How to Setup TaoTronics AC3000 TT-ND001 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router?

If you are looking for a smart Wi-Fi router for your home, TaoTronics AC3000 TT-ND001 Router is the best choice. The manufacturer is primarily known for its audio technology but now it has introduced superior quality routers in the market.
TaoTronics TT-ND001 AC3000 Router offers a strong connection and full coverage. You will easily be able to connect it to all intelligent devices in your house. This includes your garage door and the TV box.

It is easy to set up and install the router. All you have to do is to download the dedicated app. Place it anywhere in your house and get immediate mesh system building. Once you install it, there is no need to worry about dead zones. Since it is a mesh router, it has been designed to be used in a set of 2 or more. You will get it in a pack of 2. In case you have to cover a larger area, you can get a third router. No matter the number of routers you use, the installation process is going to be the same. In this article, we are going to tell you how you set up the router in just a few minutes. But first, let’s take a look at the features that TaoTronics AC3000 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router comes with.

Features of TaoTronics AC3000 Wi-Fi Router

Apart from being attractive to look at, the TaoTronics AC3000 TTND001 comes with some impressive specifications and features. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi: The router comes with a robust connection of 2.4GHz even if it is at an extended distance. For high-speed internet surfing, there is 5.0GHx. It also has an additional 5.8GHz band for a less crowded network. So, it is just the ideal router for homes of all sizes and shapes.
  • Complete Coverage: No matter which part of the home it is, you can expect to enjoy seamless browsing. The device scouts the prime connection from all home mesh router and switches in just 40ms. It is best to place one router on each floor for a 2500 square feet area. However, if it is a 5000 square feet house, place 2 routers on each floor.
  • Connect 200 Devices to Each Router: With this router, you can build a smart home and experience a high-speed Wi-Fi network which is enough for streaming videos on 4K TV. Each router allows you to connect up to 200 devices.
  • Easy App Controls: TaoTronics AC3000 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router has a dedicated app for iOS and Android. It offers an easy network setup in only 10 minutes. Through this app, you can access parental control, private guest Wi-Fi, network management, etc. You will also be able to use it as a remote control for all your devices at home.
  • NAS Cloud Storage: It supports a USB flash drive and SSD connection to the USB 3.0 interface. Hence, you can set up an independent LAN for sharing resources conveniently between several devices and using them as cloud storage devices to save space.

LED Indicators of TaoTronics Tri band AC3000 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router

Like every other router, this too comes with an LED light that changes its color as per its status. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Solid White: The system is starting
  • Blinking White: Firmware is updating
  • Solid Green: Installing through Bluetooth
  • Blinking Green: The system is ready and is waiting for the network configuration
  • Solid Blue: Connected to the network
  • Blinking Blue: The system is ready and is connecting to the network
  • Solid Red: Unable to connect to the network
  • Solid Yellow: Poor Networking
  • Blinking Red: The system is resetting

How to Setup TaoTronics AC3000 TTND001 Wi-Fi Router?

Want to set up the TaoTronics AC3000 TT-ND001 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router? Well, the process is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow a few steps given below.

1. Download and Install the TaoTronics App

Go to Google Play Store or App Store from your Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, respectively to search for ‘TT Router’. When you find it, download and install it on your phone or tablet.

2. Sign Up or Log In the App

Now, launch the app and enter the email address. Tap on the link to send the verification code. You will receive a code in your email address. Insert the code to enter the login.
Remember, the registered email ID is unique for managing the TaoTronics AC3000 Tri-band Router.

3. Connect the Modem to the Router

The next step is to connect the modem to the router.
a. Power off the modem.
b. Connect it to the router and then switch on both.
c. In case you don’t have a modem, connect it directly to the router using an Ethernet cable.

4. Choose a Location

You will have to choose a desired location from the app. In case the preferred location isn’t listed, create a new one by inserting the location.

5. Create a Wi-Fi Network

You have to create a name and password for the Wi-Fi to connect all devices to the Wi-Fi network.

6. Add More Routers

In case there are several TaoTronics Routers, add more for wider Wi-Fi coverage.
a. Place the Master and the Child Router within 5 meters and then power it on.
b. Wait for the indicator light to flash green. This shows that the Child Router is ready for setup. In case the indicator light doesn’t flash green, reset the TaoTronics AC3000 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router and try once again.
c. Tap on the option ‘Another TT Mesh Router’ or on the ‘+’ button present at the top of the Homepage for adding more TT Routers.
d. Once you are done with the setup, the indicator on the child router is going to turn solid blue.
e. Now, you have to place the child router in a location where you can receive wider Wi-Fi coverage. To get it ready for use, just power it on.

Important Note: The red and yellow indicator indicates a disconnected or poor network. Make sure that you place the Child Router near the Master Router.


What to Do If I Cannot Access the Internet After the Setup Process?

If you cannot access the internet after the setup, just follow the steps given below.

a. Check if the Ethernet cable is connected as stated in the ‘Set Up Your TT Router’.
b. Check whether the Internet Connection Type is ‘Set Up the TT Router’ is in accordance with the actual network.
To find out the internet connection type, check out the list given below.

  • Admin username and password: PPPoE
  • Subnet mask, IP address, NDS server, gateway: Static IP Address
  • No parameters are given by ISP (Computer setup isn’t required): Secure the IP address automatically with the help of DHCP.

Now, let’s take a look at the troubleshooting methods.

  • WAN port no connection: You have to check if the WAN port is connected with the Ethernet port or modem firmly to the main router. Take it out and re-plug or use some other Ethernet cable.
  • Incorrect Username and Password: Click on the Settings and go to Network Setting from there re-enter the username and password. When done, click on Save.
  • Network Error: Network error or connection error.

How to Reset TaoTronics AC3000 Router?

As you power on the router, press/hold the Reset button for about 6 seconds. Then release when you see the indicator flashing red.
Remember all the data that is configured is going to be erased after you restore it to factory settings. So, you will have to set up the router once again.

How to Add the Device that Is Used in the Mesh Network?

Press the Reset button and then hold it for 6 seconds for resetting the router. After you reset the router, reset the device. The device is going to be searched automatically and is added to the network.

How to Turn Off LED Indicator?

On the Homepage of the App, just click on Settings to go to LED and then go to ON/OFF for turning on or off the LED.

How to Use NAS Function on TaoTronics AC3000?

1. Make sure that the file system format of the external drive is NTFS or FAT32.
2. Connect the external drive to the router’s USB port.
3. In the Homepage App, click on Settings and then go to NAS for checking the samba address.
4. Open the File Explorer on the PC and then enter the address.
• Mac Access Path: smb://
• Windows Access Path: \\

TaoTronics AC3000 Review

In case you don’t mind paying a little more then TaoTronics AC3000 TT-ND001 Router is the best router for you. The router comes with mesh coverage. It can cover more than 5000 square feet and is ideal for large homes. Apart from providing high coverage, it also offers fast speed. Its 2.4GHz band is enough for completing a majority of the tasks. The 5.0GHz and the 5.8GHz bands enable you to enjoy even higher speed for 4K streaming and gaming.

The management and security suite is featured fully. In this device, you will find more parental control options. There is a private guest network, bandwidth budgeting, and intrusion protection. So, you will have better control over the home network in comparison to the other routers.

This is not all. TaoTronics AC3000 Whole Home Wi-Fi Router is also beautiful to look at. The manufacturer has put enough thought into the design. It has a high gloss design and is made of ABS plastic. Hence, there is no need to hide your ugly router anymore. In case you want to keep it out in the open, it is going to look just fine. It is easy to set up and handle through the app.