How to Setup Starlink Mesh Node? In Just 2 mins!

If you own a Starlink Internet and there are wifi dead zones at your home then you can Setup Starlink Mesh Nodes. Starlink mesh nodes can be setup easily through the starlink app and can be placed halfway between your starlink router and the location where you need wifi connectivity. Let’s quickly jump to its setup procedure.

New Starlink Mesh Node Setup

  • Before you start starlink mesh wifi router setup be sure that your original starlink kit is configured.
  • First and foremost make sure your cell phone is connected to the starlink wifi internet.
  • Now, connect your mesh node to an AC power outlet.
  • Next open the Starlink App for “PAIR A NEW MESH NODE” pop up to come on the App.
  • Once you click “Pair” it will take around 1-2 min for the node to connect with the router.
  • You will be able to find the new node in the Network screen after successful connection.
  • You can repeat the same process again if you want to add another starlink mesh router.
  • pair new mesh node

IMP:- Starlink Mesh Node is only compatible with Rectangular Starlink Dish and to the related wifi router.

Starlink “pair new mesh node” not showing up in the app? How to resolve it?

It has been observed that a lot of people have been facing “starlink mesh nodes not showing up in the starlink app” issue quite often. Read on further to resolve this issue if you are facing the same-

  1. If you have plugged your starlink mesh node and on your app you still don’t see the “pair as a new mesh node” then it is quite possible that you have plugged your mesh node far away from the main router unit. To resolve it, place the mesh unit closer.
  2. In case you connect your cell phone to the new “Starlink” mesh node network name. Whereas you had to be connected to the primary “Starlink” wifi network. 
  • To resolve this reset your starlink mesh node by holding a paper clip inside the reset hole for 10 secs while it is still plugged in to the wall. 
  • Do not connect your phone to the new starlink mesh wifi name, rather stay connected to your original starlink network wifi and open the app.
  • You can rename your original starlink network wifi SSID to be sure that you stay connected to the original starlink during the setup process.

3.Your starlink mesh node might not be compatible with the current starlink dish that you use.

  • Mesh nodes are only going to work with a rectangular dish and corresponding wifi router. 
  • It is not compatible with Circular round dish.
  • It will not connect with any third party mesh system.

4.Possibly your starlink app version is outdated.

  • Update the starlink app if you see a new update is available. For android, For Iphones
  • Uninstall the starlink app and then reinstall it again.

If you still can’t resolve your starlink pair new mesh node issue then learn how to get in touch with starlink support here.

How to find the perfect location for your starlink mesh nodes?

You will be glad to hear that starlink has provided a very unique feature to help you find the perfect spot for your mesh nodes. After mesh nodes are setup and working you just need to open your starlink app. Now select the “Wifi Scanner” option. 

Next it will show you two options on your screen 1. Explore your entire home, 2. View results. So basically here you will need to walk around your house while the starlink app with the help of your phone’s camera will make a map showing the signal strength around your house ranging from “bad to great”. 

starlink wifi scanner feature

With the help of that map you can place the mesh node accordingly. 

Also, another method is just placing the mesh nodes halfway between your router and the location where you need connectivity. For example, let’s suppose you need wifi in your bedroom. Then you can place the mesh nodes halfway between your router and your bedroom.

Where not to place your Starlink mesh router node?

  • Don’t place your mesh node too far away from the main starlink router unit.
  • For best performance place your mesh node not far from one or two rooms.
  • Place your router in an upright position.
  • Avoid placing it near any bigger objects that can block signals.
  • If possible place them at higher elevated shelfs and not on table or ground.

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