LE Smart Light Bulb

The LE Smart Light Bulb is built with new technology that illuminates 16 million colors. Its setup is very easy just plug it into E26 sockets and turn it on. You can easily control its functioning through the app. Along with it, you can change the colours of the LED bulbs according to your convenience. So you can effortlessly operate it from anywhere with the help of the app. Moreover, it also supports Alexa Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Assistant.

In the Lepro app, you can set a time for automatically turning off or On the smart light bulb. Furthermore, you can also adjust its brightness and set your favourite colour. So, it gives vibrant colors to your room and mesmerizes the attention of others. You can easily add your family members in this app to control the functioning of the smart light bulb at the same time. So it makes your LE Smart Light distinct from the other LED lights.

LE Smart Light Bulb Technical specifications

Here we will discuss some technical specifications of the smart colour light bulbs:

  • Voltage- 120 Volts
  • Assemble diameter- 60 Millimeters
  • Wattage- 9 watts
  • ASIN- B07PY5ZFM7
  • Colour- RGB plus warm white
  • Dimension- ‎2.36 x 2.36 x 4.33 inches
  • Material- Plastic

These are the technical specifications of the light bulb.

Quick guide on how to setup Lepro Lampux app

Now, we will explain its setup steps in the following points that you must follow:

  1. Firstly, ensure that your wifi network is 2.4Ghz. After that install the Lepro Lampux app on your mobile phone from the play store.
  2. In the meanwhile, switch on your LE Smart Light Bulb and wait till the LED light flashes.
  3. After installing this app, open this app on the screen and navigate to the app.
  4. Then register an account by entering your personal information and click on the Next button.
  5. Afterward, click on the add button from the top right corner of the screen and select your LE Smart Light Bulb.
  6. Then, it will connect with the app. Now, you can control its activities with the mobile phone effortlessly.

Set the time schedule of LE Smart Light Bulb

Do you want to set the time for automatically illuminating the light of the smart bulb? Hence follow these easy and quick steps to set the time:

  • The first step is to go to the Lepro Lampux app that is installed on your mobile phone.
  • After that, go to its settings and click on the timer button and set it.
  • Then, click on the Save button.
  • If you want to set a schedule, click on the schedule button to add your schedule.

So, the light of the LED bulb will automatically adjust according to your set time and schedule.

Connect a smart LE Smart Light Bulb with Alexa

Do you want to know how to connect your A19 E26 Bulb with Alexa? Then, you should follow these points step by step:

  • The most important step is to download the Alexa app on your mobile phone from the google play store.
  • Then follow the mentioned instructions carefully.
  • After that, navigate to this app and click on the devices button.
    Then, tap on the all devices option.
  • Select the name of your LE Smart Light Bulb from the list and click on the connect option.

Now check the Alexa device is connected or not like Alexa turn On my LED light. If it follows your instructions, it has connected to your Lepro led wifi smart bulb. If it does not accept your command, then check its setup process and connect it properly.

Why won’t the Alexa app open?

When you install the Alexa app on your mobile phone, so it does not open due to multifarious reasons and issues, like the storage capacity of your mobile phone, improper internet connection, the operating system of your mobile phone might be outdated. Therefore, you should adopt these steps mentioned here to overcome these issues.

  • Initially, go to the setting of your mobile phone and click on the device storage option. Make sure your mobile phone has storage capacity.
  • Update the operating system of your mobile phone.
  • Switch off your mobile phone and keep it on.
  • Then, uninstall the Alexa app from the phone and again install it from the play store.

So the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps will definitely resolve your issue regarding the Alexa app.

Lepro Lampux App not working

When you install the Lepro Lampux app, it does not work due to many reasons. Now, we will tell you its major reasons that create problems:

  1. The mobile data might not be working properly.
  2. The storage of your mobile phone would be full, so it does not support this app.
  3. It will not install properly.
  4. Sometimes an error occurs that does not support the app.

To get rid of these obstacles, just follow these mentioned troubleshooting tips:

  • First of all, check whether your mobile data is turned on or off.
  • If it is turned off, so turn it on. If it is turned on, go to the proper range area.
  • Check the Lepro Lampux app has been installed properly or not.
  • Make some space in your mobile phone, so the app will work properly.
  • If still, it does not work, then uninstall this application on your mobile phone. Then, install it again carefully.

Some major problems of the LE Smart Light Bulb with troubleshooting tips

The LE Smart Light Bulb provides amazing features and can be controlled by your voice command. But, in spite of its advantages sometimes it faces some problems that we will discuss here:

LE LED light stop working

The LED light stops working due to screwing tightly, improper placement in electrical circuits, and improper current. So, you should carefully place and screw it.

LE LED light Bulb not change colour

Infrequently, your smart LED light bulb does not change its colour due to its faulty pin. So to get rid of this issue take the help of a manual guide or technical help.

LED light warm out so fast

Sometimes, it warmed up very quickly due to multifarious reasons like high voltage, overheating, and bad connections. To resolve these issues you should take the help of an electrician for voltage problems.

Le wifi smart light bulb reset

If the above-mentioned troubleshooting key points are not resolving your issues. So, follow these reset steps:

  • First of all, turn off the LED smart light for at least a few seconds.
  • Then turn it on and again turn it off.
  • Repeat this process at least 4- 5 times.
  • Then, the reset process will be complete, and the LE Smart Light Bulb will work properly.

LE Smart Light Bulb Review

The smart light bulb is built up with modern technology that attracts the attention of potential customers. You can change its lights according to your usability. Moreover, when you are out of your home and forgot to turn off the LE Smart light bulb. So with the help of the app, you can turn off the light with only just one click on your smartphone. Furthermore, it does not consume more electricity. Its setup is very easy a layman even can install. If you have to face any major issue during its setup you can take the help of its manual guide. Then, it will provide every important information about the LE smart light.


Question- Does the LE Smart Light Bulb work with Google Assistant?

Answer- Yes, it supports Google Assistant.

Question- Can we connect the LE smart light on different phones?

Answer- Yes, with the help of the Lepro Lampux app you and your family members can connect the LED light bulb simultaneously on a mobile phone.

Question- Can we use the LE Smart Light BULB without wifi?

Answer- Definitely, but it will only illuminate white light.

Question- Does the Lepro Lampux app control several bulbs together?

Answer- Yes, it manages up to 50 bulbs at the same time.

Question- Can we set the timing for automatically dimming the LED light bulb?

Answer- Yes, with its app you can do this.

Question- How to connect the LE Smart Light Bulb with the Google Assistant?

Answer- Just follow these steps to connect the light bulb with Google Assistant:

  1. 1. First of all, install the Google Home app from the google play store.
  2. 2. Then, register an account for login and follow the instructions.
  3. 3. After that, go to the add device option and select the LE smart light bulb option from the list. Then, click on the connect button.
  4. 4. Now, the LE smart light will connect to the Google Assistant. Check it by commanding your Google Assistant.