LG 22LJ4540 LED TV

The LG 22LJ4540 is a 22-inches 1080p IPS display Full HD smart LED TV. It comes along with one remote controller that you can control the TV easily. The In-Plane Switching(IPS) technology is built-in in this LED that underlines the performance of liquid crystal displays. The Triple XD Engine functionality is equipped in this LED that delivers images with still more accuracy to allow more normal color expression, darker contrast. Moreover, the LG 22LJ4540 LED TV Dimension is 20″ W x 2.1″ H x 12.5″ D without a stand. Additionally, with the stand, the dimension is 20″ W x 5.8″ H x 14.1″ D. The backlight of lg lj4540 22 inch TV is exceptional & very high. With this light, it provides astounding image clarity & extraordinary brightness.

Furthermore, with the exceptional backlight, you will see brighter colors on your TV. In comparison to conventional LCD monitors, it delivers more powerful energy efficiency. The HDMI port is built-in on the back panel of the LJ4540 smart TV. This port usually delivers stupendous video quality as well as audio quality. With this port, you can simply plug the Pendrive, anycast dongle, and other devices.

LG 22LJ4540 LED TV Important safety instructions before installing LED

The LJ4540 smart LED provides unbelievable video quality with 1080p resolution. But for this, you have to install this LED in your home. To install the LED, you should know some important safety instructions. Here are some safety instructions:

  • Do not use a Smart LED TV near water. Install it away from water.
  • You have to clean the LED TV only with a dry cloth, do not use a wet cloth.
  • You do not have to block any ventilation openings.
  • Don’t have to install the Smart 22-inch LED TV near a heating source like stoves, refrigerator, heat registers, microwave, & more that produce heat.
  • You have to use accessories given by the manufacturer.
  • Can use this LED only with a table, cart, tripod, stand, bracket, & more.
  • You have to only use an AC adapter and power cord and this is authorized & approved by LG Electronics. If you use other cables then the result is a fire or electric shock.

These are some safety instructions that you have to follow before installing LED TV.

LG 22LJ4540 LED TV Installation process

The LG 22-inch smart TV provides high-quality pictures because the 1080P HD resolution is built-in. With this resolution, the picture quality is so clear. You can watch many channels on this TV and enjoy its features. To enjoy its high-quality picture, you have to install it.

Unbox the 22 inches LED TV packaging box:
  • Some accessories are required to install Smart LED TV. You cannot install LED TV without it. Then, for this, you should unbox the packaging box of this device.
  • You have to take the packaging box of the LED TV and unbox it using Scissor or Knife.
  • Then, you have to find some accessories inside this box. These accessories are LG LJ4540 22 LED TV, AC adapter, power cord, antenna, remote controller, 2 AAA batteries, screws & user manual.
Position of LJ4540 22 LED TV:
  • After unboxing the packaging box, you have to decide the position of this TV.
  • You can install it on the table as well as on the wall.
  • To mount the LED on the table, you have to tilt & lift the LED into its correct position on a table.
  • You have to leave a space of 100 mm (3.9 inches) from the wall of the table for conventional ventilation.
  • To mount on the wall, you need some screws. Without screws, you cannot install it.
  • You are sure that you will use screws and wall mounts, they meet the VESA standard.
  • While using the M4 standard screw & 4 screws you can mount the LED TV on the wall.
Install the antenna or cable:

To watch the TV, you should install the cable, antenna, or cable box.

  • You ensure not to bend the copper wire of the RF cable to properly connect the cable.
  • Then, you should verify the antenna connector in the LED TV. on the back surface, the antennas connector is equipped.
  • You can utilize antennas that come along with its packaging box and smoothly attach to the antennas connector.
  • You can also utilize an authorized AC adapter & power cord. The lg 22lj4540 power cord is carefully plugged into the power connector that is available on the back surface of the LED.
  • After making all the connections, you have to plug the AC adapter near the power supply.
Install the remote controller:
  • To change the channel & control the TV you should install the remote controller of this LED TV.
  • You will have to open the cover of the remote controller and install 2 AAA batteries inside it.
  • Afterward, match the + & – end of the label in the TV compartment and then close the battery cover.
  • Presently, smoothly press the power button and turn ON the LED TV.
  • Also, you can select the TV or PC mode that you are using.
  • Additionally, select the AV mode. Now, the lg 22lj4540 remote is properly installed.

Finally! The installation process of the LJ4540 22 inches LED TV is completely done. After that, you can configure some settings to properly watch the TV.

LJ4540 22 1080p LED TV manual

The LG 22 inches LED TV comes along with a full HD IPS display. With this display, you can watch big images as well as a very clear image. The IPS technology of this TV shows the crystal display performance. But before buying and installing any device in the mind of every user, there are many questions, they come. These questions are how to install 22 inches LED TV, how to use the LED, how to setup lg smart tv, how to connect the antennas to the tv, how to connect the remote controller to the lg tv, how to connect anycast wireless dongle to the LED, how to connect the WiFi to the 1080p TV, and more. So you will get the answer to all these questions in the manual that comes with the LED TV.

Additionally, the lg 22lj4540 manual delivers further information along with all questions. This manual delivers HDMI connectivity technology, 1080p resolution, LED display technology, 75 Hz refresh rate, wall mounting type, 24 inches screen size, tripped XD the engine is equipped, no Wi-Fi technology is built-in, 1 USB port, 1 HDMI port, LED backlighting, & more.

22 inches LED TV LG 22LJ4540 setup steps

To watch the TV and enjoy all features then you should perform the setup of this device. The setup is necessary to maintain the IPS display TV. With the remote controller, you can simply perform all the settings of this TV.

To set up the channel automatically:
  • To set up the channel automatically, you can use a remote controller and visit the setting of this TV.
  • Under the setting, you have to select the channel option.
  • In the channel option, you will find the auto-tuning option, you can enable this option to set up the channel automatically.
Select the picture mode:

To view the environment or the program you have to select the picture mode.

  • In the setting of this LED TV, you can choose the Picture option.
  • Under this option, you can select the picture mode.
  • In the picture mode, adjust the video image by using the Vivid option. By enhancing the color, brightness, sharpness, & contrast adjust the video for the retail environment.
  • To a normal environment, you can use the standard option and adjust the image.
  • Consume the power of the TV you can enable the energy-saver feature with the APS option.
To set advanced control:

The LED TV screen can be calibrated for each picture mode. But for this, you should perform the setting.

  • You can visit the setting and select the picture option in the following option.
  • Under the picture mode of the setting, you can select the advanced control option.
  • You can use the Dynamic contrast option and set the contrast to the level according to the brightness of the image.
  • By using the Dynamic color option, you can adjust the color of the image.
  • Sky color set separately with the sky option.
Enable energy saving:

To consume the energy of the LED TV you should enable this feature.

  • In the TV setting, you will find the picture option. Just click this option.
  • Select the energy saving in the picture option.
  • If the energy-saving is off then you can turn it ON.

Congratulations! The lg 22lj4540 setup steps are successfully finished. After that, you seamlessly enjoy all the features of this device without any hassle.

LG 22LJ4540 LED TV Troubleshooting steps

Many times, while using LED TV, some common problems come due to which the user is unable to watch TV. For the common problem, there are some troubleshooting steps.

Cannot control the LED TV with remote control:
  • Many times, the TV does not control the remote control.
  • Ensure the battery of the remote control is not dead. If it is dead then you should install a new battery.
  • Make sure the connection between the remote control & TV is properly.
  • Modify the remote control within the 22 inches LED TV range.
No image is displayed in LED TV:

Sometimes, the lg 22lj4540 no display on the LED TV screen.

  • To resolve the image issue, you have to check the power cord & AC adapter.
  • Sometimes, the AC adapter is faulty due to no image being displayed on the screen of TV.
LED TV turn off suddenly:

Many times, the lg 22lj4540 not turning ON, there are some solutions.

  • Make sure the power cable is properly plugged into the power connector. If the cable is loose then you should tighten it.
  • If the cable is useless due to the TV not turning, then you can replace it.
No sound is produced in the LG TV:

If lg 22lj4540 no sound then the user faces an issue. Here are some solutions.

  • You have to verify the LG LED TV is turned On.
  • Make sure the power cord is properly connected to the power supply.
  • Verify the sound setting, if it is disabled then you can enable it.

LG 22LJ4540 TV Review

In my point of view, the lg 22lj4540 review is a full HD display & smart LED TV. The picture quality is very clever because the 1080p resolution is equipped to deliver a very clear picture. On the back surface of this TV, the HDMI port is built-in then you can easily connect any device like DVD player, Pendrive, dongle, video console, blu-ray player, and others. The IPS HD display is built-in in the TV that highlights the performance. With this dia[ly you can view TV displays from any angle. The triple XD engine absolutely processes natural color images as well as images very brightly. The unexceptional image clearity with the LED backlighting. But the Wi-Fi technology is not built-in in this LED.

Furthermore, the lg lj4540 tv is a completely perfect device for your home. You can simply install this device by using the packaging content. By using some screws you can effortlessly mount them to the wall. However, you can also place this LED on the table. The setup of this smart TV is fast & not complicated by using the remote control. The remote control comes along with this TV. Thus, the LG 22LJ4540 LED TV is entirely optimum & delivers full HD picture quality.


Q1. Does the 22 inches TV come with a remote?

Yes, the lj4540 LED TV comes along with a remote control. With this remote, you can operate & manage the TV simply.

Q2. Which TV has the best volume?

The volume of the lg 22lj4540 22” full hd 1080p led tv is very high & better than the other TV. To hear this TV sound the volume must be very high.

Q3. Does the remote have a sleep function on this TV?

Yes, the sleep button is built-in on this LED TV remote. Just press this button and enable sleep mode.

Q4. Does it work with Amazon Alexa?

No, the Amazon Alexa device is not compatible with the LG LED TV. this Tv is not supported the Alexa device.

Q5. Does the WiFi network connectivity is compatible with 22LJ4540 TV?

The WiFi network is not compatible with the LG 22 inches 1080p IPS display LED TV.

Q6. What is the price of the LG 22 inch TV?

The lg 22 inch tv price is $249.99.

Q7. Why do we need to buy LG LED TV?

To enjoy & entertainment the 22lj4540 LED TV is needed. You can simply install the TV in your home and enjoy all channels.

Q8. How to connect a DVD player to the 1080p HD display LED TV?

You can use an HDMI cable and then carefully plug it into the HDMI port of this TV. After that, the connection is ready and your device is successfully connected.