Linksys range extender re4000w not connection

Well, no device does not manifest the issue. One of which is Linksys RE4000W Range Extender. It is an ingenious and leading wireless extender that exaggerates the signal range of the WiFi router. But many times, after completing the Linksys extender setup with the browsing address, it shows the error, “Linksys range extender re4000w not connection”. So, as a result, you won’t be able to get the extended internet signal range of the device between your WIFi compatible devices. You can effortlessly cope with the issue by applying simple execution troubleshooting tips.

Moreover, the issues natively arise due to our faults like sometimes installing the device in a hurry, using faulty wires, placing the devices away from the host device, etc. These are the common things responsible for occurring the diverse internet issue. You might cope with the issue by following the below-described instructions; it is as:

Why is the Linksys range extender re4000w not a connection issue?

The Linksys range extender is sometimes not connected to the internet connection for some reason. There are the following reasons behind the Linksys not connecting issue:

  • If the configuration process is not pursued precisely.
  • The issue will be manifest due to using the faulty cables.
  • Perhaps, the Linksys range extender internet settings are incorrectly applied.
  • Due to misconfiguration, the Linksys extender is having trouble connecting to your router wireless network.
  • You will connect the wifi extender to the router with an inadequate ethernet cable.
  • The mediocre router is not connected with your Linksys extender.
  • In addition, the wireless router does not connect with the precise internet.
  • Maybe, the Linksys extender or your host device software is outdated.
  • Your device will not be compatible with the host router network.

Thus, these are the various reasons behind the Linksys RE4000W WiFi extender not connecting with your WiFi-compatible devices. You may cope with the following troubleshooting tips, these are:

1. Reset the Linksys range extender RE4000W

The reset process is vital to get back an internet connection between your devices. You should reset the Linksys extender by following the steps; it is as:

  • Locate the reset button on your extender.
  • Use a pin or paper clip.
  • You will hold the Linksys extender reset button with the pin.
  • Insert the pin in the hole of the reset button.
  • Keep hold up just for three to five seconds.
  • Wait, the Linksys extender reset process is ongoing now.
  • Once it is complete, then check the signal light of the extender.
  • If the WIFi connection light of the extender will blink appropriately, it means it works.

Moreover, you can also use a browser utility to reset the Linksys extender factory default settings. Open the browser, enter the URL http // Once the Linksys extender is logged in, you will go directly to the Linksys extender setup wizard. After this, click on the factory settings. You will have to follow the on-screen instructions and reset the Linksys extender factory default settings.

2. Restart all activated devices

Subsequently, if the occurring issue is not resolved, then you may have another option to fix the error this is restart or reboot your all available devices, which are such as:

  • Turn off the power of all your usable devices.
  • Unplug the Linksys extender, router, modem, and other devices.
  • Leave all the devices as it is for a jiff.
  • After five minutes, turn on your modem power first and then connect your other devices.
  • Wait for a minute and check the signal lights of the router, and the extender is flash.
  • If it is flash, that means the WiFi connection is available.

3. Connect Your Router again with the Linksys range extender

Here are the following steps to connect the Linksys WiFi range extender with the router.

  • If you are coping with the Linksys range extender re4000w not connection issue, reconnect your extender with the Router.
  • Turn off the power of your host device.
  • Also, dis-attach the Ethernet cable from the LAN ports of the router and extender.
  • Afterwards, connect the host device with your extender.
  • When the device is connected adequately, you should check your router’s LED lights.
  • If it is flash, then connect your range extender again.
  • Ensure that the WiFi connection of the range extender works precisely.

4. Configure the Linksys extender network settings

If the Linksys wireless router internet connection is not connecting, you will have to configure the device settings.

  • Launch a browser and enter in the address bar
  • Search the address; it will load the Linksys RE4000W admin panel.
  • Wait until the Linksys extender login box does not appear.
  • Enter the Linksys username or password in the login box.
  • Once you log in, the Linksys extender setup option is manifest on your computer screen.
  • Now, you ought to configure the network settings of the wireless extender.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and apply them, save all in the end.

5. Update the Linksys re4000w extender software

Moreover, another reason for the issue is your range extender obsolete version of the software. So, you might update the Linksys extender firmware to fix the error.

    • Launch the browser and go on the Linksys RE4000W setup page.
    • Now, find the support option under the settings menu.
    • Click on it and update the Linksys extender firmware.
    • Locate the latest version of the Linksys re4000w firmware and update it.
    • Emulate the on-screen instructions and update them.
    • Save it and download the file to upgrade the Linksys extender software.
    • After updating the device, kindly try to connect the Linksys wireless extender network between your compatible wifi device.

Henceforth, if the Linksys range extender re4000w is not connecting, you have to check the compatibility of your range extender with your device. Surely, it works based on a 2.4Ghz WIFi connection. So, you should check the compatibility and get the network after resolving the issue precisely.