HTC Phone will not connect to Netgear Extender

So you are having a problem with your HTC mobile phone in connecting or staying connected to the Netgear extender wireless connection. But unfortunately, whenever you try to connect to the Netgear extender wifi connection, it pops up with a message “HTC Phone will not connect to Netgear Extender.”Fortunately, you are lucky because you have found the right article. We know that you are looking for solutions so that you can instantly get rid of this problem. Just walk through step-by-step so the HTC phone will connect to the wifi connection of the

There are several causes behind when the HTC Phone will not connect to Netgear Extender. It would help if you found out the actual reason or a cause behind this problem. The problem might be in your phone, or it can be in your wifi connection. Don’t fret; we have simple solutions to your query. Read furthermore!

Why will the HTC Phone not connect to Netgear Extender?

To dive into the solution, you need to catch the reasons first. Because if you know the valid reason, you can walk behind the real solution. Otherwise, you will be confused, disturbed, and, in the end, you’ll be fed up. You might experience the issues underneath when the HTC phone will not connect to Netgear extender.

  • You cannot access the internet connectivity when you are not connected to your HTC mobile data.
  • The network status in your mobile device will show you that you are connected, but you cannot use the network-related services and features.
  • Also, the network status fails to progress to the past status by obtaining the IP address, or it also starts showing you the loops into the connection continuously.
  • Fails to detect the wireless network into its range.
  • Sometimes the wifi system connection usually disconnects or becomes unstable.
  • Sometimes the wifi options become grayed out and then fail to turn on.
  • When you connect the HTC mobile device to the wifi network of the Netgear extender, then it assigns an IP address. Without the help of the IP address, it will not allow you to connect to the extender. Thus, the network router plays an important role in assigning the IP address to the mobile device. When the router fails to assign the IP address, it causes an error.
  • The valid reason can vary greatly. When you connect to a static network too many times, nothing will change. But when you connect to a new network, it will start causing an error. Due to a change in the wifi network connection, connecting to a new one fails to access the IP address.

So here are the defined reasons and the list of the issues are going through when experiencing this kind of problem. Try the underneath tips and techniques below to resolve this issue so that you will experience a smooth Netgear wifi connection in your HTC phone.

Troubleshooting methods when the HTC phone fails to connect to a Netgear extender’s wifi network

Sometimes the HTC phone with wifi issue can be resolved by turning on or off the wifi into the phone and then back to its settings. For more ease, try out the mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, visit the settings of the HTC mobile phone and then switch them from the on to off button of the wifi.
  • You need to have patience for more than a minute and then again switch the slider of wifi from off to on.

This is the basic method that you can try without even mentioning here.

Method 1: Perform the power cycling of your HTC phone

The Netgear extender wifi issues with the HTC phone can be resolved by power cycling the device.

  • Firstly, press or hold the POWER button of the HTC phone until the option appears on your mobile screen.
  • Click on the power off option from the appeared options and then wait until the mobile switch off completely.
  • After that, please wait for a few minutes and press or hold the power button until it turns on.
  • If possible, then perform this cycle with the Netgear extender as well. If you reset netgear extender more than a couple of times or turn it off more than twice, then your problem will definitely be solved.
Method 2: Forget the network and refresh the settings

You can forget the network on your HTC phone and then reconnect it after refreshing the network settings on the phone. Thus, follow the step to forget the network and reconnect to the wifi network of the Netgear extender.

  • First, navigate towards the settings of the HTC device, then click on the wifi option.
  • Thus, click on the access point of the Netgear extender that you want to connect to the device.
  • After that, click on the forget button.
  • Hereafter, click on the network you would like to connect to and enter the required information. Such as security information and then click on the connect button.
  • Now check out the connected device under the network section. If it is connected, then you have followed these steps successfully.

In the end, don’t forget to save the settings. If you leave the page without applying the settings, it will not be considered saved.

Method 3: Advanced wifi settings

Sometimes the advanced wifi settings may affect the performance of the Netgear extender wifi connection. Follow these settings to amend the wifi settings of the Netgear extender.

  • Prominently, go to the settings, then click on the wifi button.
  • After that, go to the menu button and click on the advanced settings. Now change the settings such as Wi-Fi WAN Detection, Wi-Fi Frequency Band, Wi-Fi Optimization, Auto-Switch To Mobile Network.
  • Now set the frequency band into the automatic option.
  • If the automatic option is not available, you can try both 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency bands and then check for the available details for the networking band.

Lastly, try out the default factory reset of both the HTC phone or the Netgear extender when all the network settings of the wifi connection grayed out, and then try to reconnect the phone with the wifi connection.