Meross MSG200 Smart Garage Door Opener

The Meross MSG200 Smart Garage door opener remote is the very best for opening and closing the door. The device controls up to 3 doors. This device works best with Alexa and Google assistant. This is a very smart thing and is controlled via the app. The device has a multi notification mode. And no hub is needed for the functioning of the device. It has one external antenna to receive better signals for opening three doors at the same time.

The setup of the device is very easy and it is easily operated with the help of a mobile app. The Meross MSG200 Smart Garage is used in big homes. If your garage is far away from the home, you can easily connect with the device through the external antenna and you can close or open the door. The incredible feature of the device is you can check the history of the device when you open or close the door. This opener does not connect to the smartphone with any wire. This is only connected to the wi-fi.

The door opener gives a notification on the connected device like, your door is not closed. The sensor of the device is very strong and it can work in one sound. The garage opener is mostly purchased in black color. Now, I will discuss the features of the door opener below.

Features of the MSG200 Door Opener

There are multifarious features of the garage smart opener. To commence with,

Voice control:

The smart garage door opener is controlled with the voice through Meross MSG200 Smart Garage door opener alexa and Google assistant. This performs your order in one sound. You just say, ‘hii’ Alexa! Closed or open the door. This device works in every voice and language.

App control:

The device is controlled with the help of the mobile app and we can change any of the settings via this app. This app controls the bulbs and power outlets of the home for security. We can put the password of the app as well as the on settings.

Operating history:

Through the help of the opener, you can record the daily history of opening and closing the door. This reminds you and protects you from other notifications. I think this function is only available to the meross app.


The alarm is ringing when your door is closed or opened. The alarm sound is very soft and it is safer for families and children.

Advanced setting:

The device saves the setting with the app. We can set the timer on the opening and closing of the door. So, the door is opened or closed automatically. The option is given on the last in the app’s settings list.

More reliable:

This device is very convenient. We just need to tap the option the door will be closed or opened.
When the door is closed or opened the alarm is ringing. The device is safer for families and children.

Easy installation:

The installation of the Meross MSG200 Smart Garage is very reliable. If you follow the mentioned instructions step by step or in a perfect manner. All the information and instructions are given in the envelope of the device which is given in the packing box and as well on the app. Here, I will discuss the steps to install the smart garage door opener beneath the lines.

The installation steps of the MSG200 door opener

If you want to install the device correctly. So, please follow these steps in series.

  • The device connects up to 3 garage doors for security.
  • Download the meross app via the code or name and then select the model number of the device.
  • Power the ON opener and wait for 6-8 seconds till LED lights and back green light.
  • Connect the wifi of your device with the meross app.
  • Choose the garage doors that you want to set in-app and it helps to activate the ports automatically. You can ON/OFF the extra port any time.
  • Connect the activated port to the device sensor and then, check if the sensor is functioning or not.
  • Locate the sensor in the right location. The sensors have a 1inch distance in between two sensors when the door is closed.
  • Power OFF the garage opener and your smart device connects the wire wall button to the two terminals. And the wire quality does not matter.
  • Fix the device on the top of the door opener. If your opener is connected with three doors. So, you need to fix it in the middle door with the help of tapes.
  • If you want to connect it with two or three single doors. So, you need the additional sensor kit for better functioning.
  • Power on both door opener and smart door opener and connect to the app for automatic opening and closing.
  • At last, all steps of the installation are completed.

These are the ways to install the door opener and you can also check from here meross msg200 installation. Next, I will talk about how you can Login your device?

Ways to log in to the MSG200 Door Opener

There are many ways to login the device into a web browser. To trigger with,

  • First, look at the QR code for installing the app and then scan the code.
  • Click on the install open.
  • After download, the app turns ON the mobile wifi and then connects to the door opener.
  • Open the app, the app automatically enters the password and username.
  • Then, select the name of the device as well as the model number.
  • After that, the app shows all the notifications related to the device.
  • Click on the next option, the app shows the instructions.
  • You need to follow the instructions step by step which are mentioned on the screen.

These are the login steps of the device. Here, I will discuss the manual related to the device.

MSG200 Garage Door Opener manual

In the manual, I discuss the queries of the customer related to the device. To begin with, can I use this device for more than three? Can I use more phones to control the device? How to change the setting of the device? What are the steps related to the installation of the device? How many doors connect to the MSG200 door opener? How do I download the meross app? My sensors are not working! What can I do?

How do Alexa and google assistants work with smart door openers? How does the alarm work? The device is showing the light? The smart MSG200 door opener is not connected to the phone? My MSG200 garage door opener is not ringing the alarm. What should I do? How do I activate the automatic configuration setting? Therefore, any information is not given in the manual, so you can do it from here meross msg100 manual. Next, I am going to talk about the operative steps in an upcoming paragraph.

Steps to setup the MSG200 door opener

If you want to operate the device perfectly. So, follow the steps line by line.

General setting
  • First, enter the name of the device and you can change the name according to your choice.
  • Secondly, an ON/OFF LED light.
  • Thirdly, check ON the operation history.
  • Then, use the manual for information.
Widgets setting

The widgets user for fast access to the signal of the device and it adds the shortcut for quick use.

For Android mobile phones

On the home screen of the device, you just need to tap and hold. Then, release it into the clear space.
Find a Refoss widget. Tap the widget and add it.

For IOS mobile phones
  • Swipe it to the right on the home or lock screen.
  • Back the list of widgets and edit it.
  • At last, add it.
Device setting
  • For the voice control. First, I need to give the door number for opening the correct door to another.
  • Then, enable the PIN code for verification, when the door is opened or closed.
  • Check the Alexa and google assistant manual for the voice control.
  • All the information related to Alexa and google assistant.
Door notification

Send the notification when the door is opened.
Send the notification when the door is closed.
Overtime reminder
Set the time because it sends the notification when your garage door is opened from 10-15 minutes.
Overnight reminder
Send the notification when your garage door is open after a particular time.
These are the steps to set up the device easily. And, I am going to talk about the remedies to solve the problems of the users in the below lines.

Troubleshooting steps of the MSG200 Garage Door Opener

The app does not catch the name and model number of the device.

First, try to log in to the device again and check the connection between the opener and phone. Secondly, turn off the opener to the main power outlet and wait for 5-10 seconds. Then, turn on the device and connect it again.

The app does not verify the password and username automatically.

When your device does not verify the username and password automatically. Then, you need to look at the username and password from the configuration card of the device which is attached to the back of the device. After that, enter this by themselves. Secondly, you can use the WPS button for rebooting the device. Then, try to connect it again.

How to reset the device?

Initially, you need to look at the reset option on the back of the device and then pick a pin for using the device. After that, enter a pin into the hole of the reset option then hold it for 30 seconds. When the reset process is started the LED light is blinking and it refreshes all the settings of your device. You need to set it again.

These are the steps to solve the queries of the consumers.

MSG200 Garage Door Opener Review

The door opener is a smart and excellent device. My neighbor purchased this product for our home garage and his home is in front of my home. In the evening, I went to their home and I saw the device in his garage. I asked about this device and he told, it was just an automatic door opener. Then, I came home then, checked all the information about the opener on the internet. I was thinking, it’s such a nice thing for security and makes us beautiful. After 2-3 days, I brought this product to amazon, and the setup of the device is very easy. If you think about buying the product. So, you can see the reviews related to the product from here: meross garage door opener review.

Features of the MSG200 garage door opener:

The features are voice control, app control, operating history, advanced setting, security, alarm, more reliable and easy installation.

Design of the MSG200 garage door opener:

The design of the product is very attractive and everyone likes it from design as well as quality and work. It works in any environmental condition.

Dimension of the MSG200 garage door opener:

The package dimension of the product is 6.97 x 5.43 x 1.69 inches.

The specification of the MSG200 garage door opener:

The item weight is 11.9 ounces. The manufacturer name of the device is meross. There is no need for the battery to function. The model number of the device is MSG200. The color of the opener is black and ASIN is B086MKBC63. The first availability date is 1 April 2020. The device is controlled with an app, voice, and remote. This is a very safe device. The management of the device is very easy.

Price of the MSG200 garage door opener:

Today, the price of the opener on amazon is $44.99


How do I change the password and username?

First, connect the device with the phone. Then, go to the setting of the device. Then click on the changing password and username and enter it. Thus, save these settings.

For better connection, we need to plug it in the special outlet.

No, there is no need to plug this in a special power switch. It also works better in a regular power outlet.

Can Alexa work with the opener without making any passwords?

No, Alexa does not connect or work with the opener without entering any password. It is mandatory to enter any password for security.

How many doors can control the sensor for better functioning?

One sensor can control only one door and you need to purchase another sensor for the extra door. You also need the meross garage door opener homekit.

Can the device miss any notification if any time?

The device does not have any notification related to the device and it sends a notification on your mobile phone regarding opening and closing the door.

How do I download the meross app?

Scan the QR code or search the into the browser for downloading. And connect smartly with the opener via the wifi connection.

My sensors are not working! What should I do?

The sensor placed the right location. When the door is closed. The distance between sensors must be 1 inch. And all information is given on the app or envelope.

How does the alarm work?

For using the alarm function, you need to set the ringtone and sound of the device alarm. Set it on closing or opening the device.

My MSG200 door opener is not ringing the alarm! What should I do?

Go to the setting and check the alarm setting. Whenever the alarm is off automatically.