LEYUTOON Wi-Fi Repeater

The dual-band Wi-Fi extender is manufactured by the “LEYUTOON Co.Ltd” company in Fremont, California. The product (Item Model Name- LEYUTOON), was launched recently in April 2021 costing 38.99 U.S. Dollars. LEYUTOON Wi-Fi Repeater is currently available for sale at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B0927HLN7Z). The range extender runs on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless signal frequencies, at a high speed of 1200 Mbps. The Leyutoon can basically work with any Wi-Fi router in the 802.11a, b, n, g and ac series gateway. The signal repeater is available in 2 colour variants that is “White” and “Black”.

As it’s new, the customer judgement has been a little on the downsides, due to the unit’s trade deal. Even with so few sales, they have already received a 3.1-star rating out of 5 in the review section of the purchasing link. Nevertheless, they have also achieved a #1834 ranking in the Wi-Fi Repeaters Department around the globe. All in all, if you want to know more about the Leyutoon Wi-Fi repeater, visit the www.productupdates.org page for further research.

Structural details of the Leyutoon Wi-Fi extender.

The LEYUTOON Wi-Fi Repeater weighs around 4.2 ounces and has a 3.46 * 3.15 * 2.87 inches dimensions structure. The Leyutoon has a quad-sided body figure with 4 external antennas attached at the top and bottom sides. The “LEYUTOON branding is printed below the “WPS” push button. 4 LED lights are built at the facing side as well, that blinks the colour “Green” and “Orange” to showcase response. The lights are for displaying functions of “Extender”, “2.4 G”, “5 G” and “Power” on the repeater. The body panel is made up of poor-quality plastic and is easily breakable too.

Use It with precaution, to prevent it from damaging or falling off. A power prong system is constructed at the back along with a mesh passage for hot air ventilation lined up all ends. Detailed information is also printed at the back, for setup purposes. (Note: The power prong will differ according to your based country). 2 LAN ports are also created at the bottom for wired router connection via Ethernet cables. The Reset button is given beside it, for troubleshooting reasons as well.

Unboxing the dual-band extender by Leyutoon.

The delivery of LEYUTOON Wi-Fi Repeater can be an issue, as is freshly launched. The shipping charges are extra including state-wise tax too. You will face a delay in the shipment reaching procedure as well. Some countries may not be eligible for placing the order as the company warehouses are shortened for the time being. Scratch up the package and take out the coloured box from the cardboard.

Before you open it, go through the spec sheet quickly printed at the back, to ensure proper handling. The main Leyutoon extender comes out first, along with 2 long yellow Ethernet cables. The start-up manual and warranty booklet are kept beneath all of these. The company provides a 1year warranty on the main unit, along with 3 years of customer assistance. Keep the billing documents safely to claim help in future. If anything is missing other than these, contact the Amazon support service and inform them about the fraud.

Installing the AC1200 range extender by Leyutoon.

  • After unboxing the package, place the unit close to the main router and provide it with a stable power source. Wait for half a minute until the last 3 lights of the extender flash the green colour. Press the front “WPS” button (sync) once on the extender.
  • Open your mobile Wi-Fi system and connect the Leyutoon extender SSID. The display name will be “Wi-Fi-5G-01B8” and the password to that signal is printed on the device’s backside. Make sure you note down all the highlighted details from there, before moving forward with the installation procedure.
  • Once the connection is established, visit the “Google Chrome” browser on your phone. Type “” in the address bar and click “Enter”. As the page opens, give in the default login password (admin) and select the language “English” to get going.
  • Leyutoon extender matching

    Once you are inside, the site will automatically scan for all available hosts around the area. Pick your LEYUTOON Wi-Fi Repeater matching the ID under the Wi-Fi signal. The “Testing” name is mostly assigned to the smart repeater.

  • Click it and provide your main Wi-Fi router password in the “Wireless Password” box. enter “Next” and fill in the Wi-Fi name that will be visible and the protective password over it as well. Click “Next” again on the operating pages and tap onto “Start Connect” at last. After a successful connection, the “Extender” led will blink on the device.
  • Come back to the Wi-Fi section of your smartphone and tap onto the required wireless signal you want to run. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals are available, set up the repeater according to your preferences. Displaying the name “Testing-pro-2.5G” or “Testing-pro-5G”. Place the router to your desired location in your wide house. Note: Check if the green light still blinks constantly, after being put to charge at a different location).

Features of the smart Leyutoon home device.

Starting with the speedy delivery of the smart device, the extender can deliver up to a maximum speed of 1200 Mbps. Although it starts from 150 Mbps (depending on your local congested area), the speed catches up in cases of necessity.
Compatible with almost every router available in the market. No matter if it’s wired or wireless, the extender still functions with utmost efficiency. Alter between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless frequency bandwidth based on your router.

Apps missing, but it still works smoothly on your phone and laptop. Hassle-free installation and handling on the login page assigned for the Wi-Fi extender. The setup page is quite user-friendly as well, enjoy surfing the web on TVs, gaming consoles, mobiles, etc smart appliances without any interference.

More than 30 devices can connect to the Wi-Fi signal, at one time. The AC1200 extender covers all blind spots within 1300 feet range surrounding the area. The 4X Ultra Gain Antennas are customizable and rotationally adjustable as well (180, 360 degrees). This feature really helps, if you are placing the router on the second or third floor of the house.
High-security features support relay mode on the smart extender. The plug and play device provides wireless security through WPA1, WPA2 and WPA mixed proformas. They keep your data safe and sound, resulting in the prevention of hacking.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to reset, restart the Leyutoon home extender/repeater?

Due to the unavailability of the app, the extender doesn’t have a restart option. However, you can unplug the repeater from its base to let it rest when you are away. To fully reset the gadget, press the reset button given on its body using a pin. Hold it for 5 to 10 seconds until the light goes off and on instantly on the extender. Remember, doing this will erase every customization from your device that you have pre-set in the login website. The gadget is now put back to its default settings and you will need to configure it from the beginning, again. Note: Use this trick, only to clean junk data or if you have forgotten your login ID, password.

How to update the firmware on the dual-band smart home Leyutoon device.

Regular update is unavailable for the Wi-Fi extender. As its website is controlled, the repeater lacks some of the perks of being a smart device. Security patches are installed quarterly, through the login page. Other than this, the smart gadget doesn’t really require any major update as it’s got a simple job to extend the Wi-Fi to a certain distance, that’s it. Even if there is one available, the company will push the notification through the site itself. You can then view the changes directly on reopening/refreshing the page. The Leyutoon brand will soon bring a smart app for controlling their devices, so stay tuned for that.

How to solve connecting issues on the router login page?

Due to Internet flow interference during the setup process, this trouble may arise. All the devices password, SSID and login credentials are printed on the extenders back. Write them down properly, so that you don’t make mistakes while entering the data. Make sure your Internet Service Provider supplies an undisturbed web service throughout the whole installation procedure. Create simple names and strong passwords (for security reasons), while attaching the device with the router. Remember them as well, for providing a guest with the login details.

How to solve LEYUTOON Wi-Fi extender showing connectivity issues?

After completing the setup process, if the green light is still blinking then it means the connection is secure. If an orange light is blinking, then it means you need to readjust the Wi-Fi placement at your house. Positioning the signal extender too far from the main router can cause this trouble. Keep in mind that the range should stay within 1300 feet, around the building. If the green light isn’t blinking on the device check the power source supply as well.

The charging flow must be uninterruptible, for the gadget to resume its job. You will need to reconfigure the device setup freshly if the connection isn’t active or showing glitches. Once you connect a specific frequency, that particular LED will only blink not the other, so keep an eye out for that additionally. (Note: Keep both the router and the range extender close, while following the setup procedure).

between PC setup and mobile setup?

There isn’t any actual difference that separates both procedures. An installation video is posted on the purchasing URL, for you to view upon. Furthermore, the exact same steps are followed on both the appliances. It’s just the screen size and responsiveness of the accessory, that makes the difference. Using a smartphone makes the job a whole lot easier and quicker than a laptop. In future after the app launches, you won’t really need the computer setup at all. Watch the video and read the setup process in this article correctly, to clear all your doubts.

Reasons to buy the Leyutoon AC 1200 signal repeater?

The AC 1200 super-fast network is compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi routers, available in the market.
Data privacy is maintained, secure network access (password protected encryption) through the WPA security system services.
Minimum speed of 300 Mbps, an average of 567 Mbps and Max speed of 1200 Mbps is generated by the enhanced signal boosters of the Wi-Fi extender.
Supportive customer service provides full assistant 24/7 (on all working days) worldwide. All routers are compatible with most wireless standard signals in the market. Easy to install and set up apart from being keenly priced.

Review of the signal repeater LEYUTOON Wi-Fi extender.

Writing the overview about this product is an absolute delight. With the increasing house structure day by day, people tend to require a Wi-Fi extender including high speed and performance. They expect to have a gadget, that can work exactly the same as their home router, but in a different way avoiding all the trouble. So today, to fulfil the expectations I am introducing the Leyutoon dual-band AC1200 home Wi-Fi extender. LEYUTOON Wi-Fi Repeater not only comes at a moderate price but also is compatible with all the Wi-Fi routers available out there. Simply get one home, plug-in power and make it run with your Wi-Fi router subsequently. The extender boosts Wi-Fi signals to a higher range, which generates massive speed for all the users ensuing a soothing and enjoyable experience.

As of now, no complaints are being filed against this smart device, due to its recent launch. The unit works on very low maintenance and is free of various troublesome errors as well. If you buy this LEYUTOON extender, you will get a 3year free Tech Support from the brand itself. They will repair your product or provide an exchange without any extra charges and no questions asked at all. All I can see is that you have every reason to buy this product in a list. Besides take a look at TP Link RE315, Netgear EX6120, TP Link AC750, Loom Wi-Fi, NEXTBOX AC 1200, VICTORY extender, rockspace dual-band, Netgear EX2800 repeater, etc devices for quick alternatives. I hope this article has been quite useful to you, thank you for your time.