Lomota Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

The smart garage door (Part Number- De-door-16h-40) was manufactured by the company “Lomota” last year in July 2020. A discounted price ran for a couple of days, but now it costs around 24 U.S. dollars at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B086MKP14K). In my advice, you should buy Lomota Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener from this particular website, as other sites display the higher price and provide slow customer service too. After ranking #71 in the list of garage door openers, the Lomota received a 4.4-star rating out of 5 online.

The purchasing website crossed more than 1000 positive reviews worldwide as well. The door opener weighs around 10.6 ounces and has a 3.7 * 1.73 * 0.9 inches dimensions set up. The company produced a 2 color variant “White” and “Black” on this product. It also carries a warranty of 12 months on all its siblings. On the indication of internal problems, the Lomota will replace it with a new one. To claim a warranty or any other issue feel free to drop a mail at support@lomota.net.

Structural design of the Lomota Wi-Fi garage door opener.

The Lomota is made out of cheap plastic and has a screw fitting at its back body panel. The main device is hexagonal in shape with regular information and branding “Lomota” printed on his body. A signaling cable peeps out from one side and 2 type cords from the other one, with the power source USB output and another for accessing the opener head hub. The sensor cables are long enough to cover any sort of distance around the room. The Lomota opener has a LED status indicator built alongside the “Reset” button at the back. It only flashes the color “Green” showing different patterns of connectivity.

Unboxing the Lomota app-controlled garage door opener.

It usually takes 2 to 3 working days (bulk production) for the Lomota to reach. Obviously, it depends on your delivery location and stock availability. Tear down the package covering and take out the white box from it. Remove the plastic covering, stickers as well while going through the quick details printed on the box. Tipping off the latch, you can see 3 boxes stuffed inside. First comes out the main Lomota device along with these cables pre-attached for connection.

The second box contains the 2 black sensor cables ready to get attached above the door. One of them is a testing cord for pre-placed adjustment. The third box has a USB adapter (Normal Charging -10V/2A), 4 small screws and a single 2 sided 3M tape for attachment to the wall. Below all these materials stay the user guide and warranty booklet. Keep them secure, along with the box for seeking help in the future.

Features of Lomota Wi-Fi door opener

  • Other than having a ton load of features in the eWiseHome app, the Lomota stands compatible with almost any garage door openers available out there. There is also a list, available online to check whether your garage door opener name is on it or not.
  • Moreover, the Lomota is also accessible via voice commands. It accepts orders from both Alexa and Google Assistant online.
  • Voice feature

    Turn on the voice feature on your phone app and speak out about your wants. The Lomota runs its usual functions such as opening and closing the garage door on voiceovers. The instructions “Hey Google, open the garage door” and “Hey Google, close the garage door” will act suitably.

  • Using the smart mobile application, you can schedule particular timings on the Lomota as well. It performs its functions of opening/closing the door in the given timely settings. Reset the timings beforehand to move in or out of your vehicle on a weekly basis.
  • If you have a package incoming, you can open the garage door for the delivery agent from anywhere. Close the door once that product is delivered for avoiding any theft. You can also Homeshare your Lomota access to friends or families in case of need. Note, the Lomota works on a single app at a time only.
  • The Lomota can be accessed by more than one app. It runs on the wise home app, Tuya smart app, and Life smart app. All of these are available on both Android and Mac devices. The installation procedure almost stays alike on all the apps. If one app displays trouble in connectivity try another. Note: Find the apps on your mobile app store or scan the QR code on the Lomota for direct access.
  • The most eye-catching feature among all is the door reminder setting. You will receive notifications from the Lomota, in case your door stays open over time. The app basically notes down the time frame for daily door opening and closing functions on an average basis. If the door stays open for a longer time than usual, it sends an alert for overtime warning on your phone. In my eyes, it’s a great security feature and is quite uncommon as well.

The installation procedure of the Lomota app-controlled Wi-Fi door opener.

  1. Fixing the Lomota at the correct location is a vital process. Place the main device above the existing garage opener and provide it a power source. Use double-sided tapes for mounting and switch off the existing garage door. Now attach the “Red” cable to the opener head terminal point. (Extra: Any point is usable).
  2. Use screws to fix the sensors at the door itself. Keep one sensor above the garage door and one on the garage door head inside the room. Make sure you keep a 1.5-inch distance between them to avoid a collision. Now attach the sensor cable with the signaling cord on the Lomota.
  3. Download the eWiseHome app on your smartphone. Create an account and log in using your email ID and password. Switch on the Lamota and start connecting it with your Wi-Fi network. Follow the on-screen procedure before you add your smart door controller. The LED light functions accordingly while connected, which ensures the active work status. The green light will blink rapidly while both Wi-Fi connection and adding device.
  4. Type in your Wi-Fi password correctly to start using the Lomota. Add your device to the app and test out the sensors once before moving on to the features. Turn on the existing garage door opener now to perform its functions. Press the “Open” and “Close” controls simply to check out the proper sensor positioning. If it is set adequately, move on customizing your Lomota accordingly. Keep messing with the app once in a while and you will get used to it.


How to manage multiple Lomota Wi-Fi door openers on the app?

You need to purchase another Lomota garage door opener to use this method. People generally having more than one garage door uses this trick. One Lomota opener can operate only one door at a time. Visit the app and select “Add another device”. You can easily configure the second or third Lomota opener from there itself. Go through the installation procedure thoroughly to avoid mistakes. Finally, you will be able to operate the multiple doors according to your preferences. Name the doors in case of mismatching.

How to update firmware on the Lomota app?

Updating the firmware is not much trouble nowadays. If there is an update available, the App Store will show you the notification. You can also check that manually, once a month. Usually, the company provides a security patch update every 6 months. The app will automatically update itself during non-usage hours.

How to Reset/Factory Reset the Lomota non-hub Wi-Fi door opener.

Resetting the Lomota is a 10-second job. Pick up the device and press the reset button constructed on its back. Keep pressing for 5 seconds and then let go. The reset is complete, your device can be repaired again. However, to fully reset the Lomota, make sure you press the reset button for more than 5 seconds. Keep it holding until the led blinking flashes rapidly and then stop immediately.

Your door opener is set back to default. Configure it freshly from the beginning, as running the factory reset operation erases all the pre-customized settings and memories created by the owner. Redesign them again for the Lomota to resume its destined job back again.

How to solve the app malfunctioning problem on the Lomota?

To get rid of this problem check the below-written statements properly. On a starting note, instead of the app check the Wi-Fi range web connection has stopped or not. It will not work at all if the Internet flow is interrupted. Changing the Wi-Fi password can also create disconnection, remove the device from the app and pair it back again.

Lastly, keep an eye out for the power source provided on both the Lomota controller and your home Wi-Fi. Make sure the power flow is not disturbed at all, if everything is in its place try reconnecting the app or resetting the device. Doing this commonly solves all the ongoing problems on the device completely. If no option is working, download another app and try pairing on it then.

Review of the Lomota Wi-Fi garage door controller.

It’s getting harder day by day, for people to keep up with their daily chores. They don’t even get time to run some basic errands such as locking and unlocking doors. That’s why to ease their job the Lomota smart Wi-Fi garage door opener is out in the market. Even after coming at such a cheap price, the Lomota Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is multi-app controlled. The device stands compatible with any almost garage door opener head available. Remember, the Lomota is just an extension to your previous garage door opener, so it doesn’t require any hub. No need to call a technician for fixing the device, a regular toolbox will suffice attachment. The voice command helps out the owner, even more, provide orders using “Alexa” or “Google Assistant” from anywhere and the door will function accordingly.

However, the Lomota and your smartphone should stay connected to the Wi-Fi home network to work properly. The Wi-Fi operates on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network only, so keep that in mind too. AC power source with an output of 120 volts should also be inserted for smoother actions. There is no reason for you to not buy it, at such a low cost the device the Lomota delivers so much. The security features, voice controls, reminder options, and timers schedules make up for all the hassles. Check out the Meross door opener, myQ Chamberlain, Genie Stealthdrive, Refoss opener, AGSHOME, Genie ALKT1-R for quick alternatives in this segment as well. Contact the customer service on your purchasing website regarding any help (Available 24/7 for chat and call).