Kidde 9CO5-LP Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation & Review

The Kidde 9CO5-LP Monoxide is a device that is usually used to stop carbon monoxide poisoning & identify the presence of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. It is specially used to detect smoke in your home. This device fully protects your family from the threats of carbon monoxide. In other words, Carbon monoxide is a type of poisonous gas that is produced by the burning of coal, oil, and wood. And this gas is very harmful to the body of the people. People have a lot of difficulty breathing with this gas, so the solution for this is a Kidde KN-COB-LP2 smoke detector. It easily detects smoke and alerts you through the alarm. The Kidde 9CO5-LP Carbon Monoxide Detector includes 2AA batteries that deliver full security during a power outage.

The Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector usually observes carbon monoxide levels. It has a built-in alarm that surely alerts you. Along with this alarm, there is also a piezoelectric horn that makes you sound & rated at 85 dB at 10 ft. This device provides the alerts you and your family toward carbon monoxide and provides complete security.

Unusual Features of the Kidde 9CO5-LP Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Kidde smoke detector fully works with the 2AA battery. Usually, this smoke detector is surely more useful to detect smoke. This smoke detector has multi features like 2AA batteries, slide-out battery door cover, Tes/reset button, Green LED, electrochemical sensor, and more.

1. 2AA Batteries included

The carbon monoxide detector works with a battery. Usually, the KN-COB-LP2 detector uses a 2AA battery that works for a long-time. On the back panel, the battery panel is there you can easily insert the battery. After inserting the battery it performs very well. This battery provides full security during the electric outlet.

2. Slide-out battery door cover

The Kidde smoke detector has a battery door cover. This battery door cover is located on the back panel of the smoke detector. You smoothly push the door cover and then insert the battery.

3. Reset/Test button

The front panel of the carbon monoxide detector has a Reset/Test button. With the test button, you easily test CO alarm circuit operation and allows you to instantly silence the alarm. With the reset button, you securely perform the reset when the smoke detector is not operating.

4. LED lights

The smart LED indicator lights are there that provide complete security. When there is a dangerous zone, this LED light will change red light, and an alarm also sound. If the green light in your smoke detector is blinking, then your smoke detector is operating properly. If the battery is low then it is easily detected with LED lights.

5. Alarm with piezoelectric horn

The Kidde 9CO5-LP works with an Alarm that provides the alert to your & your family. Along with the Alarm, the Piezoelectric horn also works. That provides the melodies sound because the sound quality is very high.

6. Electrochemical sensor

The electrochemical sensor also works with a carbon monoxide detector. This sensor also detects the smoke and then provides security.

Installation location steps of Kidde 9CO5-LP smoke detector

If you usually use a Kidde carbon monoxide smoke detector then you need to install it. But before installing the smoke detector you should decide the location. If you decide on the incorrect position then the smoke detector is not working.

  • To mount the Kidde carbon monoxide near the living area or bedroom.
  • On the other hand, the best area to mount the smoke detector is near your sleeping home areas.
  • The area of ​​the smoke detector should be such that the sound can listen to properly and instantly we can be alert.
  • Do not install the smoke detector in the garage, kitchen, Furnace rooms, dust, dirt, or Greasy areas.
  • Also, do not install the alarm in a temperature colder than 40°F (4.4°C) or hotter than 100°F (37.8°C).
  • Before mounting the alarm, make sure that it is out of reach of children and do not allow children to approach it.

After selecting the location you instantly install the carbon monoxide detector in a hassle-free manner.

Installation steps of the Kidde 9CO5-LP Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you wish to use the smoke detector in your home then you need to install it. Because without the smoke detector it does not work. If you are wondering about how to install a Kidde carbon monoxide alarm, you have to follow some steps given below.

  • To install the carbon monoxide detector, you need to unbox it from its packaging box. As soon as you unbox the smoke detector packaging box you will find the Kidde detector, quick installation guide, battery, and manual.
  • Then, you have to elect a standard 120V unswitched outlet to provide the power of the smoke detector.
  • You have to use the drill machine and make a hole in the wall.
  • After making the hole in the wall then you should utilize two Phillips screwdrivers we’re just going to put it onto the drywall.
  • By gently pushing the battery door, you open the battery door and then install the battery using the battery.
  • Now, mount the Kidde carbon monoxide into the wall in a conventional way.
  • Then, apply the power adapter into the electric outlet and also turn ON the power of the alarm.
  • Afterward, smoothly press the power button and then the alarm power is up now.

Eventually! The Kidde carbon monoxide alarm installation steps are surely over. Presently, you simply enjoy all the features of your carbon monoxide detector.

Manual of the Kidde carbon monoxide detector

The manual is coming along with every networking device. This manual is thoroughly more useful because you get every information with the help of a manual. Before buying a smoke detector, many questions come to your mind like how to test the Kidde carbon monoxide detector, how to use the Kidde carbon monoxide alarm, how to change the Kidde carbon detector battery, how to reset the CO and other relevant questions. Then you should use the Kidde carbon monoxide detector manual because you will get all the answers to all the questions. This manual is very small in size but all the answers are there. However, the Kidde manual also provides the technical specification about the detector likeCO model number is ‎KN-COB-LP2 9CO5-LP2; 2 AA batteries required; power source is Battery Powered; battery cell type is Alkaline; Test/Reset button; LED indicator; Low battery signal; and more.

Maintenance Tips for Kidde 9CO5 monoxide detector

If you want to test the detector then you press the test button after that you will hear 4 beeps. Although, if you wish to maintain the carbon monoxide detector then you should follow the unusual presented below steps in a proper manner. These steps definitely maintain the smoke detector in a hassle-free manner.

  • You will find the reset/test button on the front panel, you have to press the test button once a week and verify the smoke detector.
  • You should vacuum every month to remove the dust from the upper of the detector or else your detector will not detect the smoke.
  • You should not use solvents or detergents to clean the monoxide smoke detector. Because the chemicals can lastingly damage and corrupt the sensor.
  • You permanently avoid spraying hair spray, air fresheners, paint, or more near the Kidde carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Do not paint your detector unit as it will seal it, which will prevent smoke detection and will not work.
  • Verify the detector’s battery every 6 months as its battery lasts for 6 months, after which it becomes dead. Then you should replace the battery in 6 months.

Thus, the maintenance steps of the Kidde 9CO5-LP battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm are surely finished. You also try these steps and properly maintain the carbon monoxide detector.

How to replace the battery in the Kidde 9C05-LP smoke detector?

The smoke detector usually works with 2AA batteries, however, it requires 2 AA batteries for performing well. But this battery works only 6 months after 6 months is totally dead. Then you should replace the battery. If you really think about how to install battery in Kidde carbon monoxide detector, there are some steps given below.

  • Firstly, you should open the battery cover, for to smoothly remove the battery cover of the smoke detector to reveal the battery detector’s compartment.
  • To remove the battery cover you should require a screwdriver or similar tool.
  • Then, you have to remove the old battery from the smoke detector battery compartment.
  • Now, you take a new & powerful battery and reinstall the new batteries in the Kidde battery compartment.
  • To install the battery you should be careful about the “+” or “-” sign.
  • After installing the battery you need to kindly close the battery door cover.

Congratulations! The new battery is properly installed in the Kidde Carbon Monoxide detector.

Troubleshooting steps of Kidde 9C05-LP Carbon Monoxide detector

Sometimes the smoke detector is not functioning well, it shows various problems like LED light flashes various colors, green LED not flashes, not turning ON, the detector does not detect the smoke, and other problems. So that, in the presented below there are Kidde carbon monoxide detector troubleshooting steps that instantly fix the issue.

  • The detector chirp flashes red light every 30 seconds. Then the problem is the battery is low or dead then you need o to replace the battery. Then, you should take a new battery and then install it.
  • The Kidde carbon monoxide alarm no green light then the problem is AC power is interrupted. To verify the power, in other words you need to ensure the detector receives proper power. Maybe the power cable is loose, you should tighten the power cable and solve the problem.
  • If the carbon monoxide alarm won’t beeping then you need to verify the battery condition. If the battery is low then the beeping is not beeping. You need to return the battery in the smoke detector battery compartment.
  • The smoke detector doesn’t detect the smoke then you should verify the position. Because the position is mandatory to functioning well. You do place the smoke detector in the kitchen, garage, and dirty area.
  • To solve the smoke detector problem you use a dry cloth and then clean the detector. Because the dust solidifies in the smoke detector then you should clean it every month.
  • If the carbon monoxide detector is not working then you should perform the reset. The front panel has the reset button. You gently press this button and then your smoke detector is surely reset.

How to reset the Kidde carbon monoxide alarm?

If your smoke detector is not functioning precisely then the most suitable option is you can perform the reset. You efficiently perform the reset with the detector reset button. The Kidde carbon monoxide alarm reset steps are presented below.

  • To reset the alarm, you need to turn off the power of the smoke detector at the power outlet. For this, you should unplug the cable and then simply turn off the power.
  • Then, switch the alarm of the smoke detector in the mounting bracket and disconnect the power.
  • Now, open the door of the smoke detector battery compartment and then remove the alarm battery.
  • Press & hold the test/reset button for at least 10-15 seconds, after that leave this button.

Now, the smoke detector is successfully reset in the proper manner.

Review of the Kidde 9C05-LP carbon monoxide detector

In my point of view, the Kidde carbon monoxide review is the best & more excellent smoke detector. It is usually used in the home and provides full security. It is fully made of plastic and manufactured by the Kidde company. The smoke detector comes along with a Test/Reset button that instantly tests the detector every week. The LED light is also there that provides an accurate position. If the LED light is red with beeping that means a dangerous zone. The Kidde 9Co5 carbon monoxide alarm works with 2AA batteries that run at least 5-6 months. The back panel of this smoke detector has a battery door opener that gently opens the door and then installs a new battery. Inside the smoke detector has a piezoelectric horn that provides useful information.

The best position of the smoke detector near your bedroom & living area. The installation of this smoke detector is simple, no cable is required to install the alarm. Simply mount this alarm and it works well. This alarm is very flexible, you place it anywhere across your home. If the LED light flashes green that means the smoke detector is functioning well. Thus, the Kidde carbon monoxide smoke detector is seamlessly helpful for detecting smoke in your residence. Thanks to the smoke detector for providing full security.


Q1. How far apart are the mounting holes from the smoke detector?

The mounting holes are very necessary to install the smoke detector. Without a hole, you cannot mount the alarm. The mounting holes are precisely 3 inches apart.

Q2. Does the Kidde alarm work with the battery?

Yes, the smoke detector seamlessly works with the battery. The battery is a must for proper functioning. Without a battery, it does not work accurately.

Q3. Would the 9Co5 smoke detector work in a 6′ x 6′ hunting blind with a Mr. Heater heating unit?

In my point of view, Mr. Heating is not good for the smoke detector.

Q4. Will the Kidde 9C05 smoke detector work in a motorhome?

Yes, it absolutely works with the motor home. You seamlessly use this smoke detector in your smart home and it works accurately.

Q5. Does the smoke detector green light indicating the monitoring work for you?

Yes, the smoke detector green light flashes that mean it works correctly. If the green light is not lit up that means the power circuit has been interrupted.

Q6. How does one attach the smoke detector to the wall?

The mount on the rear of the alarm slides down and has screw holes to attach to the wall. Or, the smoke detector can be fixed on a shelf.

Q7. How large of space does the Kidde 9C05 alarm cover?

The 9C05 alarm is very compact and does not cover a long area. A small area is required to install the alarm. The width = 4.5 in height = 3 in-depth = 1.5 is required.

Q8. Is the Kidde smoke detector good for an apartment?

Of course yes, the Kidde smoke detector is absolutely perfect & good for an apartment. You simply use this alarm near the bedroom or living areas.

Q9. How to open the battery cover safely to change batteries?

To change the battery of the smoke detector and also want to safely open the door cover. Then you need to use the screwdriver and gently open the charging door cover in a hassle-free manner.

Q10. Is the Alkaline battery good for a 9C05 smoke detector?

Yes, the Alkaline battery is very good for the smoke detector. The 2AA Alkaline battery is optimum for the Kidde alarm.

Q11. Why do we need to buy the Kidde carbon monoxide detector?

The smoke detector is a useful device for the home. It definitely detects the poisonous smoke in your home and provides full security.

Q12. Does the 9C05 link with the Kidde smoke alarms?

Yes, the 9C05 is fully compatible with the Kidde smoke alarm. This alarm provides full protection without any interruption.

Q13. Can I use the Kidde carbon monoxide detector in a car?

Sure, you use this smoke detector in a car. It works the same as that works with your home. It provides full protection in your car.

Q14. What should I do if my detector has no light?

If the detector has no light that means the power circuit has been interrupted. Then you should verify the power. If the power cable does not properly connect to the detector then the light is not lit up.

Q15. How do I test the Kidde carbon monoxide smoke detector?

If you wish to test the smoke detector then you utilize the test button and then smoothly press this button for some seconds.

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