Would you like to set up your Canon printer? But, you don’t know how to set it up with the browser using ij.start.canon. Just, feel free, the Canon Printer Setup is not too hard through the browser. Rather, you can do printer setup easily after accessing the Canon printer ij.start.canon admin login page. If you bought it for the first time and face an issue during the setup through the browser, then don’t worry. Before the Canon printer browser setup, you have to install the printer conveniently. The hardware setup is most vital, so accomplish it by emulating the canon printer manual instructions. Subsequently, install the latest version driver and software of the Canon printer. To install correctly, you Walk through the steps below given.

Canon Printer Setup Guide

Below are the essential checkpoints for the Canon wireless printer setup. Let’s follow these steps in a series.

Essential Prerequisite for the Canon setup
  • Read all the Canon printer manual guides consciously.
  • Note down your printer’s legit model number.
  • Ensure that your printer is plugged into the power plug and works normally.
  • As well as, make sure it is connected with a good connection to the internet.
    Canon setup
  • Moreover, confirm that your wifi-enabling device has sufficient storage space for the Canon printer driver installation.

Canon Printer Setup via Windows

Here is the following checkpoint to the Canon wireless printer setup via Windows.

  • Launch on your Windows computer internet explorer.
  • Search in the address field http //ij.start.canon setup and please wait.
  • Now, the Canon printer setup wizard appears on Windows.
  • You can choose the latest version driver and download it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for installing the Canon printer software.
  • Thereafter, open the downloaded software file.
  • Now, you delve into the wireless setup page.Canon Printer Setup
  • You will tap on your canon printer screen and visit wifi settings.
  • Afterwards, the network name list will appear on your computer screen.
  • Enter WPA/WEP key, it is your device wifi password.
  • Meanwhile, your printer signal lights will trigger flashing.
  • Now, open on your Windows a control panel < devices and printers < add printers.
  • Finally, add your active printer by emulating the on-screen demonstration info. You may also use this process for the ij.start.canon/ts3322 setup wireless printer.

ij.start.canon- Canon Printer Setup via USB

Following are the steps for the Canon wireless printer setup with the USB connection.

  • Make sure the Canon printer works.
  • Explore http://ij.start.canon in the browser URL and insert the Canon printer setup CD.
  • While the canon setup wizard page launches, simply enter your printer model number,
  • Locate it and install the latest Canon printer software.
  • Click on the run option and extract the ij.start.canon- Canon Printer Setup file.
  • Thereafter, click twice on the installer setup option.
  • Now, choose the “USB connection” and go ahead.
  • Afterwards, sufficiently attach the PC and printer with the internet extension cable.
  • Now, walk through the printer screen into wifi settings.
  • Click on the Canon printer LAN settings and get the access point mode internet connection.
  • Eventually, accomplish the Canon setup steps with the browser using http //ij.start.canon. Just emulate the on-screen mentioning info to complete it conveniently.

Ij start canon Troubleshooting tips

Once in a while, when the browser can’t access http//ij.start.canon or its ij.start.canon can’t connect, not connecting to wifi, etc. Then to cope with all pertinent issues, let’s troubleshoot them with the below-given troubleshooting tips.

1. ij.start.canon can’t connect

Here are the troubleshooting tips given to fix the Canon printer not connecting to the http //ij.start.canon setup wizard page. You can cope with issues by using some of these tips.

  • Make sure your computer is connected with the internet connection while you have to search this address.
    ij.start.canon can't connect
  • Try to update your windows and search it again.
  • Check the web address of the Canon printer and type it again if it is wrong.
  • Make sure this web admin address is compatible with your printer.
  • Ensure that your wireless printer is connected with the internet connection.
  • Try to use the canon ij setup download page again.
  • Kindly, canon printer driver download for windows 10 again.
2. Ij start canon can’t communicate

Usually, these issues will be occurring due to a feeble network connection or maybe your printer driver is obsolete. You will use the following troubleshooting tips to fix the issues.

  • Make sure your wireless router, modem, computer, and printer are connected with a stable internet connection.
  • Try to resolve the bug fixes.
  • Kindly update the latest version of Canon wireless printer software to fix the issue correctly.
  • Surely, unable to communicate with Canon printer windows 10. So, you should connect it with a Mac or another Windows.
  • May be unable to verify the printer on your network. So, verify the network connection again.
3. ijstartcanon can’t connect to wifi

Sometimes, the canon printer is unable to communicate with a usb device and does not connect with the wifi connection through the browser-based address. It may be due to downloading the incorrect driver and surely the Wifi is not available while you set it up.

  • You might resolve the issue by updating the obsolete version driver.
  • Connecting to a Computer (Windows) perfectly.
  • Kindly search in the URL ij.start.canon drivers and downloads.
  • Click on the setup option and follow the on-screen manifesting instructions to accomplish the setup process to download the drivers.
  • After installing the driver, kindly open it and let’s start to set it up and connect the printer wirelessly through your wireless router internet.
  • Ensure that the internet is working normally when you have to connect to its internet.
4. https://ij.start.canon not working

To cope with the ij start canon not working issue, you should follow these below-mentioned troubleshooting tips.

  • First of all, reboot your wireless Canon printer, wireless devices, and computer.
  • After that, plug it back into the power outlet.
  • Connect your printer with the USB cable connection or you may use the wireless connection.
  • To connect it wirelessly, kindly install a driver through https://ij.start.canon.
  • Search this address and accomplish the Wifi setup according to your model number printer.
  • Make sure now this address assists you to set up your wireless printer.
5. ij.start.canon not found

In case, the Canon printer ij.start.canon did not find your printer then you have to apply some below-given points and resolve it.

  • To cope with the ij start canon network scanner not finding the issue, you should simply reset your wireless printer.
  • To reset the Canon printer factory default settings, use the printer screen.
  • Through its home screen, choose a factory reset option.
  • Press this Canon printer reset button until it is not reset.
  • After resetting its factory default settings, kindly find it again in the http://ij.start.canon/ts9100 series setup or another model number printer series setup.
How to do the ij.start.canon ts9120 setup?

Use a browser on your Windows 10 to search ij.start.canon ts9120 setup and follow the on-screen manifesting instructions to accomplish the setup.

Is the ij.start.canon tr8520 located?

Yes, you can locate ij.start.canon ts6220, ij.start.canon ts3322, tr8520, ij.start.canon ts8220, http //ij.start.canon ts3122, ij.start.canon g3020, ij.start.canon g2020, ij.start.canon g3012, ij.start.canon g2012. So, search all these and more model series printers just with this address.

How do I use ij start canon utility?

If you wish the ij.start.canon fax, ij.start.canon for apple, and http //ij.start.canon fax setup. Then, enable the IJ Scan Utility. Use the canon printer home screen and choose all apps. After this, use the ij start canon utility or do the fax setup.

How to do the setup of Canon ts3122?

You might use Google Chrome and search http //ij.start.canon setup ts3122. After this, keep following the on-screen mentioning instructions to accomplish it. Through ij.start.canon ts3122 download, you might install its latest version driver without any issue.

Can I locate ij.start.canon g3110 on the browser?

Yes, you can locate ij.start.canon g3110 on the browser. It can also locate other models of printers through the browser. Just, you need to search ij.start.canon g3060, ij.start.canon g3060, ij.start.canon G4010, ij.start.canon g1010, ij.start.canon g3010.

How to download the canon scanner software windows 10?

Locate your model number like http //ij.start.canon ts3100, http //ij.start.canon tr4500, http://ij.start.canon ts202, ij.start.canon g2010 in the URL field of the browser. After that, emulate the on-screen mentioning instructions to downloading the software driver for Windows 10.