If you are someone who likes to enjoy theater at home but doesn’t want to carry that traditional projector everywhere the n portable projector will be the right choice for you. It is a mini device that helps to project your favorite video content in high quality. May it be watching a movie at home or presenting at the office it serves as a useful device to fulfill the instant requirement of entertainment. Due to its compact size, this small device is easy to carry anywhere even when you are traveling and despite being small in size it does not compromise in terms of benefits offered as compared to big projectors. It can be connected to any external source easily to create a large-sized image on a projection screen.

There are various options available in the market but KODAK LUMA 350 stands out due to its attractive features and user-friendly interface. This device is compatible with every type of connectivity including Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI inputs as well. One can also download and watch their favorite show without touching mobile with the help of this device. Due to its compact structure, this projector is easy to carry anywhere according to the need hence serves as the best suitable choice for avid travelers. With an exceptional brightness level of 200 ANSI lumens and a notable resolution capacity of 854 x 480 [4K] this projector work best in offering a large and appealing view of the picture. It will impress you with its wonderful result. The device works on digital light processing technology which provides clear and appealing contrast for the superb visual experience.

Why choose KODAK LUMA 350?

1.Great picture quality

The picture quality depends on the resolution capacity of the device and the color ratio offered by it. This device provides an amazing resolution of 4K and 854 x 480 pixels which gives a clear visual effect of the picture making it appealing to watch. Apart from this, it offers an exceptional color ratio to provide balanced screening which gives great visual effect.

2. Superb brightness level

The brightness level is another important feature to look for a great experience. This particular projector has a 200-lumen brightness level which is enough to produce a considerable brightness level necessary for visual effect.

3.Projection technology

Projection technology is a crucial feature that plays important role in the performance of the projector. KODAK LUMA 350 works on DLP technology which offers a wonderful experience of streaming with its balanced light adjustments and contrast.

4. Wide connectivity

This device is compatible with several wireless and external devices to provide easy connectivity. May it be USB, Bluetooth, or wireless connections this projector offers easy connectivity.

5.Affordable price

Reasonable price is another notable feature of this device. The features and convenience it offers are exceptional comparing to the price we are paying. The product offers superior quality and durability hence worth investing in.

6. Portability

This features offers great convenience to carry devices anywhere as per the requirements of the customer. Its compact structure and lightweight make it a portable device easy to carry and handle.

How to control it with various devices?

One can control this device with the help of three different devices as mentioned following

To control this projector with the help of a remote it is necessary to pair it with the device. Following mentioned are a few of the steps to follow to pair the wireless remote with the projector.

  • Press and hold Volume + and volume- buttons together for a maximum of three seconds immediately after turning on the projector.
  • The indicator light will give the signal by blinking during and once this stopped. When the blinking of light will stop it is an indication that the remote has successfully paired with the projector and ready to use.
2. Using mobile

This can be even controlled with the help of mobile. The app named KODAK LUMA companion is available on the google play store as well as the Apple app store. One can download and use it to have an easy experience of handling the device.

  • Visit the app store and download the app KODAK LUMA while doing this don’t forget to make sure your mobile and projector are connected to the same connection only.
  • Open the app and follow the instructions mentioned there to pair your mobile with a projector
3. Using the mouse

Apart from mobile and remote one can also control this device with the help of a mouse. KODAK LUMA 350 support all type of USB and wireless devices I.e mouse, keyboard, etc.

How to use this projector?

Setting this very easy. Power it facing the flat wall to have a better screen mirroring experience. Below we have mentioned easy steps to connect various input devices to the projector.

1.Connection to the wireless network

Connecting a wireless network with this device is an easy process with the help of the following steps

  • Go to the option of “setting” available over the home screen
  • Choose “Wi-Fi” from the available options and select the right option from the available choices
  • With the help of the arrow at the top of the projector or any input device to enter the password.
2.Connection to external devices

A. USB Drive
One can access content from any of the USB with the help of following simple steps

  • Insert the drive into the available port on the side
  • Choose the option of “file browser” from the option “source” available on the home screen and your files will be displayed over screen.

B. HDMI devices
Various HDMI devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, etc can be easily connected to the device with the help of an HDIM cable. Once connected, files will be displayed over the screen. For the convenience of users, they have also mentioned a table of compatible devices and adopters in the user manual.

How to set the screen?

Adjustment of scree will depend upon the placement of the device and one can adjust it accordingly with the help of the following steps

  • Select the option “setting” fringe home screen
  • Choose an option “Projector mode” from the “setting”
  • Select the image similar to the positioning of your project and it will be displayed accordingly.

How to adjust screen mirroring?

1. Android

To experience the expected visual effect it is necessary to adjust perfect screen mirroring. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do it by urself

  • Go to the home screen of the projector and select the option “Source” where you can avail another option “screen mirroring”, select it and go for the option ” Miracast”.
  • The device name will be displayed over the screen to make it easy to identify while connecting.
  • Ensure that your device and projector are connected to the same network only.
  • Next step will be of activation of screen mirroring software over your device

A. If you are using a Samsung device then swipe down from the notification bar and again swipe left following it. There you will avail “smart view” option, select it to activate the screen.
B. If you are using a Windows 10 device then follow these steps to activate screen mirroring software

  • Go to the start menu and select the option “Settings”
  • Choose the option “Devices” from “Setting”
  • You will avail the option of “Connected devices” from the left side and select the option “add device”
  • Select the corresponding projector from the available list and choose the option “connect”.
  • A dialogue box will appear over the screen for final confirmation. Using the arrow over remote highlight the option ” accept” and press the option “confirm”
  • Now the screen is mirrored to the projector but once finished don’t forget to select the option “disconnect” from the device.
2. IOS
  • Select the option “Source” available over the home screen and choose the option “screen mirroring” from it. Again go for the option “Airplay”
  • Name of your device will be displayed over the screen for further convenience of connecting it.
  • Activate screen mirroring software in your device
  • Follow the similar steps mentioned above for the screen mirroring of the android device.

User manual

A user manual is also provided along with a box. It has clear instructions on how to connect, use, set, and troubleshoot the device. If you are a new user, you need to be worried about handling it as manual works as a perfect assistant to instruct you with step by step guide of every single issue you face while setting and controlling it.
Sometimes you may face an issue while adjusting the screen or other features but the manual can provide you detailed guidance on how to tackle such problems by own. From specifications to troubleshooting everything is mention in the user manual and one can easily handle the device without the help of a technician.

Safety precautions

  • Always take technical help to disassemble the device and never attempt to do it by yourself.
  • Protect it from the high exposure of sunlight, heat, and humidity. It may cause damage to the device.
  • Do not touch it with a wet hand to be safe from electric shock and damage
  • Keep it away from the children
  • The products like alcohol, gasoline, or any explosive material should not be used to clean the screen of the device.
  • Handle it with care, do not drop it to avoid permanent damage to the device.
  • Keep it away from the contact of water and any type of liquid as it can damage the screen badly.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does it work with USB?

Yes, KODAK LUMA 350 is compatible with every type of USB and one can use it to connect mouse and keyboard whenever required.

2. Which are the type of inputs this device supports?

Every type of wireless and external devices including USB and mobile support this KODAK LUMA 350

3. Can we connect it to the blue tooth

Yes, you can connect it to blue tooth and it gives a considerable performance with speakers and headphones.

4. How many lumens are there in the device?

The device has 200 lumens which balanced the brightness level.

5. Can this projector read or play a USB flash drive?

Yes, it is compatible with every type of external device including a USB Drive.

6. Does it compatible with iPhone?

Yes, it is comparable with the iPhone and one can easily handle it with the help of the iPhone.

7. What is the resolution of this projector?

The projector works on 4K 854 x 480 pixels resolution ensuring superb picture quality for great visual effects.

8. How many years of warranty is provided on the device?

It assures costumers with a warranty of one year and apart from this it also offers 60 days money-back guarantee if the customer is not happy with the product.

9. What are the accessories included inbox?

The pack includes every necessary accessory related to the projector. It includes one remote control, an HDMI cable, Luma 350 Projector, ac adaptor, and a guide.


A pocket-friendly projector like KODAK LUMA 350 is a must-have piece for every cinema lover. Usually while choosing projector buyers seek amazing clarity, brightness level, durability, and great visual effect, and this device all the requirements of users with its superb features and user-friendly interface. If you are someone who frequently keeps traveling and in search of a handy device to entertain you wherever you are then KODAK LUMA 350 can be a smart choice. Being portable and compact in structure it is easy to carry which ensures complete entertainment even when you are traveling. The functioning of this device is wonderful and it will serve as a durable device for a long time