How to Invest in Starlink before it gets too late!!!

Investing in Starlink is possible, but you can’t invest in that directly. By purchasing shares on the grey or pre-IPO trading markets, you can make an indirect investment in the Starlink IPO. You will be purchasing securities that are linked to the valuation of SpaceX when it goes public, so you will not be investing directly in Starlink shares. Read the article to the end without skipping a beat to learn more about this. Order one Starlink dish today, click here to buy one

How to Invest in Starlink?

Starlink is not yet listed on the stock exchange. SpaceX stock cannot be purchased by retail investors at this time. Musk insists that the Starlink IPO will be tied to a successful Mars landing, even though the date has not yet been determined. This indicates that there are not many options for investing in Starlink before the IPO date in the absence of an IPO on the stock exchange. However, you can invest before the Starlink IPO date in a few different ways. 

Private equity placement in Starlink:

You need to have the money and connections to accomplish this. Investing during one of SpaceX’s equity-raising rounds is the only way to directly invest in Starlink. These typically are not offered to retail investors and are only available to large funds like hedge funds and private equity. The privately held equity of the company was sold for $5.2 billion in a private placement between 2019 and 2021. You can directly invest in Starlink if you can get a piece of a fundraising round. 

Grey markets and IPO:

Retail investors who are otherwise unable to directly purchase stock in Starlink before the IPO date can take advantage of their investment options. By and large, you will buy a security that is connected to the assessed worth of the organization once it opens to the world. An IPO investing app can even be used to make some investments. Subsequently, you could earn a sizable profit if the initial public offering (IPO) surpasses your initial estimated investment. 

Invest in Starlink’s partners:

Investing in Starlink’s partners is yet another way to support the company’s expansion. The latter will also expand as the former does. The rise of Foxconn on Apple’s back is one example of this matter. The iPhone is made by Foxconn, a Taiwanese company. Foxconn has experienced a meteoric rise because of Apple’s success in the smartphone market. They grew into a massive player in the smartphone manufacturing industry. 

Importantly, a good illustration of a tangential partner that stands to gain from Starlink’s expansion is Shift4. Starlink and Shift4, a payment processing company, recently signed a five-year agreement. Shift4 will likely be to Starlink what Foxconn is to Apple if the satellite company succeeds. For more market information, read this financial article

How to invest in the Satellite Internet industry? 

In recent years, several additional companies have entered the satellite internet market with the promise of Starlink service. For instance, Maxar Technologies is an older company that focuses on space and is currently making investments in communication technology. Also, the Canadian space and communications company Loral Space & Communications (LORL) has also merged with Telesat, Canada’s leading satellite provider. 

Moreover, an internet that is heavily dependent on satellite constellation services will develop because of your investment in these businesses. Therefore, be aware that a company’s true face value cannot be determined prior to public trading. Private valuation reports will help you get a better understanding of a company’s cash flow and investment potential, so make sure you read them thoroughly and clearly. 

What is the IPO of Starlink? 

The first public offering (IPO) of a previously private company’s stock on the stock market is referred to as an IPO. SpaceX’s IPO, according to Elon Musk, will be contingent on successful Mars missions. It is safe to assume that a Starlink IPO will not take place within the next year, regardless of whether this is the case. 

You should keep track of Starlink’s valuation if you are preparing for its initial public offering. SpaceX will be valued at around $100 billion in October 2021. Starlink, according to Morgan Stanley, accounts for approximately $50 billion, or fifty per cent, of that valuation. 

Due to its affiliation with SpaceX, Starlink does not currently trade on the stock market. Musk claims that a successful Mars exploration mission will condition SpaceX’s IPO. Retail investors cannot purchase Starlink stock directly. Last but not least, you would either need to trade on the pre-IPO or grey markets or invest in a private funding round. 

Why should you invest in Starlink? 

  • SpaceX, a privately held commercial space company, owns Starlink. Starlink is a company that uses low-orbit satellites to provide internet access. Investing directly in Starlink is extremely difficult because SpaceX is privately held. Recently, Starlink has been at the forefront of geopolitics, causing concern from China and Russia. 
  • Participating in a private SpaceX placement, investing in the industry, and investing in partners are all options for Starlink investors to consider. You can invest in Starlink without directly purchasing shares of SpaceX through pre-IPO markets and grey markets. Additionally, Starlink’s initial public offering (IPO) will be linked to future Mars exploration, which is currently valued at approximately $100 billion. 

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