How to do Split Screen on Windows 10? Here’s the Step by Step guide

Windows is known for multitasking as it has the capability to operate various applications at a time and to shift between them easily. Instead of small screens, a large one will provide you to multitask with more ease. Day by day, Microsoft is expanding its functions on Windows. The most advanced version of Windows 10 offers you to split a screen. With a split screen, you can copy and paste or complete other tasks without shifting to the other screen. It enables you to split the screen horizontally and vertically. You can see various sections on a single screen. To get a better experience of the split screen, you need a computer with high resolution and fast multiple monitors. If you don’t know how to do split screen on Windows 10, then here is the guide. Before that, verify that the split screen function is turned on.

Turn on the Split Screen function on your Windows 10 Computer

Firstly, affirm that the split screen function is turned on, on your computer. To make it on, follow the info below.

  1. Click the Window icon button. Look for the settings tab. It is usually on the left flank of the screen.
  2. Click the settings icon. The Windows settings interface reveals. On the top, there is an explore box, click on that. Type multitasking at the explore section and hit enter.
  3. Turn on the Snap Window option on the multitasking interface. Checkmark all three blank boxes below the Snap window option.
  4. Checking to mark the boxes will enable you to resize, snap the program next to the other window, and detect the available size to capture the program space. Once you have turned on the snap window feature, you can go ahead to do the split screen on your Windows 10 computer

How to do split screen on Windows 10 for two programs?

After you have turned on the snap window feature on your computer, go ahead to split the screen using the below steps.

  • Select the program from your computer screen to snap it on one flank. Hit on the title bar and pull it to the one flank. It must be pulled until the pointer touches the screen edge. Now you observe that the screen starts flashing. A translucent outline on the program section will appear. Free the pointer now. The window you pull will be snapped to the screen flank. The alternate method to pull the program on one flank is via pressing the Windows key and the left or right arrow key.
  • At that moment, you will observe all the remaining programs on the other flank. Click on one program you wish to see on the other flank of the screen. Now you will be able to see two programs on a single screen. The programs will capture 50 percent space by default.
  • See the outline or divider between the two programs. Pull it using the mouse pointer to adjust the program space. However, there is a limitation to adjusting the program space. You cannot adjust the program space below its limitation, as it is useless.

How to do split screen on Windows 10 for three or more Windows

If you have a computer with a larger screen, you can take the benefit by splitting three or more programs at the same time. You need a computer with a higher resolution display. Otherwise, the screen may be stuck.

  • Select the program and pull it to the title bar at the upper flank of the screen. Once the pointer reaches the edge, the translucent outline blinks. Use the substitute way to pull the program from the screen by pressing the Windows key and left or right or up or down arrow key at the same time.
  • Do the same for the next program too by positioning to the other flank of the screen.
  • On the other flank, you see the programs. Click on one to snap on the other flank of the screen. This will add a third program to your computer screen. If you are willing to add more programs, pull the outline to the title bar.
  • To add the fourth one, pull the third one into the corner and select a program. Hence, four programs will be added to the single screen capturing each of 25 percent space. View the translucent outline at the edge of the program to adjust the space as per your need.

If it does not work, you can download the third-party application to split your screen. The application should be compatible with your Windows 10.
To unsplit the computer screen, pull the outline to the title bar for all programs you opened. To turn off the split screen feature on your Windows 10 computer, chase the Windows settings and go to the multitasking function. Toggle off the Snap Window function now.