Is Starlink available in my area?

On google, the question “Is Starlink available in my area” is trending a lot. So, in today’s article, we will discuss the places where Starlink service is available globally. An announcement like “Starlink expects to expand service in your area by early to mid-2022” was shown on the 2022 beginning at Starlink website. The Starlink kit was ready to be shipped and the users were to be notified on arrival. 750,000 pre-orders were being fulfilled by SpaceX. Now, people are curious if the Starlink Internet service is available in their locality or not. Let’s Find Out! Anyhow, to know more about  What is Starlink please visit here.

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Starlink satellite service most likely covers anyone who lives anywhere in the United States. Over 500,000 customers in 40 countries are served by Starlink. The over-expanding footprint of Starlink’s internet coverage is displayed on the Starlink coverage map. (This map is available in their official site to view). There are 3,177 low-earth-orbit (LEO) Starlink satellites orbiting the Earth at the moment, offering internet access to numerous locations. Is Starlink available in your area? well to check for availability, click here.

SpaceX has launched more than 66 licensed Starlink satellites. 

List of countries where Starlink Internet Service is available:


Starlink is available on 5 continents. They provide service in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. However, not every part receives this Internet service. Only the most popular and populated places have this advantage. Although they are expanding now and then, the service is amazing. Hopefully, in a few years, Starlink will be available all over the globe, without leaving any dead spots. From the below country-wise list, you can determine if Starlink is available in your country or not. 

  1. United States. 
  2. United Kingdom. 
  3. Puerto Rico 
  4. Australia. 
  5. Ukraine. 
  6. Tonga. 
  7. Switzerland. 
  8. Sweden. 
  9. Spain. 
  10. Slovakia. 
  11. Slovenia. 
  12. Romania. 
  13. Portugal. 
  14. Norway. 
  15. Poland. 
  16. New Zealand. 
  17. North Macedonia. 
  18. The Netherlands. 
  19. Belgium 
  20. Moldova. 
  21. Mexico 
  22. Malta 
  23. Luxembourg. 
  24. Latvia. 
  25. Lithuania. 
  26. Japan. 
  27. Jamaica. 
  28. Ireland. 
  29. Italy. 
  30. Iran. 
  31. Hungary. 
  32. Greece. 
  33. Germany. 
  34. France. 
  35. Finland. 
  36. Estonia. 
  37. Dominican Republic. 
  38. Croatia. 
  39. Czech Republic. 
  40. Denmark. 
  41. Colombia. 
  42. Chilli. 
  43. Canada. 
  44. Bulgaria. 
  45. Brazil. 
  46. Austria. 

How Starlink became available globally?


Landing rights must be granted by each country’s jurisdiction and by the national communications regulators within a country in order to offer satellite services in any nation-state, in accordance with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulations and long-standing international treaties.

As a result, from September 2022 onwards, broadband services will only be available in 40 countries. Even though the Starlink network has nearly global reach at latitudes below approximately 60 degrees. SpaceX may also have business and economic considerations that influence the order in which countries receive Starlink service and how quickly.

For instance, SpaceX only formally requested authorization for Canada in June 2020. The regulatory authority in Canada granted it in November 2020, and SpaceX began providing service in January 2021, two months later. Starlink services were available in 40 countries as of September 2022, with applications awaiting regulatory approval in many more.

KDDI, the largest mobile service provider in Japan, has announced a partnership with SpaceX. They want to begin offering expanded connectivity to its rural mobile customers by 2022 through 1,200 mobile towers in remote locations. Hawaiian Airlines became the first airline to use Starlink when it announced on April 25, 2022.

They entered into an agreement with Starlink to provide free internet access on its aircraft. In 36 nations and 41 markets, Starlink’s internet service was available since July 2022. The regulatory approval for Nigeria, Mozambique, and the Philippines was announced in May 2022.

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