LISOPO WiFi Extender

The LISOPO WiFi Extender was released into the market on the date of December 23, 2020, which is manufactured by the LISOPO. The size and dimension of this Ac1200 WiFi range extender are 3.22 x 2.83 x 2.16 inches. It is designed with the 1200Mbps dual-band technology which helps your router to stretch its network connection into dead zones and another non-coverage location. This is a widely compatible networking device that supports the IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards network connection. The LISOPO 1200M Wireless Extended Range Extender arrives with the External Omni Directional antenna.

The LISOPO WiFI Extender Works with the WLAN 802.11ac standard network connewction which supplies wireless high-speed access up to 1200Mbps. This wireless repeater is ideal for HD video streaming, online gaming, live chat and Internet calling, etc. To take the high-coverage range then you should use this wireless extender with your router. The installation and setup of this extender are hassle-free and quick. This also works with remote/local Web management, WEB software updates, and web upgrade. The Signal Amplifier allows you to Multi-mode Applications to connect its network for making a better experience.

Steps for the LISOPO WiFi Extender Installation

Following are the steps: “How to install the LISOPO WiFi booster”. Let’s emulate the below-mentioned direction to install this wireless amplifier.

  • First of all, you know very well the operating placement is very important for this wireless system.
  • It may not be too far or closer to the router, just keep it midway between your router and another internet taking appliance.
  • Before beginning its electrical power, firstly read all safety instructions about this extender from the LISOPO WiFi booster/extender user manual.
  • Read all the LISOPO booster instructions and let’s start to install it.
  • Plugin the WiFi amplifier, just next to your host router and let’s switch on its power.
  • After that, wait just for a few seconds until the signal lights (extender, power, 2.4Ghz, & 5Ghz) are not flash.
  • So, wait and when it flashes then kindly open your smart internet appliances. Now, the LISOPO WiFi repeater installation process is finished.

Let’s start the LISOPO WiFi AC1200 Extender Operation

Following are the steps that are furnished below, that is to connect the network of this wireless extender internet into smart devices. Let’s follow these steps.

  • Connect the internet now with this amplifier into your smart devices.
  • Make sure all the signal lights will be blinked with a green signal light except the extender.
  • This is now working well, so kindly turn on your smart devices and connect to which internet of this range extender.

LISOPO WiFi Repeater setup on mobile

Here in the below, the following steps are given to connect the internet of this range extender into your mobile phone.

  • Click on the “Internet settings” on your mobile phone settings.
  • Now, you have to tap on the WLAN settings. Here on your mobile phone screen, so many devices’ network connection name list is present.
  • You just pick this Lisopo wireless range extender name and directly connect its network.
  • Designates the SSID as WiFi-2.4Ghz-01B8 & WiFi-5Ghz-01B8.
  • Just pick up the one connection for the setup and connect the network by using the SSID. To set the password for this new range extender, simply go under the LISOPO extender admin page and manage its all settings.

Steps for the LISOPO AC1200 WiFi extender Login

Use the below-mentioned steps to access the “LISOPO WiFi range extender login” or “How to access with the WiFi repeater login admin page?”.

  • First and foremost, open the user interface (Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, etc) and locate the LISOPO Extender default IP address.
  • Search into the URL and login explore it.
  • After exploring this address, kindly wait for a few seconds.
  • The LISOPO WiFi repeater login page is located on your mobile screen.
  • So, click on the simply get started option and designate the admin field and type the LISOPO wifi repeater login password and username.
  • After that, confirm whether these credentials are correct or not.
  • If this is correct then go ahead and only tap on the “Login” option and access the web admin page of this range extender successfully.

Steps for the wifi repeater setup

Following are the steps for the setup of the LISOPO wireless range extender Ip address. All the steps are mentioned below with proper details.

  • First of all, emulate all the on-screen designated LISOPO wifi repeater setup instructions and let’s apply the settings as per instructions on this system.
  • Scan this wireless range extender with your router by entering your host router SSID or password credentials.
  • After scanning the host router network with this device, then simply wait approximately 60 seconds.
  • After that, observe the LISOPO WiFi Extender signal indicator light, the signal lights will be up precisely.
  • This signal light shows the relay between this extender is successfully made up. So, now you are able to connect its network to your devices. OS, connect it and enjoy ist services.

How to adjust the LISOPO WiFi booster location?

If you want to adjust the location of this wireless range extender, then simply follow the below-given steps.

  • The signal light of this range extender automatically gives the indication of putting up or adjusting this range extender in an adequate location.
  • Simply, verify the signal light indicator and if this is blinking the orange light then simply move this repeater to another zone.
  • Just move this LISOPO extender closer to the modem or router and check again its signal light after turning on its power.
  • Now, the signal lights of this wireless range extender will be moving in the green light.

How to do the LISOPO WiFi extender set up by the computer or MAC?

Use the below-given steps to connect the internet of this LISOPO range extender to PC and to do the setup of this extender network connection.

  • To access the internet on your computer or PC Mac system, first of all, click on the network settings option.
  • After this, select this repeater internet name and click on it.
  • You have to connect to the internet to your PC using the SSID.
  • This is connecting now, so, let’s wait for a while.
  • After a while, the LISOPO WiFi repeater connected, but no internet.
  • To solve this issue, just move under the settings to set up the network connection of this range extender.
  • Open the web interface and locate the, input it into the URL.
  • After locating this address, scan this extender with your host router internet.
  • As well as, also change the settings of this LISOPO extender by following the directions that show on your computer screen.

Hence, these are the aforementioned steps to connect the AC1200 LISIPO WIFi extender network into your smart PC.

Tips for the LISOPO WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

Is this LISOPO Wireless Range Extender showing several issues?. if yes then simply fix all this range extender all issues by following are below given steps.

  • When the LISOPO WiFi repeater is not working, that means this issue will be shown due to the electrical issue. Fix your home electrical issue first and configure this stem again. Make sure this is working correctly.
  • To fix the LISOPO WiFi repeater not connecting to router internet. First of all, set the network settings and try to connect your host network with this router. Now, you have to connect this WiFi extender with the router’s network.
  • If the laptop won’t connect to LISOPO WiFi Extender, then directly visit under the WLAN settings and confirm that you are connected with the right network. If you are not connected to the same internet then reconnect it.
  • To fix the LISOPO wifi repeater reset button not working, you just try to fix this error by upgrading the wireless range extender.
  • If the LISOPO wifi repeater IP address is not working then you should fix this error. Just, reconnect the internet of this range extender. Confirm that you put up the correct IP. Also, confirm that the signal lights of the router are working well. If all is fine, then again search this device IP and login in.

LISOPO WiFi Booster Review

The LISOPO WiFi Extender Delivers the 1200Mbps network connection. This WiFi Booster and Signal Amplifier furnish the 2.4 & 5GHz Dual Band Internet connection. So, you just use the Booster & WiFi Repeater to Covers Up to 1800 Sq Ft. location. It works pretty well and supplies a better internet connection. This WiFi range extender Extends the smartly Internet WiFi connection in your home to several devices. It also works with the Smart Home & Alexa Device devices. To connect this range extender internet, you have to simply use the WPS button of this range booster.

Press or hold this WPS button, just for a minute and extends the network coverage range of this internet device. Surely, this yields a smoother internet connection in your smart wireless appliances with this mode. So, if you are locating a device that implements the network connection range smoothly and impeccably then you are using it and applying the settings. Search the ASIN number: B08R7DD89R on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, to buy this wireless repeater.

LISOPO WiFi Extender user manual guide

The user manual of this LISOPO Wireless range extender is fundamental and supplies better connectivity of the internet when you correctly set it up. This can be possible when you read all the instructions from its manual. Usually, the LISOPO Wifi repeater manual includes some queries answered in its manual. It is such as:

  • How to reset the LISOPO WiFi repeater factory default settings?
  • What should I do to update the LISOPO WiFi Extender firmware?
  • Why do I need to use the LISOPO AC1200 WiFi Extender dual-band frequency?
  • What can I do to use the high-quality internet connection by the LISOPO WiFi booster/Extender?
  • What should I do if I can’t access the Lisopo wifi repeater admin page?
  • Why did 192.168 188.1 refuse to connect?
  • Can I use the wifi repeater, setup wizard?
  • Can I use the http://<repeater’s IP address>or http // login?