Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub

The Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub is used to work automatically with the lights, fans, doors, and more smart things. This device is compatible with google assistant or Alexa. This device automatically turns ON things that are connected to the hubitat. You can manage this device via the smartphone mobile app. You can connect it with every sensor, computer, clock, lock, doorbell, lights, etc. when this turns ON in your home, then, you need to speak something and it automatically works according to the Which commend you gave to this device like turn on the lights, switch the Tv. it functions fastly without giving any pause in the process. This automation hub works reliably without any internet connection and it provides the ultimate privacy to your data.

You can also manage your device by login the account into the hubitat elevation portal. This saves your data in the hub storage, not in the cloud. You can change any settings of your wireless Hub. This device has one Ethernet port for connecting the router with the hub via the Ethernet cable.

Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub Features

There are numerous features of the wireless Hubitat hub.

Strong privacy

This device offers you power security. All your data and information is saved in the hub, not in the cloud storage. It saves your data through the security key.

Fast functioning

It works very fastly. After giving your command to Alexa, it performed the activity in one second.

Voice control

The hubitat elevation compatible devices are Alexa or Google assistant. Only you just need to connect it with the hubitat hub.


This device works continuously, reliably without any latency when the internet is not available.

Hubitat Mobile app

The mobile is helpful to manage your device. You can set up your device through the habitats mobile app.
These are the incredible features of the wireless hubitat hub,

Ways of the Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub installation

Take steps to install your hubitat smart hub for perfectly working with your devices.

  • Place your device at the perfect location near the router and where the working electric switch is available.
  • Then, take the Ethernet cable. Attach it to the router and other end to the hub Ethernet port.
  • Next, remove the protection from the USB cable.
  • Connect the USB cable to the hub and power adapter.
  • Plug the smart extender into the power outlet and plug the hub power adapter into the extension.
  • After that, the blue light of your device is blinking.
  • And it is ready to use or set up.

These are the installation ways of the hubitat elevation hub.

Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub Login steps

Login to your smart hub through the web browser to access the device setting. Follow these hubitat elevation login line by line.

  • Install the browser on your smartphone and open it after downloading.
  • Next, use this to visit the login of this hub.
  • After opening the page, text the admin name and security.
  • You need to take it from the label of your device.
  • Then, tap on the register hub option to attach your account to the hub.
  • After completing the registration, take your hubitat for the web interference.
  • Select the device location for setup the device and then text the postal security key.
  • Tap on the save.
  • Finally, you are able to see the main menu of this hubitat device and in this process, your computer is connected to the same network.

These are the steps to log in to your device account via the web browser.

Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub manual

To trigger this, in this manual I will talk about the quarries of the consumers. Is it compatible with Alexa? Can I download this device app on the iPhone, iPad? Does it work with both 4.5GHz and 5GHz? Does it work with the remote control? What is the internet transferring speed with the cable of this device? Does it store data on an SD card? Can I connect it with the smart MI TV? Can it work with all smart things? Does it reliably work with the alarm ring? Is it necessary to subscribe to this? My device is not connected to the smart fan. What can I do? What is the voltage of this hubitat hub? Does it work as a hubitat home assistant? HC5 is the model number yes or no? If any guidelines are not given in that manual. So, you can take extra instructions from there.

Steps of the Hubitat Elevation Hub Setup

Follow these steps to set up your home automation hub and the ways of hubitat setup are written in the below lines.

Connect the new device
  • Open the browser and log in to the device account.
  • You can log in to the device account on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.
  • When the main menu is opened, click on the discover device opinion to attach the device with the hub.
  • Turn On your device and put on the pairing mode, wait for a few seconds to make the connection.
  • Then, your device will be showing the web inference of hubitat elevation.
  • And make sure your device is in the signal coverage of the Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub, within the almost 40 ft.
  • Next, change your device according to your choice.
  • Tap on the save option.
  • If you want to add a new device, follow these ways.
Remote control

If you want to control your device automatically. It is possible with the app

  • First install the app from the google store, apple store, or QR code.
  • Scan the QR code which is available on the device.
  • After that, tap on the install hubitat app.
  • Then, open the app and sign in to the account.
  • Control your device with the hubitat app.

These are the steps to set up the hubitat smart home automation hub.

Hubitat Elevation smart hub troubleshooting steps faced by users

If you’re facing any problem related to this device. So, you can take a solution from here which is mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs.

Restart your device

If your device is not connected to the other device or showing in the list. So, restart your device from direct unplugging the device, before disconnecting with the router. To restart the device, plug the device and wait for some minutes to set up a technical issue. Then, connect it to the power switch and attach it to the new device.

Check the power adapter

If your device does not start or does not show any light. So, check the power supply connection of your device. Try to change the plug it into the other power socket or also check if the power is working or not. If you plug the Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub into working another outlet. Then, it worked. So, the outlet is not working.
If you plug this into the working outlet. Thus, it does not work. So, the power adapter is not supplying power. Change the power adapter of your device.

Check the connection and sensors

Check the Ethernet cable contention between the router or hub and also check the
hubitat motion sensor. Sometimes, due to some issues the internet is not working. So, disconnect the device from the internet connection and replace the Ethernet cable. Then, connect the hubitat hub to the router via the new cable.

Hubitat Elevation smart Hub review

This device is connected to the smart home appliance and controls well. I gave this hubitat elevation review according to my point of view. One week ago, I purchased this device for our home. I connected this device to my smartphone, AC, TV, fans, doors, vacuum cleaner, camera, and more. Also attach it with Alexa for giving commands vocally without pressing any button. I set up this device with the mobile phone app. I make all my home technology and I feel very or very much enjoying using this device. Few people bought this hubitat hub who saw this device at my home.

Habitat smart hub features:

The features of the wireless hub device are reliability, mobile app. Strong privacy, voice control, fast functioning.

Hubitat elevation home hub design:

This is a very small device and takes up a small area for setup and functioning. You are placing it anywhere in the home. The design all looks very nice.

Dimensions of the hubitat wireless hub:

The hubitat wireless hub dimensions are 2.95 x 2.95 x 0.67 inches.

Hubitat Elevation Automation Hub specification:

The device’s net weight is ‎8.1 ounces. The ASIN is B07D19VVTX. The item model number or part number is the same as this device that is HC5. The first availability date of this device is 11 May 2018. There is not any battery required for working.

Hubitat smart home hub price:

The hubitat wireless hub price is almost $55.99


What is the internet transferring speed with the cable of this device?

100 is the connection speed of the hubitat hub.

Can it work with all smart things?

Yes, all smart home appliances.

My device is not connected to the smart fan. What can I do?

Read the troubleshooting steps from the manual and envelope.

Does it store data on an SD card?


Does it reliably work with the alarm ring?

Yes, it works perfectly.

Can I download this device app on the iPhone, iPad?

Yes, you can download the app on any device for control.

Is it necessary to subscribe to this?

I do not know about this, contact the customer service officer.

Can I connect it with the smart MI TV?

Yes, you need to add the device in the hubitat setting.

What is the voltage of this hubitat hub?

120 volts is the electric power supply needed.

it perfectly work with cameras?

Yes, the hubitat compatible cameras connection.

Does it work with both 4.5GHz and 5GHz?

I think it does not work with both frequencies.

Does it work with the remote control?