Kadaon Sprinkler Automatic Garden Lawn Irrigation System Setup

The name itself reflects it’s a feature. A water Kadaon sprinkler gets used to irrigate crops, lawn, agriculture, golf areas, and control the dust in the air. If it is so simple, then why am I writing this article on a specific product? You indeed must have thought of this question. Even though the work is straightforward but, now, the product has come up with some fantastic features that you definitely should know.

So, what are those qualities that make the product different from others once? So, Kadaon has come up with the old lawn sprinkler with it’s updated automatic features. The robotic lawn sprinkler can cover a larger area with its 360 degrees rotational access. The Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler has three arms of ABS plastic material with various spray directions or 45 degrees spray. The irrigation system is made to save the water that got wasted while watering the land by adjusting the water density, scope, and size. It will provide an equal amount of water to each corner of your lawn. Also, your kids will have fun playing in this sprinkled water. The product is inexpensive and able to satisfy with its work.

Features of the Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler

  • The kadaon sprinkler is made up of ABS plastic material, which is light in weight.
  • The Kadaon sprinkler has three arms, which allows the water to get sprinkled over the land. These arms are rotary, so you can rotate it in the direction you want to. It provides a different directional sprinkling that helps into coverage of a full piece of your lawn.
  • The sprinkler can cover 3000 Square feet of the total area—enough coverage for a large-sized yard.
  • The sprinkler has a dimension of 90mm*150mm, with 60 mm arm length and an 8mm of connector notch.

How to Assemble the Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler

The assembly of the sprinkler is not a challenging task. The sprinkler has a bottom portion and a top part, which you need to screw on together, and your work is done. You also need to attach the water pipe in between the sprinkler and the mainline your garden has. And now, you can relax, as the sprinkler will do all the work.

How do I fix low pressure on my Kadaon sprinkler system?

Please follow the following instructions:

  • Check the Valves
  • In case you are experiencing low water pressure, please check the sprinkler system valves on the backflow device to make sure they are open.
  • Now, kindly turn the valve on the horizontal pipe first, then the vertical pipe valve.

How do I adjust the water pressure on my Kadaon sprinkler system?

Check the following:

  • Pressure Loss Adjustments
  • Increase the mainline size
  • Lower the sprinkler head operating pressure
  • Reduce the pressure loss in the laterals
  • Increase the size of the backflow preventer or valves
  • Lower the Initial Design Flow
  • Use a booster pump to boost the water pressure

How much does it cost to replace the sprinkler system?

The cost to repair a sprinkler system ranges from $131 to $383, averaging $250. Replacing sprinkler heads runs $2.50 to $18 per head for most types, plus a range of $50 to $100 per hour for labor by a professional plumber. Valve replacement averages about $12.50 to $40 per valve in addition to work.

Can a sprinkler system leak when off?

There are two reasons why a sprinkler will leak water when the system is supposed to be off. ‘Low Head Drainage’ occurs when the lowest head on a zone allows water to drain from the lateral piping out of the sprinkler. If it is insufficient head drainage, residual water will stop flowing after the water has left the pipe.

How much water does a sprinkler use in an hour?

Running a typical sprinkler from a standard garden hose for one hour uses about 1,020 gallons of water; if you run it three times per week, that is about 12,240 gallons per month.

How long should I run each sprinkler zone?

Cut in half the amount of time you water each zone, but run your watering program twice. In other words, instead of watering each site for 30 minutes, water each spot for 15 minutes, then cycle through all the zones again for another 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of a sprinkler system?

The Advantages of a Sprinkler System:

  • Sprinkler systems reduce property damage
  • Sprinkler systems are affordable to install and maintain
  • Annual inspections are about the only maintenance that sprinkler systems require

Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler FAQs

1) How does the Kadaon Automatic water sprinkler works?

An automatic sprinkler valve controls the flow of water from the main line to each zone. The sprinkler valves are often grouped in an arrangement called a sprinkler manifold, making them easy to locate and reduces the amount of sprinkler water required.

2) How long should I water the grass with a Kadaon sprinkler system?

Run your sprinkler and see how long it takes to get a half-inch of water in the can – just like a rain gauge. Usually, it’s about 30 minutes. So 20 minutes, three times per week will get an inch of water on your lawn, and 30 minutes 3 times per week will get 1 ½ down.

3) Is an irrigation system the same as a sprinkler system?

Irrigation is what a sprinkler system does, meaning a sprinkler irrigates your lawn. Don’t be confused when you here one vs. the other. They are precisely the same, a plan to water your lawn.

4) How do I turn on the automatic sprinkler system?

Slowly open the main shutoff valve to let water into the sprinkler system. In the case of a ball valve, turn the lever handle one-quarter until the handle gets sets parallel to the pipe. This is a fully open position. To turn on the ground shutoff valve, use a sprinkler valve key to turn the valve counterclockwise until it stops.

5) Is a sprinkler system worth it?

If you are regularly out watering the lawn, you will save money with a sprinkler system. If you never water your yard, then yes, you will be spending more money on a sprinkler system. The difference in a lawn that is watered well is remarkable. A well-irrigated property is nice and soft.

6) Which is better sprinkler or drip irrigation?

Sprinkler irrigation systems are best suited for large, flat areas requiring a substantial water volume. Whereas, the drip irrigation systems are designed for a small room or plants and are most effective for precisely watering smaller spots that require a specific watering schedule.

7) Why does one Kadaon sprinkler zone have low water pressure?

Low water pressure in your sprinkler system cuts down the irrigation range and can even cause the sprinkler heads not to pop up at all. Here are some of the most common culprits- The shutoff valve or main water valve isn’t all the way open. There is a leak or break in the waterline.

8) How long do Kadoan sprinkler systems last?

Generally speaking, the life expectancy of a sprinkler system is about 20 years. The life factor also depends upon the quality of products. In case its components are taken separately, good quality heads will last for around 10 to 15 years, while inexpensive ones will perform well for 2 or 3 years.

9) How many inches of water does a lawn need a week?

Most lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week—either from rain or watering—to soak the soil that deeply. That amount of water can either be applied during a single watering or divided into two waterings during the week.

10) How much is the water pressure needed for a Kadaon sprinkler system?

The average water pressure for most homes and businesses is between 30 psi and 50 psi; most sprinkler systems are designed to use around 30 psi forces. To measure the water pressure at your site, you can use a flow meter or water gauge attached to an outdoor faucet.

11) Can I install a sprinkler system on my own?

Installing a Sprinkler System is not a tough job. The easiest and most effective way to water your lawn is an in-ground sprinkler system. You can program it to automatically water the grass on a regular schedule, which means you won’t have to drag out the hose and sprinkler every few days.

12) What is the average flow rate for a sprinkler system?

Typical sprinkler flow rates may vary from 4 gallons per minute (GPM) from a 5/32-inch nozzle at 30 pounds pressure to over 11 GPM from a 7/32-inch nozzle at 70 pounds pressure.

13) What is a water sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system consists of pipes, and a ceiling is containing water under pressure. With an additional water source for a constant flow attached to the lines, automatic sprinklers are placed at select locations. Lower insurance premiums actually can pay for the system over time.

Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler Review

I bought the automatic garden water sprinkler lawn irrigation system when I saw it on one of the shopping sites only to have an irrigation system, saving my efforts to water my yard daily. What I like most is it’s rotating feature. It provides 360-degree rotational motion, which I found the most attractive one of all. Kadaon has three arms, which turn up to 45 degrees and spray in different directions. It has saved my time and even my extra efforts given to the yard.

The assembly of the sprinkler is so easy. I am terrible at all these assemblies type work. But I like the product because I assemble it without any help. Also, the sprinkler is available at a negligible cost so that anyone can buy it. I am delighted with the automatic water sprinkler lawn irrigation system; I will surely recommend it to others to try the product.