How to find Synology Diskstation NAS IP address in the network

If you are facing issues while finding your Synology Diskstation NAS IP, don’t worry as you are at the right place. We at devicessetup have brought you the best methods to help you resolve this issues.
The DSM web interface is the most straightforward method for locating your Synology Diskstation NAS’s IP address. Click on the widget icon after logging in to your DSM web interface.
Select a network interface from the drop-down menu of the System Health widget, and the IP address of that interface will be displayed. The Control Panel app also lets you find your Synology NAS’s IP address.

Navigate to the Network icon in the Control Panel to accomplish this. The Network Interface tab will display a list of your Synology Diskstation NAS’s various network interfaces. Additionally, each of the available network interfaces’ IP addresses will be listed.

Additional methods for locating your Synology Diskstation NAS IP address:

    • 1.The official Synology desktop application is Synology Assistant, you can download it from here. It is used to search the network for new Synology devices. Read the article below about How to Use Synology Assistant? to learn more about Synology Assistant and how to install it on your computer.

Open the Synology Assistant app and wait for it to scan your network for Synology devices to determine your Diskstation NAS’s IP address. The IP addresses of all Synology devices on your network will be displayed once the scan is finished.

  • 2. The web interface of your home router can also reveal your Synology Diskstation NAS’s IP address. The IP addresses that have been assigned to your Synology devices can be found by navigating to the connected client list of your home router.

What should you do if the web assistant cannot locate the Synology Diskstation NAS IP?

  • Make certain that both your computer and your Synology Diskstation NAS are properly connected to the Internet. Also, check to see that your Synology NAS and computer are on the same subnet and local area network.
  • Browsers like Chrome and Firefox can be useful. If DSM is still accessible, select the Allow this DiskStation to be displayed in the checkbox in DSM > Control Panel > Info Center > Device Analytics > Share Network Location.
  • If you changed the name of your server while setting up your Synology Diskstation NAS, it might be hard to find it. If DSM is still accessible, change the Server Name to Synology NAS by going to DSM > Control Panel > Network > General, then try again.

If Synology Assistant cannot locate the IP address of the Synology Diskstation NAS?

  • Make sure that your Synology NAS and computer are on the same subnet and local area network. Change your firewall settings to permit Synology Aide through your DSM and Windows firewalls.
  • Remove or disable the antivirus software temporarily from your computer. Connect your Synology NAS with additional Ethernet cables to check for broken cables.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to a different port if your Synology Diskstation NAS has more than one network port to check for broken ports. On a different computer, launch Synology Assistant and look for your Synology NAS.
  • To reset the Synology Diskstation NAS setting, press the RESET button on the back of your device for four seconds. When you hear a blare sound your framework is reset. If you still can’t reset your nas then read here for further help. Also, to normally change the administrator password. To accomplish this without resetting the Synology NAS, navigate to DSM > Personal > Account. The Synology NAS’s data are unaffected by a reset. But before the reset, we strongly suggest starting Hyper Backup to back up data and system configurations.
  • After your Synology NAS has been reset, disconnect your computer’s wi-fi connection and use an Ethernet cable to connect it directly to your computer without using a network switch or router. Restart Synology Assistant to look for your Synology Dikstation NAS and change the wired LAN interface on your computer to DHCP. In case you have netgear router you can read its setup also here.

What do you do if no methods for locating your NAS IP are successful?

  • Please restart your Synology NAS after removing the drives, shutting it down, and then attempting to locate the device once more.
  • When your Synology NAS cannot be found, even with no installed drives, this may indicate a hardware failure. If your Synology NAS is still covered by the warranty, you should get in touch with your local reseller for RMA service.
  • Please contact Synology Technical Support for further assistance if Synology Assistant is unable to locate your Synology NAS even after installing all of the drives on the same computer.