Linksys MR6350 Router

Surprisingly, the mesh router is both made and sold by the same company “Linksys” itself. You can purchase the MR6350 on the official website at a 99.99 US dollar costing. Also, purchase the same on (ASIN- B0898J7LMY) at 83.99 U.S. dollars discounted price. Free shipping is offered by both of them and it will reach you within 5 working days as well. The mesh Wi-Fi (Model Number- MR6350) was launched last year in May 2020 with a security protocol of WPA2- PSK. The Linksys weighs around 1.72 pounds and has a 5.9 * 8.07 * 5.4 inches dimensions set up.

The product arrives in a single color variant which is “Black” supporting 802.11ac wireless connection type. The consumer rating of 4.5 out of 5 came out pretty well on the purchasing websites. People have shared their honest opinions and have also given several feedbacks for Linksys’s improvement too. The AC1300 offers a 1-year warranty and 30 days return policy (at Amazon only) on the available online website. If your product is creating major issues, you can replace the MR6350 immediately with a new one or can get your money back (at Amazon only).

Coming to its body structure the Max-Stream is made up of a polycarbonate plastic panel with several ports on it. Apart from the “Linksys” branding on the front, a grill is also built on both the top and the sides for hot air ventilation. A slight adjustment is constructed beneath for the higher placement of the rectangular-shaped body. The smart router has a WPS, Reset button, and 5 Ethernet/LAN ports at the back (yellow-colored for Internet).

An ON/OFF button is fixed beside the power source port too. The 2 long antennas stick to the opposite sides of the router’s back. Light blinking LEDs are also given for viewing router working status. They blink “Purple” and “Red” colors at various functions. Unlike other routers, Linksys provides a USB attachment at the front for a direct router connection with the other devices. This is quite uncommon, as no other router provides this feature other than MR6350 in the market. Regarding further problems, you may visit the support page on the official website for help and guidance.

Revealing the Linksys Max stream router MR6350.

Tearing up at the packaging provided by the company, your hands will fall on the “White/Blue” box of the Linksys. Dig it out and cut the plastic coating over it. Read up the quick features and the small details written on both sides of the box if you want. Pull out the inner materials and set them aside. MR6350 mesh router comes out first, followed by the 2 black antennas, power adapter (Normal Charging – 12V/1.5A). The company provides a quick start manual and warranty booklets for future problems. However, 2 Ethernet cables (yellow color) and an installation CD also comes in with the unit for attachment. As Linksys has several customers all over the world, they have branched out their companies as well. Most of the bigger countries have a company outlet for providing assistance.

Review of Linksys MR6350 Wi-Fi router

In the era of smart Wi-Fi routers, there are quite a few battling around in the market for winning the competition. Every other company provides some unique features, which makes them significant and uncommon than the others. Moreover, the job stays the same, but the addition of the quick cool features and separate pricing segment creates the difference. Similarly, the MR6350 Linksys is a part of the smart Wi-Fi routers race. The Max-Stream provides a Wi-Fi speed of 1.3 GBPS, depending on the congested locality you stay in.

The dual antennas provide enhanced speed and ground coverage up to 1200 square feet. You can even expand the coverage by adding up more routers. The Bluetooth connection ensures quick setup and easy functionality on the mobile application. You can prioritize other devices from the app and insert a guest login if required also. Choose an option for any frequency bandwidth, as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are both available on it. The quad-core processor makes sure that the connection flow doesn’t hamper at any moment.

The Linksys is also Alexa-friendly, you can access other devices and control your Wi-Fi via voice command from anywhere in your home. Directly connect your laptop, desktop for faster connectivity via Ethernet cables on the other LAN ports. Say goodbye to dead zones as the smart Wi-Fi reaches every corner of your house to provide a strong signal strength. The MR6350 can connect 10 to 12 devices at once and they can stream 4K and play online games at fast speeds even. Being a smart intelligent Wi-Fi, the technology provided in it is for future purposes.

The software update from the company will ensure compliance with the users and the environmental needs as well. Nevertheless, it’s a great product to keep your eyes out for at such a cheap price segment. Before buying it, go through TP-link Archer AX73, Linksys EA7300, Netgear R6700AX, Speedefy AC2100, Tenda AC19, Tenda AC23, Gigabit K7W for a quick alternative. Register your product on the Linksys official website to receive help from the customer service department of any kind.

Linksys AC1300 MR6350 wireless home router set up (using the mobile application).

Before beginning, check if your modem has an active Internet connection and you have downloaded the latest Linksys app on your mobile. (Play Store and Apple store, available on both).

  • Switch on the router after providing it a power source using the given charger. Turn on the app after the light turns “Purple” and give access to all the engagements (Bluetooth, location, etc).
  • Click on “Mesh Wi-Fi Router MR Series”. Provide Internet connection to the router now using the Ethernet cable from the modem. Note: Place it in an open area to avoid disconnection.
  • Check if the light still blinks purple or not. If yes, select the “Yes, it is blinking purple” option to move forward. You can also select the “No, it is not blinking purple” option to go through the instructions properly and avoid discrepancies.
  • The Linksys app will detect an Internet connection now and display “Connected” if done. Select the “Do you have an ISP setting to enter” option if no Internet connection is found for further troubleshooting.
  • Click “Next” and restart your modem. After that, select the “Skip and continue without Internet” option to create an account. Type details correctly (email address and password) and the Linksys app will connect the router to the server. Note: Remember the login details for future use.
  • Customize your Wi-Fi as per your preference. Give in Wi-Fi name, password and click “Next”. Select the appropriate location for which you are using it and click “Next” again.
  • The page will showcase a “Success” window. Further, you can add other nodes if required Wi-Fi expansion. Visit the dashboard on the Linksys app to personalize your Wi-Fi according to your will. Go through the features one by one to know how to use them. Follow the on-screen commands steadily to get them working.


How to Reset/Factory Reset the MR6350 smart Wi-Fi router?

Putting the router back in its factory setting is a very disturbing process. Other than out of the box, to restart your router normally, simply click the reset button once on the back of the router. In case you need a full reset, start by disconnecting all the plugins (Ethernet, USB ports) on the router. Moving forward, manually tap and hold onto the “Reset” button for 5 to 10 seconds. You can see a “Red” light blinking on the top of the router, keep holding. Release the button as soon as you see the red light turns brighter on the router’s front. This ensures that your router has erased all previously customized settings and is ready to start fresh. For more technical help, visit They will assist you in the right direction further.

Firmware up-gradation process on MR6350 wireless smart router?

Although the MR6350 automatically updates the firmware if available during midnight, you can manually do it if necessary. According to technicians, a software update helps fix bugs and glitches as well as enhance performance. To physically update it, visit Linksys official site and download the firmware at first. Note: Keep a track of your router’s version and model number. Visit Google Chrome and type in “” and provide the user ID and password set previously. Select the “Administration” option and tap “Firmware upgrade”.

Choose a file (if required) and allow a location on your desktop for file download. Run the file and press the “Start Upgrade” option to begin the process. Once completed, tap the “Continue” option and after successful addition switch off and on the router for refreshing and sitting in the update. You are good to go, but make sure you have an active web connection during this entire process. Create backup configuration, remove unnecessary device connection and use a wired connection for properly running the procedure.

How to operate the parental control feature on the Linksys smart Wi-Fi router?

Every smart router nowadays consists of this unique feature. The “Parental Control” feature aids the parents to gain control over their children’s content consumption. The feature provided in the Linksys comes with some extra cool adjustments as well. Go to the “Menu” window and tap the “Parental Control” option on the window. The MR6350 will pop up, tap the “Control the Device” option you can literally pause the Internet flow on the selected devices below. Schedule a pause even, according to the date and time on the calendar itself. Lastly, you can also block some particular websites that you don’t want your children to visit. This prime feature lets the parent be the boss of the house regarding Internet surfing.


Software troubling, connectivity/linking issue on the MR6350 dual-band home router?

If your router is showing some connectivity issue or creating glitches during a web search, try resetting the software. Even after proper firmware up-gradation, the issue reoccurs and is common on all the Linksys routers. Visit the Google Chrome browser and type in “” and go to the web-based setup page. Provide login credentials (no username, password-admin by default). Enter the Login ID if you have changed it while setting up the device instead. As the page opens, step onto the “Administration” window and select the “Factory Default” option. Note: Pressing this solves your problem but, puts the router back to its default settings as well. You will need to restart again from the beginning for establishing a strong connection.

How to set up Linksys MR6350 with wired cable service on a webpage?

Many people find configuring Linksys, easy on the web page rather than the mobile application. To move forward with that press the reset button first and check your Internet connection status has a green signal or not. Now connect your modem with your MR6350 router (Internet port) via the given Ethernet cable. Afterward, connect your computer with your router on another LAN port via another Ethernet cable. Notice the LED light bringing status consecutively after every successful attachment. Eventually, visit the Google Chrome browser and type in “” and write up login details (username-blank, password-admin). Visit the “Setup” window, select the “Mac address clone (MAC)” option, and press the “Enabled” option.

“Close my PC mac” after that and select the “Save Settings” option. You are almost done, verify your Internet connection status on the “Status” window. If it displays tap “Release IP address” and “Rename IP address” options consecutively. Wireless routers also require “DHCP Release and Renew” as well (select accordingly). Finally, powercycles the modem with extreme precaution. Switch off the modem and remove the power source from it. After 10 seconds switch it back on and take a halt until the LED blinking becomes stable.

Repeat the same on the router as well as the computer. Hopefully, your Internet connection is successful and fuelled enough to run. If it still shows no Internet connection, call your ISP for reconfiguration of the modem. Regarding this issue, you can also connect with the Linksys community on the official website. They will guide you through this problem and tell you the solution too.