Mail chime Mail-1200 Mailbox

The mail chime mail-1200 is a wireless battery-equipped notification system. It is usually used outdoors in your home. Additionally, this mailbox comes along with a transmitter & receiver. This receiver is installed inside the home. This mailbox has made life very easy because we do not have to go out for mail, we can easily get mail from this box. Moreover, in the receiver of the mail chime mail-1200 mailbox the smart LED indicator light is built-in on the front panel. So that you can easily find out about the mail. Thi system completely works up to 350 feet in distance. A mailbox notification system is an ideal solution for people who willingly do not walk out to the mailbox many times a day to see if their mail arrived.

Furthermore, the mail-1200 is also exceptional for elderly people and others who might have versatility problems where many trips to the mailbox are not perfect or possible. The sensor is built-in in the mail chime mailbox notification system that detects the mail & delivers the notification. The setup is simple & not difficult by using the mobile app. This app allows performing the wireless setup.

Mail chime Mail-1200 Mailbox Installation steps

The mail chime notification system is the perfect device for the mail. The volume is built-in in this mailbox is very helpful. When you open the door of the mailbox then the sound is fully beeped in your home. If you want to use this mailbox, you must follow the mail chime installation process.

Unpack the mailbox notification system:
  • To install the mailbox notification system, you have some accessories that thoroughly come along with this system packaging box.
  • To unbox the packaging box, you have to take off the tape and then locate the accessories.
  • You will get a receiver, transmitter, AC adapter, 12 Volt A23 battery, screws, & mail chime mail-1200 user manual inside this packaging box.
  • You will need to read the user manual that came with it in order to properly and correctly install the mailbox system.
Install the receiver of the mailbox:
  • To properly install the mailbox, you have to install the receiver.
  • To install the receiver of the mailbox, you have to select the position of this mailbox in your home.
  • While using the screw holder, you have to open the cover of this receiver by losing the screws.
  • Then, you have to install the A23 battery in the battery compartment of this receiver. After that, close the cover.
  • Now, you have to take an AC adapter & plug it into the back panel of the receiver.
  • The other end plugs into the wall outlet.
  • Straighten the antenna of the receiver vertically.
Install the transmitter of the notification system:
  • To install the transmitter, firstly you have to install the sensor inside the mailbox.
  • You have to remove the top case by removing four screws.
  • To install the sensor, you have to open the door and remove the tape in this sensor. Afterward, properly fit it into the notification system.
  • Place the mail chime battery into the battery holder. Be sure the positive end is towards the knob at the end of the case.
  • Reassemble the case using the 4 screws. Put screws in from the top of this transmitter.

Congratulations! The installation of the mailbox notification system is securely finished. After that, effortlessly adjust the volume of the receiver of the notification system.

Mail chime Mail-1200 manual

The Mail chime Mail-1200 Mailbox comes along with the transmitter & receiver. The transmitter is installed outside of your home. Additionally, the receiver is installed in the home. But every user thinks about many questions before buying & installing the device. Along with this, every user also wants to know the specification details of the device. The user thinks about how to use the mail chime notification system, how to install Hanna products mail chime mail-1200, how to perform setup of the mailbox, how to reset the mailbox notification system, how to solve the mailbox notification system, how does chime mail a check work, & other question relevant to this system.

Moreover, in the mail chime mail-1200 manual, you can easily get all the answers in this manual. Because the user manual delivers absolutely accurate information. You can easily get the specification information under this user manual. The specification of this device is manufactured by ‎Hanna Products Inc; mailbox model number is mail-1200; transmitter; receiver; A23 battery; AC adapter; sensor; and more.

Mail chime mail-1200 mailbox notification system setup steps

The setup of this mailbox notification system is most necessary to accurately work properly. Here are some setup steps of the mail chime mail-1200 notification system. For best wifi connectivity for we recommend you setup netgear orbi sxk30.

  • To perform the setup of the mailbox notification system, you ensure the battery is properly installed inside the transmitter & receiver
  • Then, turn On the power of this system by plugging the power adapter into the back panel.
  • To change the notification of this system, you have to press the button that is available on the receiver.
  • To increase the volume of the mailbox, you have to press the volume button.
  • In the end, you have to verify the status with the mailbox.

Finally! The setup of the mail-1200 mailbox notification system is thoroughly complete.

Mail-1200 mail chimes problems

Sometimes, the Mail chime Mail-1200 Mailbox is not working properly. Some common issues come due to user-facing a lot of issues. Here are some common mail chime problems.

  • Mailbox receiver does not connect to the transmitter
  • Receiver does not beep
  • Red light is not lit up on the receiver
  • Mailbox receiver is not turning ON
  • Notification does not receive
  • Sensor does not attach to the mailbox

Mail chime mail-1200 mailbox Troubleshooting steps

If you really face a common issue, then you can easily & quickly resolve the issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps to properly resolve the issue.

Transmitter & receiver does not connect:

Sometimes the transmitter & receiver does not connect. Here are some resolutions.

  • Ensure the range of transmitter & receiver. Many times the receiver does not range within the transmitter range.
  • Make sure the battery does not install inside the receiver & transmitter.
Red light does not light up:

If the red light is not lit up on the receiver then you should verify the issue.

  • Ensure the battery is properly installed in the battery compartment inside the receiver of the mail chime mail-1200 wireless mail alert system.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged. By using an AC power adapter you can easily charge the receiver.
Receiver does not beep up:

Many times, on the receiver the sound does not beep. If beeps are not working then cannot know the notification.

  • If the beeps function is not working, then you ensure the battery is inside this appliance.
  • To resolve the issue, you have to restart the receiver through the power button that is available on the receiver.
Not turning ON:

If the receiver & transmitter is not turning ON then you cannot get the notification.

  • Make sure the AC power adapter is in working condition & not broken.
  • Ensure the battery is fully charged & the battery is in working condition.
Mail chime not working:

Sometimes the mail chime not working, so for this, there are troubleshooting tips.

  • Make sure the sensor is properly installed in the mailbox.
  • Ensure whether the transmitter is installed or not in the mailbox.

Chime mail-1200 mailbox notification system review

In my point of view, the mail chime review is an amazing & absolutely good product for the home. The sensor is built-in inside the mailbox that detects the mail & provides the notification. This sensor works very well, this sensor detects the mail that comes and then sends you a notification through the receiver. The transmitter also comes with this system, which is the door of the mailbox, which is used to get mail. Moreover, the receiver also comes along with the mailbox notification system. With this receiver, you are able to rewrite the mail and you come to know that someone’s mail has arrived. The sound & LED light feature is also there in the mailbox. If someone’s mail comes, then this light turns red, the sound is beep so that you can easily know that the mail has arrived.

Moreover, the flag is mounted on the upper side of the mailbox. If mail arrives then this mailbox notification flag is raised. The small reset button is built-in on the front panel of the receiver. If you wish to reset the device then smoothly press this button & quickly perform the reset. Thus, the Mail chime Mail-1200 Mailbox is the optimum & most suitable device.