a Google home mini. After setting up even google mini can recognize your voice. You can get this smart device in just $49 you never get bored from this device.