I bought a new router, but now my Netgear WiFi extender is not work

I bought a new router, but now my Netgear WiFi extender is not working. It may be due to the WiFi extender being connected with the old router. To connect the extender with the new router, I removed the old one. You can check whether the extender is connected with an old router or not. For that, set up with the old router and check the status with the given info to affirm.

Check the Status of the Netgear WiFi Extender

Firstly check the status of the extender using the following steps.

  • Launch any casual browser and type the default IP address or mywifiext.net in the address box.
  • Type the user ID credentials. The username and password of the Netgear extender are the same as for the old router.
  • Once you fill in the credentials, hit the authenticate button. On the web management page, go to the settings and later to the Status option. You will observe the router icon indicating that the extender is connected to it. If it is the old one, then you have to reset the device and configure it for the new router.

Connect a new router with the Netgear Extender

To Connect a new router with the extender, you need to remove the old one. Go after these straightforward steps to set up with a new one.

Step 1: Factory Reset the Netgear WiFi Extender

Resetting will swap all the custom-made settings of an extender, configured with an old router. To do the Netgear extender factory reset, these are some steps.

  • Attach the Netgear extender to the electric outlet first. You will observe that the PWR LED of the extender lights up and starts illuminating. If not, then thumb down the ON/OFF button.
  • Remain quiet for a few minutes until the extender light firms. Look for the repeater reset hole. It is found on the flank or bottom of the extender.
  • Once you spot a hole, put a sharp-edged tool into it until the PWR LED light illuminates. It might take 10 to 15 seconds.
  • When the LED indicator gets firm, it means the custom-made settings will swap to the factory one. Once the reset job has been done, you need to re-setup the device with a new router.
Step 2: Configure the Extender again with a new router

Before configuring the Netgear WiFi extender with a new router, assure that both devices are in the same room. You can configure it with WPS too. But I feel, configuring the extender using the web interface is simple for many users instead of WPS. So I will tell you about the web interface setup.

Netgear WiFi Extender Setup with Web Browser

To configure the Netgear extender again with a new router, go after these straightforward steps.

  • Join the Netgear repeater to the electric receptacle first. Now, you will note that the PWR LED of the repeater glows up and initiates illuminating. If not, then force the ON/FF button.
  • From your computer or cell phone, join the Netgear extender network name with NETGEAR_EXT. The passphrase is nil or password for the WiFi extender.
  • Launch Google Chrome, Safari, or any other search portal(browser). Typewrite mywifiext or in the explore box.
  • The Netgear extender setup page reveals. Hit the NEW EXTENDER SETUP option. Agree with the Netgear terms and conditions by clicking YES or I AGREE.
  • Pick the Netgear extender default credentials. Select the recovery question to retrieve the passphrase in the future.
  • Click NEXT and YES for the Netgear genie access. Pick any radio network from 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz and click NEXT. Hit Enable one WiFi name to register the extender WiFi details same as the router and click NEXT.
  • Click NEXT to apply the extender changes you have made. The extender reveals a new interface with SSID and passphrase, note it.
  • Now chase the device WiFi settings and connect to the extender new network. Regress to the search portal and hit the checkbox.
  • Once you click CONTINUE on the next interface, it means the extender is extending the existing network range.

Position The Netgear Extender

The best spot to position the Netgear extender is midway between the router and the connected device(computer, tablet, or cell phone). Evade positioning the extender out of the router coverage. You can spot the location by viewing the Link rate icon on the extender. If it shows solid green, the signal is good while the amber indicates the connection is fair. But if the extender indicates the solid red light, the WiFi connection is feeble. In that case, move your extender closer to the router or vice-versa. However, the internet speed and the coverage rely on the router. In this way, you will successfully configure the Netgear extender with a new router.