mailFI- Mailbox Sensor

The ‎mailFI- Mailbox Sensor was manufactured by the mailFI company on the date of October 1, 2019. The dimension of this smart sensor is ‎9.6 x 1.3 x 0.5 inches and the weight is ‎1.48 ounces. It is available in the market in only white colour. You can install this smart sensor simply using Adhesive tape. The Power Source of this wireless Mailbox is ‎DC and this is working on the Voltage of ‎3 Volts only. It is a well-performed networking device that works with almost a 2.4Ghz standard WiFi network connection. This is an ingenious wireless smart sensor that works with voice command assistant Alexa.

This Mailbox Alarm and Smart Sensor dip into a hybrid of simple to install. The mailFI alarm and smart hub are united with the Z-Wave sensors. This is ordinarily intended to decrease the workload of the US busiest peoples lifestyle. It’s a smart modern era networking device that comfortably works and assists the command when you have to receive the mail. The mailFi – Mailbox Mail Sensor is not too spendthrift. It efficiently begins after the installation and it’s more Compatible with Alexa including Google Assistant.

Peculiarities of the ‎mailFI- Mailbox Sensor

Following the below-mentioned steps, it describes “What are the features of the ‎mailFI mail Sensor?”. To know all the features of this device, let’s emulate it.

  • The ‎mailFI- Mailbox Sensor & alarm is the most convenient sensor that precisely works with Google chrome, Alexa, etc.
  • To use this wireless smart sensor and mailbox alarm no hub is needed. Moreover, this is not taking the periodical charges or assistance charges. It accomplishes Simply with your host router or mobile cellular data connection. You can only connect this sensor with the 2.4 GHz wifi network.
  • The performance of your repeater is needed meanwhile establishing in mailboxes covering 80′ from your host router.
  • No expected from the metal mailboxes. This can be established in most maximum configurations of plastic mailboxes.
  • In addition, this smart sensor utilises the 2 AAA alkaline batteries. This is not included under the packaging box of this mailbox.

Why do we use the ‎mailFI- Mailbox Outdoor Sensor?

Are you Tired of checking your mailbox again and again? This solely to obtain the mail person hasn’t reached still? If you are viewing this as an intelligent direction to intensify the salvation of your mail cover, carton, couriers, and to acquire on-the-spot mail notifications?

Then, the market recently launched the mailFi smart sensor that accomplishes on your behalf the 2.4Ghz wifi network connectivity. This is recommended via common-style house connected mail couriers and impressionable mailboxes prospective to 80′ away (more running objectives need the convenience of a repeater). Moreover, the mailFi sensor is comfortably ensconced inside your main repository or mailbox.

Design and size of the mailFI smart sensor

The mailFI mailbox mail sensor is an ingenious diminutive or small size sensor that gets it impeccable for virtually every kind of mailbox including the distinguished-quality automotive adhesive tape that generates a semi-perpetual connection. This sensor is incredibly tricky to exclude once it has been healed or cured. You can also use this mailFI Mailbox Sensor with a bridge or without a bridge. So, use it according to your needs.

How does the mailFi – Mailbox Mail Sensor works?

The mailFI Mailbox alert signal operates by using the Smart Life app and abandons the real-time information or alerts on your smartphone wherever you may be. In addition, this wireless mailFi is almost compatible with some common voice assistants such as Alexa, allowing your pragmatic associate to inform you of your mail’s appearance or arrival. There are some following steps to installing the mailFI smart sensor, it’s all mentioned below.

Following steps to ‎mailFI- Mailbox Sensor installation

Did you want to know “How to install the ‎mailFI- Mailbox Mail Sensor?”. If this is true, then let’s know regarding this from the below.

  • If you want to install this, then, first of all, take it out from its packaging box.
  • The box of this device includes some accessories like Adhesive, Prep Pad, instruction URL, ‎mailFI Mailbox Sensor user manual.
  • Must follow first all the instructions of its user manual and let’s begin its installation process.
  • First, insert the batteries in the Mailbox sensor and install and fix it in your Mailbox using the Adhesive tap and insert it into the box.
  • Also, install the Mailbox alarm into your home to acquire the notification via this alarm.
  • Press the power button of this sensor and alarm to use this system perfectly. Connect this system with the smart life app and use it.

Hence, these aforementioned steps are favourably useful to the mailFI Mailbox Sensor installation. Let’s use it and install it as per these instructions.

Pair the mailFI- Mailbox Sensor with the Smart Life app into Android phone

Following are the multiple steps mentioned below to provide you info regarding “How to install the mailFI wireless sensor?”.

  • Open your android phone, iPhone, iOS, any other and let’s install the Smart Life app into your phone.
  • Let’s open this app and pair this sensor with this smart life app.
  • Use this app and pair the mailFI smart sensor by clicking on the plus “+” or add a sign icon to log in to the device.
  • Locate the device name from its device name list and pair it with your mobile phone app.
  • After that, kindly finish the mailFi smart sensor login process. Enter on its admin page this sensor login username or password to finish the login process precisely.
  • So, log in it and acquire the settings page to set some settings of this sensor regarding its notifications, etc.
  • By using this app, you can also connect the mailFI Mailbox Sensor with Alexa.
  • Finishing the mailFI mailbox sensor setup by using the app and applying all settings for enabling the mailFI mailbox sensor notifications or alarm settings etc.

Hence, these are some points to pair the mailFI smart sensor with the app. So, you have to emulate the above-mentioned direction to log in to the device.

mailFI-mailbox sensor troubleshooting

Below, some following tips are mentioned to fix the several issues of this wireless sensor. So, let’s use these steps.

  • When the mailFI mailbox sensor is not sending notifications then, in this case, you simply check your sensor to make sure this is working well. If this does not work then reattach it and pair it with the sensor again. You just simply enable the settings of notifications to enable the settings.
  • Just, go under the settings using the smart life app when this mailFI mailbox sensor is offline. Go under the network settings and connect it with the internet connection by inputting the SSID or password of your 2.4GHz frequency network.
  • If the mailFI-mailbox sensor false alarm sounds. So, kindly verify the settings regarding its alarm and change the settings of this device alarm.
  • If the mailFI contact sensor falls off, it means that it is not attached with the power nor impeccably. Reconnect it and solve this occurring issue.
  • When the mailFI mailbox sensor does not work with Alexa, then simply use the updated version of the app and repeatedly connect it or use it again.

These are the specific points for the mailFI smart sensor troubleshooting. Use it and solve the occurring issue of this smart device.

mailFi – Mailbox Mail Sensor Review

This mailFI- Mailbox Sensor works without bridge mode. If you want to use the mail detector then use the Mailbox smart sensor. It works well and works very greatly. This smart sensor works entirely based on the connection of the network. In addition, it is a compatible networking device with Alexa and Google Assistant. To connect this mailbox sensor with the app, just open it and log in to the device. Use this to get a better experience and solve your busy life problem with this sensor. This sensor works very smartly and the mailFI smart sensor setup is not very hard, you can easily finish it in just a few days. This mailFI mailbox sensor distance is not kept too far away from its alarm. You may easily get a notification regarding using it on your mobile phone.


Why do we need to read out the mailFI mailbox sensor user manual?

You may read the user manual instructions to know the information regarding this mailbox sensor. This is a manual which clarifies to you all the details regarding this device.

How do I reset the mailFI- Mailbox Sensor?

To reset this smart sensor, just move under the settings and then apply the settings for factory default settings. After resetting it, kindly navigate the on-screen instruction and reset it.

Will the mailFI smart sensor send 2 phone numbers the notification?

Obviously yes, this mailFI smart sensor works with the two phone numbers and sends the notifications on your mobile phone. You are only using the Smart Life (or tuya) app.

Why does the mailFI sensor not send a signal (too long) can this be adjusted?

Just, set the network connection to solve this issue. Maybe your wireless connection device is too far from this sensor. So, set it up and use it again.

What is the mailFI mailbox sensor URL for setup?

The mailFi-Wifi Mail Notification sensor website’s URL is

Does this mailFI mean it won’t work on my metal mailbox?

This mailFI smart sensor only works with the plastic mailbox.

Can I receive notifications by the mailFI- Mailbox Sensor on the phone when I am away from home?

Yes, you can also acquire notifications on your phone using the smart sensor. Just, install the smart sensor app and acquire the notifications on your phone.

Will this mailFI mailbox sensor work on a mail slot?

Obviously Yes, this smart sensor works on the mail slot. Just, use this device and attach to the mailbox using the adhesive tap and fix it in your mailbox.