Monoprice 15365 Select Mini

The Monoprice 15365 is a high-performance & most advanced X-plus screen 3D printer. It usually supports all types of Filaments. The wide range of extruder temperatures & heated build plate provides the facility of this printer to work among any type of filaments such as PLA & ABS, to further excellent materials, like conductive wood, PLA, and metal composites. The Monoprice 15365 3D printer is a more compact design that is instantly compatible with every desktop without any annoyance.

It does not come completely assembled, this printer has already been calibrated at the company. Inside the Monoprice 15365 select mini 3D printer has a wide plate that is heatable & stable. This printer includes a MicroSD card & sample PLA filament by preinstalled models, so you can start printing in the prier manner & 3D quality.

The Monoprice select mini 3D printer V2 is fully compatible with WiFi networks and also works with WiFi network connectivity. Inside the 3D printer has an extruder that is more capable of printing in ABS, PLA, and more. You can easily print any object from any window or Mac desktop while using the USB cable connection. The setup of this printer is not complicated with the MP 3D printer WiFi connect App.

Incredible features of the Monoprice 15365 Select Mini 3D Printer

The Monoprice Mini 3D printer comes along with an SD card. The right panel has the SD card slot, in which simply insert the SD card. But this 3D printer has incredible features like Micro USB or microSD ports, LCD display, easy-to-use, can print Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polylactic Acid, or more materials.

1. Micro USB & MicroSD ports

The Monoprice 15365 3D printer has built-in Micro USB or SD ports. With the Micro USB ports simply connect your computer, laptop, or desktop whale using the USB cable. These ports allow connecting the desktop. The microSD ports are also there on the right panel, in these ports really insert the SD card and then print out any object.

2. Compatible with Window or Mac

The Monoprice 3D printer is fully compatible with the Window or Mac PC. The design of this printer is compact and can easily place any desktop and print any object. With the USB ports, you directly make the convection without any interruption.

3. Supports all types of Filaments

The Mini 3D printer supports all types of filaments like ABS, PEt, PLA, PETT, Wood, PVA, Copper Fill, Nylon, Steel Fill, Bronze, more. You easily install any filament in the filament feeder.

4. Color LCD display

The Monoprice 3D printer V2 has a built-in color LCD display that is extensively used & user-friendly display. In this display, many options are available, smoothly touch the LCD display and print the 3 objects. With the bright large screen display you simply operate & maintain the 3D printer in a hassle-free manner.

5. Easy control with MP 3D printer WiFi connect app

The MP mini 3 printers V2 thoroughly works with a WiFi network. The MP 3D printer WiFi connects app provides the facility to connect the printer to the WiFi network connectivity. With this app, you commonly control & operate the 3D printer with your iPhone.

Hardware installation of the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2

The Monoprice 3d printer is widely used to make 3D objects. It is more capable to print the ABS, PLA, and more with the extruder. Polylactic Acid(PLA) is the most popular & latest material that is extensively used in desktop mini 3D Printing. If you wish to print any object with an MP 3D printer then you need to install it. Because when I install the printer it does not print.

  • To install the MP 3D printer, you have to take the packaging box and get out the foam in the packaging box. Then you ensure the floor is clean & the surface is stable.
  • The 3D printer gets out from the box and is placed on a flat, stable, & clean surface. You need to verify the package content because without package content it cannot be installed.
  • In the package content, you will find a lot of components like 1× 3D printer, 1× filament pack, 1× USB cable, 1× MicroSD card, 1× power adapter, 1× AC power cord, 1× Allen wrench 1× quick installation Guide.
  • Now, use scissors or similar components to cut the silicon rubber sheets & zip tiers on the 3D printer.
  • fixed support

    To pull out the fixed support of the 3D printer you need to use the provided Allen wrench. After that, remove this fixed support.

  • You need to insert the microSD card into the provided SD card slot. You have to unbox the SD card and then insert the card into the SD card slot.
  • Next, remove the provided AC power cord and apply it to the USB port of the MP 3D printer. The other end of the AC power cord is plugged near the electric outlet.
  • Then, install the Filament in the printer. For this, you need to pull out the filament in the packaging box and then install it.
  • Press & hold the extruder handle for a few seconds, afterward pull the filament into the hole to a depth of about 4cm.

Finally! The installation of the Monoprice Mini 3D printer is fully done. After that, you easily install the filament in a trouble-free way.

Filament installation steps of the MP Select Mini 3D printer V2

The filament is the most important tool for the 3D printer. Without the filament, you cannot print any object. However, the MP 3D printer surely supports all types of filaments. Although, the filament is a type of wire bundle that is known as thermoplastic. This plastic melts instantly and then absorbs into the solid form quickly. The Monoprice select mini 3D printer filament installation steps are presented below.

  • Firstly, take the filament rack and then input it into the 3D printer. You use scissors and similar components and remove the diagonal edge.
  • Then, the power of the 3D printer is smoothly turned on with the power button.
  • With the bright LCD display, open the control panel, and then many options are prompted. You have to select the “filament” option.
  • In this filament option, you simply install the filament whatever you want.

Thus, the Monoprice select mini 3d printer C2 filament is correctly installed in the printer.

Manual of the Monoprice 15365 Mini 3D printer V2

The Monoprice 3D printer is used widely in any department. You seamlessly use this printer in the agriculture department, construction, health center, and more. Before buying the 3D printer many questions come along with how to install the filament in the 3D printer, how to use Monoprice mini 3d printer, how to print the object with a Mini 3D printer, how to reset the 3D printer, and others. Then you take the Monoprice 15365 manual because it is the perfect solution to all the questions related to the 3D printer.

However, this manual also provides the technical specification regarding the MP Mini 3D printer. The technical specification of this device like the resolution is 100-300 microns; Nozzle diameter is 0.4mm; the printing speed of the 3D printer is up to 55 mm/sec; the build plate temperature is 60 Degrees ©; Hotend setup is Bowden; compatible material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Copper, Bronze, Metal, Wood Alloy Steel, Polyvinyl Alcohol, and so on; WiFi connectivity technology; and more.

Setup of the Monoprice 15365 select Mini via the MP 3D printer app

The connectivity technology of the Mp 3D printer is WiFi, then you should connect your printer with WiFi network connectivity. The MP 3D printer WiFi connects app usually permits connecting the printer with the WiFi network. With this app, you utterly perform the Monoprice select Mini 3d printer v2 setup. In the presentation below, the setup steps are here.

    • You use the 3D printer manual and find out the QR code. Afterward, scan the QR code with the smart mobile phone camera.
    • Alternatively, you also install the app by visiting the Google Play Store on your android mobile phone & the Apple App store on your iPhone.
    • Then, you need to unplug the USB cable from the USB ports. You should not use a USB or WiFi network connection at the same time.
    • Then using the power cord and providing the power to the 3D printer and then power is ON now.
    • Open the MP 3D printer WiFi connect app and agree to all the “terms & condition”.
    • Register the account

      You have to register the account in the app. For this, you enter the login details, if you are not registered then you can register with a new & valid username & password.

    • Then, reach in the app setting and use the WiFi network option, to connect the printer to the WiFi network connectivity.
    • Presently, enter the SSID on your WiFi network and also enter the wireless password and smoothly press the connect option.
    • You should utilize the 3D printer button to visit the Move menu from the wifi printer.
    • Then, tightly press the center button of your printer for about 4-5 seconds, afterward promptly release it. After the release of the center button of the 3D printer the smart config started.
    • Then, you need to gently press the connect to WiFi button and then the connection is surely ready. The IP address is prompted on your printer’s bright LCD display screen.

    Thus, the Monoprice mini 3D printer V2 setup is entirely achieved. After that enjoy all the benefits of this wi-fi-connected printer.

    Software installation & setup

    If you wish to print any object from your computer Window or Mac then the software is necessary. If you wish to install the software then you need to follow some presented below steps.

    • To install the Cura you need the following components like USB cable, a Windows or Mac computer, internet access.
    • Then, connect your 3D mini printer to the Window or Mac computer with the USB cable. This cable is applied to the USB ports and then the connection is ready.
    • Now, you have to utilize the card reader to properly read the content included in the microSD card. Then, locate the Cura_15.04.2.exe file, after locating instantly click it to start the setup.
    • If you wish then you simply select a new location for the program files & click next.
    • You make sure all the boxes are properly monitored, if it does not monitor then do not install it. Then, click the Install option.
    • Once the Cura installation process is surely complete, the driver installation wizard is automatically prompted.
    • After installing the diver you smoothly click the finish section.
    • You can wait until the Cura to finishes launching on the computer display.

    Eventually, the Monoprice mini delta 3D printer Cura setting was successfully finished.

    Troubleshooting tips of the Monoprice 15365 select Mini 3D printer V2

    Sometimes the MP Mini 3D printer is not functioning well like it shows various issues under extrusion, No extrusion, the LCD screen is not working, Axis does not move, and other issues. Then to instantly solve the issue there are Monoprice mini 3D printer troubleshooting steps.

    • If the 3D printer is under extrusion or no extrusion, then you need to verify the front fan. Maybe the blade is missing or the fan is not spinning. Also, maybe the fan is mounted incorrectly. If the filament quality is poor then the problem is there is no extrusion. The print temp has also created the problem.
    • If the issue comes with temperature & heating resolution then you should monitor the faulty thermistor. You properly examine if the thermistor wire of the printer is not cut or cracked, then replace the thermistor. Also, examine the Heater cartridge. Sometimes the wire of the cartridge is broken and cut.
    • The Stepper motor is not working to solve the issue. You should monitor the stepper connection. You ensure the wire is not loose or damaged. Sometimes the stepper motor is faulty then the motor is not working, if it is not working then you can replace it. Maybe the moto cable of the 3D printer is also faulty then you should replace this wire.
    • If the LCD screen of the mini 3D printer is not working then you should confirm the issue and also replace it. Sometimes the LCD screen does not light up then you should verify the power. If the SD card is not working in the WiFi printer then you should verify the SD card port. If the SD slot is not functioning then you need to verify & replace it.
    • In case the 3D printer Axis does not move then the issue is the faulty pulley. To fix the problem you should confirm the pulley to see if it spins placidly. Maybe the belt is loose. You need to tighten the belt. Sometimes the screws are loose, then you verify the screw.
    • Sometimes the issue is bed stopped Heating then you necessitate inspecting the connectors. You also inspect the wiring, many times the wire is cut or broken then you need to replace it.

    Review of Monoprice select Mini 3D printer

    In my point of view, the Monoprice mini 3D printer review is, it is an amazing & high-performance 3D printer. Because it comes along with a bright touch-screen display. With this screen, you simply operate the printer without any interruption. The main thing about this 3D printer is that it usually supports all types of filaments like ABS, PEt, PLA, PETT, Wood, PVA, Copper Fill, Nylon, Steel Fill, Bronze, etc.

    However, you simply install any filaments in the Monoprice select mini v2. The design of this printer is very unique and attractive. Also, the design is compressed and then utterly compatible with any desktop. The Mini 3D printer comes along with many accessories such as 1× 3D printer, 1× filament pack, 1× USB cable, 1× MicroSD card, 1× power adapter, 1× AC power cord, 1× Allen wrench 1× quick installation Guide.

    With the following accessories, you trouble-free install the printer. The following accessories are very important to properly install it. The MicroSD card securely supports this printer and the right-hand panel is the SD slot there. You smoothly insert the SD card and print any object. The Heat-built plate is also there in the MP mini 3D printer that provides security. The worry-free setup of this printer is by using the MP 3D printer WiFi connect app. Thus, the Monoprice 15365 WiFi select Mini 3D printer is a superb quality printer.


    Q1. What are the print dimensions for the MP 3D printer?

    The print dimension of the Monoprice mini 3D printer is 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″ (120 x 120 x 120 mm). But the printer dimension is better and more reliable than the other printers.

    Q2. Does the MP 3D select printer have a wifi network connectivity?

    Yes, the Monoprice 3D printer thoroughly works with WiFi network connectivity. You simply connect this printer to the WiFi network through the MP 3D printer WiFi connect app.

    Q3. What is the size of the whole MP select mini 3D printer?

    The MP 3D printer’s whole size is 16″ wide, 14″ tall, and 12″ deep. The size of this printer is very attractive & compact. It is fully compatible with all desktops.

    Q4. Does the MP 3D printer allow you to use bulk filament or is it “chipped?”

    You can use any filament of this 3D printer and it usually supports all types of filaments. You simply install any type of filaments and enjoy the feature.

    Q5. Can you load 2 colors in the 3D printer at once?

    No, you cannot load 2 colors at a time. You simply load one color at a time, if you load 2 colors then it does not work accurately.

    Q6. Can I replace the nozzle one into the 15365 printers with a hardened one for exotic materials?

    The MP 3D printer works with a weird nozzle. Then you simply & easily replace the nozzle in the wi-fi-connected mini 3D printer.

    Q7. Does the MP select mini 3D printers that work without WiFi?

    No, the MP 3D printer is not working without WiFi network connectivity. Because the connectivity technology of this printer is WiFi. While using the app, you connect this printer to the WiFi network.

    Q8. Does the MP 3D mini printer print in wood fil?

    Yes, the 3D printer definitely prints in wood fil. You absolutely use it all the time. I print at a lower temperature and longer retraction to help prevent stringing.

    Q9. Will the Monoprice 3D printer print via wifi without the sd card installed?

    Yes, it prints correctly without installing the SD card. Just connect to the WiFi network connectivity and then print any object without installing the SD card into the SD card slot.

    Q10. How do I fix my MP 3D printer not printing?

    If your MP select mini 3d printer is not working accurately then you can verify the power connection. If the power connection is wrong it is not working. Also, verify the filament, if the filament is not installed then the 3D printer is not working.

    Q11. Why do we need to buy a Monoprice select mini 3D printer?

    The MP 3D printer easily prints any object in a 3D way. It is simply connected to the WiFi network. Then I need to buy a 3D printer to print any object in an accurate way.

    Q12. Which software is used in the 3D printer to print the object?

    The Cura software is needed to print the object with the MP 3D printer. Then you need to install the Cura software on your computer. Otherwise, it does not print the object after connecting to the Window or Mac computer

    Q13. Does the 3D printer come with design software?

    No, the mini 3D printer does not come with design software. You manually install the software.

    Q14. How do I reset my mini 3d printer?

    If you wish to perform the reset of the 3D printer, then you need to visit the setting of this printer. With the LCD display, you easily visit the setting and then smoothly perform the reset with the reset option.

    Q15. How do I connect my mini Monoprice 3D printer to WiFi?

    If you wish to connect the Mp 3D printer to the WiFi network then you simply connect it in a trouble-free manner. Just use the MP 3D printer WiFi connect app and securely connect the printer to the WiFi.