MOOSOO Robot Vacuum cleaner troubleshooting and review

The MOOSOO Robot Vacuum cleaner works with new generation wifi technology. It is a Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. That comes with an 1800Pa Strong Suction power motor, which is easy to clean embedded dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet hair. This is using a three Stage Cleaning System technology and a Dual Multi-Surface brush. The MOOSOO vacuum cleaner easily cleans and captures the dust into the carpets and hard floors well. It generally uses a sweeping brush for the care of every corner and edge of your home.

The MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner 1800PA uses a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and this device’s charging base is up to 2500mAh. Using this vacuum cleaner, you can clean your whole home easily by connecting to the wifi network. In this MOOSOO vacuum cleaner, you can only connect the 2.4GHz band wifi network. The more advanced features included in this networking such as auto cleaning, spot cleaning, Edge cleaning, manual cleaning, max vacuum, and plan cleaning.

MOOSOO Robot Vacuum troubleshooting

The MOOSOO vacuum cleaner sometimes causes many issues when you use it. It mainly causes various issues when you use this after a long time. If you also encounter many issues regarding this device then you follow the below-given steps for the MOOSOO vacuum troubleshooting.

1. Troubleshoot the MOOSOO robot vacuum not working problem:

If your MOOSOO robot vacuum is not working, you can not be frustrated about it. To troubleshoot the not working problem, you can follow the below steps.

  • If your MOOSOO robot vacuum won’t turn on and not start cleaning, then you don’t worry about it. Just verify the vacuum cleaning brush may be worn out. If it is worn out then you change the brush and get your robot cleaner.
  • To troubleshoot this, you can also press the clean button for twenty and more seconds. After cleaning it, you release the cleaning button.
  • The MOOSOO robot cleaner usually works well not when you use it after a long time and you use it continuously in one day. To make it perfect, you can not use it for a very long time.
  • You can also use a more way for the robot vacuum troubleshooting, you fix it by again turning on the device. Turn off it and turn it on again by pressing on the power.
2. Fix the MOOSOO robot vacuum not connecting to wifi problem:

The MOOSOO wifi robot vacuum is not connecting to wifi when your network connection is very slow. If your MOOSOO Robot vacuum is not connecting to wifi, then you follow the below steps and troubleshoot it.

  • First and foremost, to troubleshoot the wifi not the connecting problem you can check your router’s network. Change your wifi network setting through your mobile phone. Just, go into the setting and change the setting. In this device, you can only use a 2.4GHz band wifi network for this. After completing the wifi setting changes, you click on the “apply” option.
  • Maybe you fill the wrong password in the wifi security password. You can fix this problem by filling up the correct password in the password field. After this, you can verify that now the MOOSOO Robot vacuum connects to wifi.
  • You can also verify that the router is not keeping into the long location. You can easily fix this problem by again placing your router. Move your wifi router nearby to the location of your vacuum cleaner.
  • To get the proper network connection, you can also use the Ethernet cable connection and connect it with the cable. After this, your MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner won’t connect to the issue troubleshoot now.
3. Fix the MOOSOO Robot Vacuum won’t charge issue:

Sometimes, the MOOSOO vacuum is not charging. You can troubleshoot this problem by following the below steps.

  • You can troubleshoot this problem by again replacing your robot vacuum battery.
  • To troubleshoot this problem, you again charge your device after again turning on the power.
  • You can also use one more way to troubleshoot this issue, by replacing a new battery.
  • In spite of this, if your robot vacuum problem is not solved then you fix it by using a better quality power battery base. Now, the MOOSOO robot Vacuum not charging issues resolve now.
4. Troubleshoot the MOOSOO robot app is not working problem:

The MOOSOO robot app is sometimes not working and it does not work when using this app immediately to control your vacuum. To fix the app not working problem by using some below steps.

You can download a new version of your MOOSOO Robot Vacuum App and again use it.

  • If it shows the black and blurring screen when you use the app. You can fix this problem, by uninstalling it. Just uninstall it and again install it. You can install it app and open and. Now, make sure the app is not a problem to solve now or not.
  • Maybe your router’s network connection is too slow and weak. Then, you use a perfect wifi network connection for it.
  • For the MOOSOO robot app troubleshooting, you can use this app on other mobile phones and computers. Now, you can use this app for the MOOSOO robot vacuum setup and verify that the app is not a problem to solve or not.
5. Troubleshoot the MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner too loud issue:

The MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner sounded too loud when you used this device on the hard carpet and hard places. You can follow the below steps to troubleshoot the vacuum cleaner too loud issue.

  • You can easily fix this issue through the setting option.
  • Go into the setting option and change the audio setting of this vacuum cleaner.
  • In spite of this, it shows an issue then you fix it by changing the audio system.
  • Meanwhile, you can also use this one more step for troubleshooting it. You can fix it by turning it on and turning off the power of this device.

These are some various steps of the MOOSOO Robot Vacuum troubleshooting guide. Using these steps, you can also overcome your vacuum issues and easily fix its issues permanently.

MOOSOO Robot Vacuum Review

The MOOSOO Robot Vacuum cleaner also purchases by me. It gives me the best performance of cleaning in comparison to others. In my scenario, this is really a superior and effective cleaning vacuum cleaner. Which will easily clean my home using the 1800PA strong suction power. Various people in the world like this vacuum cleaner. The MOOSOO robot vacuum reviews are very good in comparison to others. If you want to purchase any wifi new technology vacuum cleaner then you can use it. You can easily know everything about it from the MOOSOO Robot Vacuum website. Just, put this address in the web interface and immediately access the web page of this vacuum cleaner and get all the moosoo robot vacuum instructions.


What can I do to reset the MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner?

If you want to think about how to reset moosoo robot vacuum cleaner, don’t frustrate about it. Just, locate the reset button on the vacuum and press it for three seconds. To press it, you can use an object and hold it. After three seconds, you release the MOOSOO Robot vacuum cleaner reset button. Similarly, you can again use your device accordingly.

Can I do a MOOSOO vacuum cleaner set up using the manual?

Of course yes, you can easily complete the Robot vacuum set up using the moosoo robot vacuum manual. Just, out of the box and read the careful setup process. Then, you can use and start your vacuum power according to giving instructions in the MOOSOO Robot 1800PA manual.

What can I do to connect the MOOSOO vacuum to WiFi?

If you want to think about how to connect the moosoo vacuum to wifi then you can just follow the given instructions here. First and foremost, turn on the power of your device and then press the wifi power button and connect the wifi network. After connecting, the wifi looks on the MOOSOO Robot cleaner gateway, its wifi option blinks the light.

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