Kenmore 31510 Robot Vacuum Cleaner troubleshooting, Review

The Kenmore 31510 Robot Vacuum is a smart newly generating networking robot vacuum cleaner. It is design-up with 1800Pa suction power and also provides 3 Speed Control. This is a clean hard carpet easily and also easily reaches dirty areas of your living home to your dining home to clean it. Without hassling any problem it provides its services using an excellent battery life even with extra cleaning. The Kenmore robot vacuum cleaner ordinally a great feature is that its auto-return & charging robot vacuum is always ready to clean. Automatically find its sensor so much dust. Kenmore smart robot vacuum uses smart navigation technology that is useful for maneuvers in an efficient linear cleaning with an Anti-bump sensor.

The smart Anti-cliff sensors automatically detect when the robot vacuum is near the edge or other drop-off points. It also uses the w/4 cleaning including the Kenmore 31510 manual, auto, spot, and edge.

Kenmore 31510 Robot Vacuum Cleaner troubleshooting

The Kenmore 31510 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is undoubtedly a very perfect WiFi cleaning device. The greatest feature of this device is that it automatically charges the vacuum. But sometimes, it also causes various issues at that time when you start cleaning. To fix the problems of it you can follow the below-given Kenmore robot vacuum troubleshooting instructions.

1. Troubleshoot the Kenmore 31510 robot not working:

Many times, the vacuum cleaner does not work If you use it after a long time and as well as you use it many times a day. It does not start or clean. You can resolve the Kenmore 31510 robot not working through the below-given instruction.

  • Whereas you can simply fix it’s not a working problem, by resetting your robotic vacuum. By using the reset button you reset your cleaner.
  • Apart from this, you can also verify that the vacuum brushes are not spoiling. If it is spoiling then you change it. After this, you again verify that your robotic vacuum works or not. You can also verify the roller brush too.
  • After this, you can also verify the Kenmore 31510 robot vacuum filter, because this reduction suction is also affecting the performance of the vacuum. Although, this problem is not so common so don’t worry just check it and troubleshoot your robot issue.
  • In spite of this, if your vacuum is not working then you check your WiFi network connection. It is not connecting properly with your robot cleaner than you again connect it. Just, after again connecting the wifi network you can instantly verify that your Kenmore 31510 Robot vacuum cleaner works properly now.
2. Fix the Kenmore 31510 vacuum won’t connect to WiFi:

Sometimes, the Kenmore vacuum won’t connect to wifi. These issues are causing due to many networking factors. If you want to fix your wifi not connecting issues then you have to just follow the below steps.

  • In the case if your vacuum does not connect to wifi then you check your wifi router gateway LED light. If the LED light blinks the red light that means the wifi network connection is too slow or weak. To solve this problem and for increasing the wifi network speed just reset your router and again plugin. Make sure the wifi network is not connecting, problem solves now.
  • Moreover, you can also verify from the vacuum wifi setting it is access to the 2.4GHz band network. If it is using the 5GHz network then you can change it from the network setting. Because this robotic cleaner only uses the faster 5Ghz band, it only uses a 2.4GHz band. After changing this you can again connect the wifi network to your vacuum. Now, the Kenmore smart robot vacuum cleaner successfully connects with the wifi network.
3. Resolve the Kenmore Robot vacuum won’t charge:

The battery life of this vacuum cleaner is a too good comparison to others. But even so, this is also causing the Kenmore Robot vacuum won’t charge issue. For the Kenmore 31510 Robot vacuum troubleshooting, you follow the below steps.

  • If your vacuum is not charging then you find the base charging station in your vacuum. After finding it, first, you have to unplug your vacuum and clean the metal contacts of your cleaner using damp paper. After this, you move your charging base station contacts up and down. Now, you check whether your Robot is charging now or not.
  • Apart from this, still, your vacuum is not charging then you use a new charging base for your vacuum.
  • Despite this, if your vacuum is not charging then you have nothing to use your device. You do not use your cleaning device for two hours. After two hours you can again use your device and check whether the vacuum cleaner charge or not. After using these steps, surely your Kenmore smart vacuum is charge properly.
4. Troubleshoot the Kenmore robot vacuum keep going in circles:

Ordinally, the Kenmore Robot vacuum cleaner keeps going in circles. This problem occurs when your vacuum cleaner bumper is stuck. This is the most common issue of the cleaner. To Troubleshoot the smart robot cleaner problem you have to just follow the below steps.

  • If your Kenmore robot vacuum keeps going in circles issues are causing when your robot cleaner is stuck. You can solve these issues by just tapping on the vacuum bumper.
  • Furthermore, you can also use the last one more step to resolve it by resetting your vacuum cleaner. After this, you can now again verify that the Kenmore robot vacuum keeps going in circles. The problem solves or not.
5. Fix the Kenmore robot vacuum so loud:

Sometimes, the Kenmore 31510 wifi vacuum cleaner is too loud when you clean your carpet and home in other harder areas. If you want to fix it then follow the Kenmore 31510 Robot troubleshooting instruction.

  • If your vacuum cleaner behavior is too bad and too loud, then you change the setting of your cleaner using the app. Just install the app and open it, after that go into the cleaner setting and change the setting accordingly. Now, your vacuum cleaner behavior and performance are a too good and better comparison to the previous. It now cleans your harder thoughts very deeply and without toggling a sound.
  • In addition, you can reset your Robotic cleaner and after that, you can now again use your device to verify that the sound is loud or not.
6. troubleshoot the Kenmore Robot vacuum app is not working:

Many times, the Kenmore app shows blurring, not open, and not working issues. The app is available on play store link .To resolve this problem you need to follow the below steps.

  • If your Kenmore app is not working it means your network connection is too slow or weak. To troubleshoot it you can resolve your networking problem first and after this, you can again use your device accordingly.
  • By again installing your app, you can also resolve your app not working problem.
  • If your Kenmore app shows the blurring error then you uninstall this app and using the play store you can again install it. After installing your app you can verify the app is properly working now or the blurring problem is not shown now.

These are some Kenmore Robot vacuum instructions for troubleshooting the causing problems. By using these steps you can easily troubleshoot your robot cleaner problems.

Kenmore 31510 Robot vacuum cleaner reviews

It is usually undoubtedly a superior networking cleaner. It is also using by me to clean my home. In my experience, it gives the best service comparison to other cleaners. By using this cleaner I get proper behavior through it. I do not toggle with this and resolve this problem very easily. Similarly, If you toggle any problem with using this robotic cleaner then your Kenmore Robot vacuum review from there gives a genuine solution to your toggling problem. In my opinion, the Kenmore vacuum gives the best performance.


How do I know about the Kenmore 31510 Robot vacuum parts?

The Kenmore Robot vacuum parts are usually already given on your networking cleaning. This is made up of some six things such as an intake port, an exhaust port, an electric motor, fan, porous bag, or more in a vacuum box that contains your vacuum cleaner. These are some robotic vacuum cleaner parts that are helpful to use your vacuum.

How to connect the Kenmore vacuum with the wifi network?

You can easily connect your vacuum with a wifi network. Just install the Kenmore app on your mobile phone. After that, connect your vacuum with your app and access the wifi network on your vacuum by using the wifi username or security password. Now, verify that the Kenmore robot vacuum connects to wifi properly.

How do I use the Kenmore Robot vacuum app?

You can use this app very easily. Just you have to install it from the play store. After installing it, you also have to open it. Now you need to follow all the terms and conditions of this app. After that, connect your vacuum with your app and connect the wifi network on it. You can also control and manage your Kenmore camera through this app.