Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Setup, Troubleshooting, & Review

The Meross door opener is a smart remote controller & voice control WiFi garage door opener. It is agreeable with every type of garage door. This Garage Door Opener usually works with a WiFi network. Moreover, the Meross Door Opener is widely compatible with 2.4 GHz & 802.11 a/g/n network standards. It ordinarily comes along with a tremendous sensitivity sensor that monitors the status of the Meross garage door more precisely and the signal stays more constant. This garage door opener enhances different notification modes that stay alert when the garage door opener closes/opens. You can easily set the overnight & overtime notification to remind you to close the garage door. You can close and open the door of the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener from anywhere in the app.

With the Meross App, you can easily remote control your Garage Door Opener from anywhere & anytime. It gives you live notifications through the app if someone visits your garage. You can seamlessly control your Door Opener hands-free, merely providing the voice commands to open/close the door. The Meross door opener is absolutely compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, & Siri.

Exceptional features of the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener

The Meross Door Opener absolutely performs very well because it comes with a high sensitivity sensor. This sensor extremely detects the status of the Garage Door Opener. If you really used this door opener then you should know its features. However, this smart Door Opener has some features which are as follows.

1. Smart Signal LED indicator light

The smart LED is built-in on the front panel of the smart Door Opener. This LED indicator is usually more beneficial. The smart indicator light of the Meross door opener provides the facility to investigate the status of the door opener. If the LED is solid red that means no internet connection. If the LED is solid green that means successfully connected.

2. Comes with a high-sensitive sensor

The High-sensitive sensor also comes along with the Meross door opener. This sensor securely connects to the door opener while using the cable. The High-sensitive sensor of this door opener detects the status of your door opener and performs very well.

3. Simply control with the Meross app

The Meross Smart Door opener seamlessly controls your smart mobile phone. But for this, you need to install the Meross app, because without the Meross app you can’t control your device. Through this app, you visually control anywhere and anytime.

4. Voice control & remote control

You simply control the Garage Door Opener with your voice commands. Because this device is universally compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more. Then, securely control the door opener hand-free. The Meross door opener is a remote control, you simply control it anywhere through the Meross app.

5. Universally Compatible

The Meross Garage Door Opener is universally compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Siri. You simply connect this device to the door opener with the Meross app and hand-free control of your door opener.

6. Multiple Notification modes

The Meross door opener has multiple notification modes, you can easily set this mode manually. You can set different notification tones and stay alert. You can use different modes to remind you to close the garage door.

Hardware Installation of the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener

The Meros door opener is absolutely optimum and the ultimate device for the garage. If you really use this device then you should install it. Because no networking device can be used without installing it. If you want to take full benefit of the Door opener, then install it securely. In the given below steps, the Meross garage door opener installation steps.

  • To install the Smart Garage Door Opener you should take the packaging box of your door opener if the door opener is new. Then open the packaging box and take out the door opener and its accessories from the packaging box.
  • Inside the packaging box you will find the following accessories like 1 × Signal Control cable; 1 × USB adapter; 4 × screws; 1 × Test wire; Door Sensor with cable; 1 × Smart Garage Door Opener; 1 × Double-side Adhesive Tape, & quick installation guide.
  • Now, you need to connect the USB cable to the smart Door Opener.
  • To connect the cable, you should open both the cover of the door opener and you see terminals on either end. The one end is power cable & another side is signal control.
  • You connect the AC USB power cable to the power cable terminal. While using the screwdriver you lose the screws and then connect the USB power cable and tightly constrict the screws. Afterward, put a cover back on the power cable terminal.
  • On the other side of the marked signal control, you have this terminal and wire coming out with red & black wire. Now, this written black wire with this red plug connects to the magnetic Reese. Which the monitor whether the garage door open/close.
  • With the power cable terminal, you connect the cable, losing the screws, and then connect the cable. After connecting the cable you can put the cover back.
  • Presently, mount the garage door opener in an accurate place, while using the screws.
  • Next, you can mount the door sensor with a cable. You have to mount the sensor close to the door opener. Then, apply the sensor cable to the door opener.

Finally, the installation process of the smart garage door opener is fully done. After that, connect your door opener to the WiFi network.

Programming steps of the smart Garage Door Opener

It is also necessary to program in the garage door opener otherwise it will not function well. If you absolutely set the programming in your door opener then you just follow some given Meross garage door opener programming steps below.

  • Locate a “learn” button to perform the programming in your garage door opener.
  • The “learn” button of the garage door opener may be red, purple, green, orange, or yellow. Although, besides it is a tiny LED.
  • You have to press the “learn” button of this door opener and then instantly release it.
  • Within some seconds like 20-30 seconds to press the “learn” button, you hold the button you want to program on your remote control for a few seconds, afterward, release this button.
  • The LED indicator of the Garage Door Opener will be blinking and the programming of the door opener will surely be successful.

Thus, the programming steps of the smart Door Opener absolutely finished.

Meross Garage Door Opener Manual

The smart Garage door opener is especially useful for all varieties of garage. With this help, you securely close & open the garage door. It works with a great sensitive sensor that absolutely detects the status of your door opener. However, before using the garage door opener, you want to know all the relevant information about it so that you can enjoy all the features of this device. So for this you have to use the Meross garage door opener manual and you will get all the information like how to reset the Meross garage door opener, how to perform the setup, how to connect Meross garage door opener to WiFi, and other information.

This manual is a wide solution to all the questions about the door opener. This manual provides the specification like door opener model number is ‎MSG100HK(AU); the part number is MSG100HK; brand name is Meross; ASIN of the door opener is B084Z5QZR2; and more.

Setup of the Meross smart Garage Door Opener via the Mercoss app

The smart Garage Door Opener works with a WiFi network. Without the WiFi network, it does not perform well. Then, for this, you should perform the setup of this door opener. If you wonder how to connect the Meross door opener to WiFi, then you have to follow some given below setup steps in a proper manner.

  • To install the Meross app, use the door opener manual and find the QR code in it. After finding the QR code, you should scan this code while using the mobile phone camera.
  • The other way is, you need to visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search the Mercoss app. Afterward, simply install the app.
  • Then, you should power ON the device and wait until the LED status is changed. You should wait until the LED light is solid/amber green.
  • Now, smoothly tap the “add device” option or “+” icon and connect your door opener with the Meross app.
  • Then, you should ensure your mobile phone successfully connects to the 2.4 GHz network. If it is not connected then you need to connect it by visiting the phone’s setting.
  • Now, reach the Meross app setting and select the “WiFi Network” option and connect your Garage Door Opener to the WiFi network while using the password.
  • Then the LED status instantly changed, the LED light solid green.

Congratulations! The Meross garage door opener setup is surely complete. After that, enjoy all the functions of your smart Door opener.

Troubleshooting steps of the Smart Garage Door Opener

Sometimes the many problems are caused by the Garage door opener then the user faces difficulty. For this problem given below, there are some Meross Garage door opener troubleshooting steps. After applying these steps the problems will be solved easily.

  • The Garage Door Opener not connecting to WiFi then you should ensure the networking router is always turned ON. Ensure, the wireless router is not far away from the door opener. You use the correct network password.
  • Sometimes the sensor of the garage door opener is not working then you should make sure the sensor wire properly connects to the door opener. Many times the wire is loose, so it does not work, so for this, you have to plug the cable tightly.
  • If the Door Opener LED is solid red that has no internet connection. You use the Meross app and successfully connect your door opener to the WiFi network.
  • Many times the garage door opener has no power, then you should ensure the USB power cable is properly connected to the door opener USB port. And the power adapter was securely plugged into the power outage.
  • If the Meross garage door opener not working then you use the small reset button and then perform the hard reset to solve all the problems related to the door opener.

Review of the Meross Garage Door Opener

In my point of view, the Meross Garage door opener review is absolutely amazing & a better device for all types of garage doors. The design of this door opener is absolutely good and sleek. It is fully made of plastic and size is compact. This door opener comes along with a USB power cable, power adapter, Screws, installation guide, a sensor with cable, test wire, signal cable. You simply use this device without any interruption. The Meross door opener compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Apple Homekit, and more. This door opener has LED indicators that are absolutely helpful to verify the status of the door opener. If there is no network connection then the door opener LED light solid red. Through the LED light you easily verify the good or bad connection status.

The Smart garage door opener has many incredible features like working with WiFi network; compatible with Google Assistant, Apple Home kit; Voice & remote control; high-sensitive sensor; multiple notification modes. You easily set anyone’s notification mode through the setting. The setup of the Door Opener is not complex, with the Meross app simply performing the setup. Thus, the Meross door opener is an extremely tremendous and great garage door opener device.


Q1. How do I fix the issue of the garage door regularly reading that it’s in transit in the Apple HomeKit app?

To fix the issue you should update the firmware version. You visit the Meross app and then reach the app setting. And then check the updated version status.

Q2. Does the smart door opener work with Google Assistant?

Yes, this device absolutely works with Google Assistant. With Google Assistant you easily control your device hand-free. Just speak your command and the door is open/closed.

Q3. Does the door opener device work with lift master 5580-2?

You should use the user manual and then read the technique specification. Also, verify the compatibility list.

Q4. Does this smart garage door opener support Alexa or google home?

Of course yes, the smart garage door opener absolutely supports Alexa or Google Home. while using the app, you should connect this device to the door opener and then enjoy the benefits of this door opener.

Q5. How do I connect the sensor to the door opener?

If you wish to connect the sensor to the door opener then you should utilize cable. While using the cable you seamlessly connect the sensor to the door opener.

Q6 Why does the LED of the door opener turn solid red?

If the LED of the door opener turns solid red then it means no internet connection. You should require it to connect the door opener to the WiFi network.

Q7. Does the Garage door opener work with Genie Promax pmx-85?

You should go to the Meross official website. Because it is a great tool for checking compatibility with your door opener.

Q8. Does anyone know if the door opener will work on overhead door legacy 650?

This door opener absolutely works with Amazon Alexa. To know if the door opener works with the door legacy you should use the official website of Meross and check if it is compatible or not.

Q9. How to program accessories for purple to learn buttons?

Don’t worry about the learn button program accessory purple. Just connect to the sensor and enjoy the feature.

Q10. Does the Meross door opener open the door automatically when your car/phone is within range?

No, it does not open the door when your car or mobile phone is within the garage door opener range. Just speak and then the door opener is open or closed.

Q11. Will the door Opener will this work with the Wink Hub?

In the comparison of Amazon & Alexa, the Hun use is more difficult.

Q12. what should I do if the Meross door opener does not connect to the wifi?

If the Meross garage door opener is not connected to the WiFi network then you should verify the Meross app is properly installed in your mobile phone and it is working. Also, ensure your mobile phone connects to the 2.4 GHz network.

Q13. How do I change the WiFi on my Meross door opener?

To change the WiFi network, the manual button is there on your device. Just press and hold for 10-20 seconds until it’s reset. Then easily change the WiFi network.

Q14. Can I reset the Meross garage door opener?

To reset the door opener, you simply smoothly press & hold the reset button of your door opener, and then after some seconds release it. Then the LED flashes and your door opener is reset.

Q15. Why should we need to buy the Garage door opener?

The garage door opener needs to close and open the door opener without your effort. Just speak and open the door and then the door is opened.

Q16. Does the app work on 5 iPhones (5 family members) to operate one garage door opener?

You seamlessly use 3 different phones and work absolutely well.

Q17. How do I update the firmware of your garage door opener?

To update the firmware version, you visit the official website of the door opener and then quickly upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

Q18. How do I control my garage door opener with Google?

You can open Google Home and then visit the menu button. Afterward, click the setup device and then control your garage door opener.

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