Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner troubleshooting and review

The Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum cleaner has one of the upgrading networking cleaners. It contains 6D anti-collision infrared sensors that are generally helpful for detecting the probable stuck areas. This robotic vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the cleaning path. The smart Anti-dropping sensors usually prevent falling off the stairs. Mainly the M201 wifi robotic cleaner uses lithium iron phosphate batteries. That is helpful for maintaining the battery life.

It usually uses a different cleaning mode which is such as Auto clean, Spot clean, Wall Follow clean, and Manual clean. The M201 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with some necessary accessories such as a charging base, power adapter, dust bin, cleaning brush,2 HEPA filters,2 side brushes, Lefant M201 manual, and 12-month Protection warranty card. It uses tangle-free hair care technology. And FreeMove technology 2.0. The Lefant Robot vacuum M201 is a small, ultra-thin, and smart powerful suction motor.

Tips for the Lefant Robot vacuum troubleshooting

The Lefant M201 Robot vacuum cleaner is an innovative wireless cleaner. It is usually focused on robotic vacuum cleaners and other smart appliances that are helping people enjoy their lives. But, it shows the many issues when you use it. For the Lefant M201 troubleshooting all are the issues of this device, then follow the below steps.

1. Troubleshoot the Lefant m201 won’t connect to wifi issue:


Before using the Lefant wireless device, you must read the user manual when starting to use a robot vacuum. But sometimes, it causes the Lefant won’t connect to wifi issues. You can fix it by following the given steps.

  • If your Robot vacuum cleaner is not connecting to the wifi, then you fix it by again plugging it in the power outlet.
  • You can also fix it by again connecting with the dual-band router.
  • After connecting the wifi network, you can also verify you have not connected your robot with the wrong frequency.
  • In this robot vacuum cleaner, you can only use the 2.4GHz networks and it will not work with 5GHz networks.
  • Sometimes, it does not work on the 5GHz network frequency. So, you always select the 2.4GHz network when you connect the wifi network to your robot vacuum.
  • In spite of this, you can also use a wired network connection such as an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, your Robot vacuum is connecting to wifi properly.

2. Fix the Lefant m201 not pairing issue:

You can easily connect to the wifi network using the pairing button. Many times, the pairing button is not working. To troubleshoot the Lefacnt M201 not pairing issues follow the below steps.

  • If Your Robot cleaner pairing button is not paired to connect the wifi network, then you fix it by again turning on your device.
  • To pair the devices and connect the wifi network you long-press on the center button.
  • You can also Install the Lefant app from the play store to pair it easily.
  • If you want to connect and pair this robot vacuum properly then you Open the app and choose your device name from the presenting list which you want to connect with the wifi network.
  • After pairing your device, look on the gateway of the Robot vacuum cleaner and notice that the continuous blue light blinks from the WiFi indicator. It means your robot is connected to WiFi.
  • Now, your Robot vacuum cleaner pairs in a proper manner.

3. Troubleshooting of the Lefant m201 not working issue:

It uses the FreeMove second-generation technology. Sometimes, the Lefant M201 is not working. You can fix it by following the given steps.

  • If your Lefant robot vacuum is not working, you can again plugin your Robot vacuum.
  • You can also verify if the network connection is working or not.
  • If you daily use this robot vacuum and use it continuously, then it stops working. Do not use your vacuum continuously to fix this problem.
  • You should also check the Collision Sensor of the vacuum cleaner because your vacuum does not work due to the sensor.
  • Clean your sensor daily, to troubleshoot the not working problem.
  • Change your robot network setting and reset it.
  • The last way to fix the Lefant Robot not working issue can fix it by replacing the sensor.

4. Fix the Lefant robot Vacuum blinking red light issue:

If your Lefant Vacuum blinking red or Lefant robot vacuum is not charging, then you can fix it by following the given steps.

  • If your Robot vacuum indicator keeps flashing red light mostly when your robot charging is very low. You can fix these issues by again charging your device.
  • In spite of this, If your robot vacuum does not stop blinking red light then your Robot vacuum indicator will turn red gradually. To fix the not charging or red light blinking issues you can replace your Robot vacuum battery.
  • Moreover, you can charge it fully, and after charging it fully the robot vacuum cleaner continuously beeps 5 times. Now, your Robot not charging issues fix and the LED light totally blinks now blue color light.
  • In spite of this, after fixing the Lefant robot vacuum red light flashing problem you look at the CLEAN button indicator it will turn blinks now blue color light.

5. Troubleshoot the Lefant robot vacuum beeping issue:

Sometimes, the Lefant robot vacuum keeps beeping and stopping issues, you can fix it by following the below steps.

  • If you are hassling with this problem after a while then you fix it by changing your robot vacuum cleaner setting.
  • Sometimes, you mostly use this cleaner to clean harder areas. After cleaning the harder areas the Lefant robot vacuum is stuck in harder areas and cannot move. To solve this problem, you first turn OFF the power of the vacuum cleaner and Don’t force it when you remove it from there.
  • In spite of this, If your robot vacuum cleaner causes issues with the main cylinder brush locking up. Then, you fix Lefant robot Vacuum beeping 6 times by replacing it with new brushes and start cleaning now.

6. Fix the Lefant robot app not working issue:

The Lefant home app is not working or it keeps blurring when you open it. You can fix it by following the below steps.

  • If your Lefant life app is not working and shows the screen blurring then you fix it by again installing this app from the Lefant website or google play store.
  • After this, you can also again open this app for the Lefant robot vacuum setup. But, it does not change the setting. To resolve this problem you can again check your wifi network connection. Surely your wifi network connection is very slow. Place your robot nearby the router for getting the proper network connection.
  • In spite of this, you have to go to the Lefant robot vacuum website and download the new version of the app.

So, these are the various steps to fixing the many problems of the Lefant vacuum cleaner. After the Lefant Robot vacuum m201 troubleshooting, you have to reset your device for getting the proper work from this without any hesitation. You can use this robot cleaner by following the Lefant M201 user manual instructions.

Lefant M201 robot Vacuum Cleaner review

I was getting a superior and wireless robot vacuum that can be compatible with my Alexa system. But when I asked people about it, they all reviewed the same robot vacuum cleaner.
I research many vacuum cleaners but according to people’s reviews, I decided to try this Lefant M201 robot vacuum with good specifications. The Lefant M201 robot vacuum comes with a 1800PA suction power motor. This Lefant vacuum also comes with accessories that are such as Lefant robot Vacuum manual M201 out-of-the-box status. Usually, the Lefant robot vacuum user manual is clearly detailed and easy to understand. Its 1800PA suction power motor is very powerful and more comprehensive in comparison to my previous robot cleaner.


Can I reset my Lefant robot vacuum using a reset button?

Of course yes, you can easily reset it by pressing and holding the reset or power button just for four to five seconds. After resetting it, you can again turn on your Lefant vacuum cleaner by pressing the power button. Also, connect the wifi network through the pairing button.

What can I do to connect Lefant M201 to Alexa?

First, pair your device using the app. Open the Alexa app and pair your Lefant vacuum cleaner using the app. Then, sign in to your Alexa app using the Email address and password. After this add your device by pressing on the “+” option. Now, your Alexa properly connects with Lefant M201 vacuum cleaner.

How to fix the Lefant M201 vacuum won’t turn on?

If your Lefant M201 vacuum cleaner doesn’t turn on then you again turn on your device by again plugging it in the power outlet. You can aslo reset your device by pressing the reset button. After this, you can now restart your device to verify that it works or not.

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