Meshforce M7 tri-band whole home mesh WiFi system

The Meshforce M7 tri-band mesh system is designed to bear more devices, connect to the brisk and less congested network, and maintain raised performance. The three pack mesh system broadens the range to 6000 square feet, 2000 square feet for each. It can cover 7+ rooms and back more than 75 different devices. Stream HD videos and online games sans any loss of data.
M7 is the first tri band whole home mesh WiFi system of meshforce. The inbuilt firewall protects your home network from malware. Just configure it to experience undisturbed internet and create modifications to your home network. It comes with an undersized and compact design. Therefore, it fits readily in a tight space. Some specs and features that you might know.

Meshforce M7 tri-band whole home mesh system Features

Some beneficial features and specs of the Meshforce M7 mesh device are as follows.

  • Wide Coverage- No need to waste your costs on an extender for a wide range. The Meshforce M7 three pack system will supply you with a 6000 square feet WiFi range.
  • Secure Connectivity- The inbuilt firewall safeguards your home network from malware. Using this mesh, you can set parental control and create a guest network. To utilize these features, you ought to set them up first.
  • Simple Setup- You can do the Meshforce M7 tri-band mesh system setup using web and app. Finalize the set up within a few clicks. To learn more about setup, review the detailed guide for the setup below.

Guide for Meshforce M7 Installation

The hardware installation commences from here. You ought to take out the device first. Obey the steps to do it.

Unpack your Meshforce M7 Tri-Band
  • Take an M7 unit box and put it in a sheltered zone. Uplift all the tapes, trips, and wraps from the box.
  • Take out all three M7 routers, Meshforce m7 manual, AC adapter, ethernet cord, and other add-ons.
  • Put all these in a cool room(room temperature).

Coaxial cord connections for Meshforce M7 WiFi system

From the three mesh routers, use any of them as the main mesh point.

  • Apply the electrical current to the mesh point by putting the adapter short end to the mesh point back and the adapter end to the electric receptacle.
  • Using a coaxial ethernet cord, put it to the mesh point LAN/WAN port and the remaining end to the modem.

Connect to the Default WiFi

  • On your cell phone WLAN settings, discover the Meshforce M7 default SSID WiFi name with MyMesh_XXXX and join it.
  • If you don’t know the SSID name and password of your Meshforce, then inspect at the backend of the M7.

Guide for Meshforce M7 Setup(Software)

The Meshforce M7 Setup starts from here. You can conclude the setup using the My Mesh app. For thorough info, read from here.

Meshforce M7 Registration
  • On your cell phone or desktop search portal(browser), enroll
  • When the Meshforce home page opens, click register product on the top flank of the interface.
  • The registration page opens. Select the type of meshforce product and from where it has been purchased.
  • Furthermore, enroll other details such as order number, email address, cell network number, and your name too. Next, hit submit and substantiate your email address.

Download My Mesh App

  • Go to your cell phone or tablet application store, explore My Mesh.
  • Once you spot the app, download it.
  • The supplementary way to install the app is by scanning the QR code from your cell phone or tablet camera scanner.
  • Launch the app to register a fresh ID.

Register a new Meshforce account

  • Open the app and allow the permissions demanded by it.
  • Tap on the profile symbol on the upper flank of the interface.
  • Next, click the login symbol. The signup interface reveals.
  • You can signup with your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or apple account for brisk sign up. Otherwise, enroll your email address and set the passcode to register.

Meshforce App setup

For the Meshforce M7 Mesh WiFi router(main mesh point)
  • After registering with the Meshforce account, resume with the My Mesh app.
  • The setup page reveals. Tap on the setup symbol. Your mesh point identifies the internet connection type automatically.
  • The wireless settings page reveals. It will request you to typewrite the WiFi name and password to amend it. It is suggested to modify the WiFi name as well as password.
  • Click next to add a mesh point.
  • Go after the interface info to conclude the setup. Once finished, the mesh point manifests on the app.
For additional mesh points

The space between the two mesh points should not be bigger than 10 meters or 2 rooms.

  • Power the remaining mesh point and proceed to the My Mesh app.
  • The remaining mesh point will catch the main point automatically.
  • If not, you can add it manually on the My Mesh app.
  • To add the remaining mesh points, go to the settings and then hit add a mesh.
  • Now scan the QR code on the label to add it. In this way, you successfully added all the mesh points.
Backhaul Connections for your Meshforce M7 tri-band

The M7 mesh system of Meshforce is congruent with backhaul technology. It will proffer you to establish a wired connection between the mesh points which is more trustworthy and reliable than the wireless. You can apply the ethernet backhaul connection using two methods.

  • For the first method, join the coaxial internet cord to the modem and to the WAN/LAN port of the main mesh unit. Join the hidden ethernet cord of your home to the switch. Next, join your main mesh point LAN port to the switch by employing an ethernet cord. The remaining mesh point should be connected to the switch employing an internet cord. The one end of the internet cord should be connected to the remaining mesh point while the other end to the network panel.
  • For the second one, join the main mesh point as mentioned above. For the remaining mesh, put the ethernet cord to the main mesh point while the other to the remaining mesh point LAN/WAN port.

Meshforce M7 Troubleshooting

The most steadfast solution to the problem for the Meshforce M7 is the reset. There are two methods to reset your mesh system. Resetting will be conducted by the hardware and software method.

  • Hardware method- The hardware method is valuable if you are not capable of accessing the interface of your mesh system. It is too brisk and most of the users prefer this method. Here is the information to reset it.
    You can do the Meshforce m7 factory reset operation employing a sharp pin object like a pen or pencil. Spot the reset hole on the bottom of the mesh point. Pick up your sharp object and force it into the meshforce m7 reset hole for 10 seconds.
  • Software method- The additional method to do the Meshforce M7 reset is using the My Mesh app. Chase the dashboard of your mesh system on the app and touch the mesh point you desire to reset. Touch the ‘…’ symbol on the app and then you observe the delete symbol on the top right flank of the screen. Next, hit the remove tab on the next interface. You will witness the My Mesh on the top which signifies that the mesh system has been reset.
Slow Internet? Maximize your Meshforce M7 Tri-band mesh WiFi system connection speed

The wireless internet connection depends on the conditions and place where it has been placed. The internet service speed delivered by the provider, distance, signal transmission efficiency, signal barriers, connection to the next mesh point, and house structure may affect the throughout speed. Here are some tips to boost the internet connection.

  • The mesh point distance between each other should not be greater than 10 meters.
  • Employ the wire connection to merge your mesh point. Apply the Ethernet backhaul method to surf the internet for a more pleasing experience.
  • Evade putting the mesh points near to the microwaves, refrigerator, and other electronic devices.
  • Some devices are not congruent enough to deliver fast roaming. In that situation, restart the device and join the proximity point.

Meshforce M7 Tri-band Review

I have a dead zone in my house where I often suffer internet drop issues. The Meshforce M7 solves the problem efficiently. The installation is super simple. I installed one unit in the basement and the other on the second floor. It supplies the connection and gives me a booster video streaming experience. It is the cheapest tri band mesh price point and should be a tremendous deal to buy.