MOVA Robot Vacuum

The MOVA Robot Vacuum cleaner is the best option to clean your house and a great choice. It has lidar navigation and mapping technology that can reach every corner and cleans it perfectly. Moreover, it cleans the stubborn dirt from the floor as well with its super suction power of 4000 Pa with four levels of control modes. Also, it has a large 5200 mAh battery that can simply cover 2750 square feet of area with a single charge. It provides three major options from which you can select the suitable water volume to clean your floors and it ensures that you will experience great mopping performance with the robot vacuum cleaner.

The MOVA Robot Vacuum and mop comes with a 260 ml of water tank that can store the water inside its tanks and uses it to clean the floors or hard surfaces. Along with that, it has wifi connected mobile apps. It can be controlled with Amazon Alexa so you can easily schedule the time of cleaning and mopping that will make your job much easier.

MOVA Robot Vacuum Salient Features

The MOVA smart Vacuum cleaner has enhanced technology along with a wide array of intelligent features that will make your work easier. With the help of the app, you have access to the vacuum cleaner so you clean your home anytime and anywhere. You can check the status of your cleaning schedule with the palm of your hands when you have access to operate it with a mobile device. There are so many unique features of MOVA Robot Vacuum with mapping technology are as follows:

  • The robot vacuum cleaner is designed in such a way that it has the ability to clean pet hairs without any worries. It has hair entangles with brushes that can smartly clean the floors and technology that pick every hair from the floor surfaces.
  • The vacuum cleaner can satisfy your cleaning needs from the hard tiles, surfaces, or floors and carpets as well.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner has a 5200 mAh powered battery that can clean every corner of your house within 100 minutes of continuous work and still going on. It can work continuously with a single charge.
  • As you know the vacuum cleaner has lidar navigation with a smart algorithm that can help to improve the efficiency of cleaning the surfaces and ensures that you get full clean coverage of your floors.
  • It is always ready to clean the floor with the automatic self-charging cleaner inside the Mova vacuum cleaner that cleans every area with full charging.
  • Simply the Mova vacuum cleaner app helps you to remind the scheduling of cleaning and mopping. As it has a smart level of intelligence function that can help to extend to optimize your work in an easy manner.
  • The Mova Robot Vacuum with a camera is the modern solution for the modern world. It has smart home compatibility that can link your home device to the Mova robot and later it will tell you when and how to start the cleaning and mopping of the house.

Instructions Before Using the MOVA Robot Vacuum

Instructions are for your safety that will protect you from any kind of danger. So before the installation of the vacuum cleaner, kindly read all the safety instructions carefully. You can also refer to the user manual. Because if you do any kind of loss or damage to the product then you are responsible. Safety Instructions are as follows:

  • Always remember to not use other product’s batteries or the charging dock. Use only Movo robot parts even for the replacement.
  • Don’t try to repair, modify or disassemble the charging dock or the battery from the product on your own. This may harm you and your product.
  • Don’t try to put the charging dock near the heat source.
  • Do not use wet hands or clothes for the cleaning of the charging dock.
  • Ensure that the vacuum cleaner should be turned off when it is transported or try that the product should be in a packed condition.
  • Whenever you want to replace the battery of the product then contact your nearby technician. As it said, do not try to change on your own.
  • If you are not going to use the vacuum cleaner for a long time then properly turn off the product and store it in a cool or dry place.
  • If you are using the robot cleaner after a long period or do not want to use it for a long time then still charge the cleaner every three months. This can maintain the working condition of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Follow these instructions carefully for the safety of your home and environment.

MOVA Robot Vacuum Hardware Installation

Here is the hardware installation of the vacuum cleaner but before that check the accessories or spare parts that come along with the vacuum cleaner. Checking the accessories is a must because If you do not have all the spare parts of the robot cleaner then you will not be able to perform the setup of your product and it will affect the working of the cleaner.

  • charging dock
  • cleaning Tool
  • power cord
  • water tank
  • mop pad
  • A side brush

Now, look at the front panel of the vacuum cleaner and you can see the power button which you can hold for three seconds to turn on or off your product. The Dock or Spot Clean button which you can press that can send the product to the charging dock and the spot clean button helps you to turn on the clean mode by pressing it for three seconds. The LED indicators tell you the performance or the working condition of the vacuum cleaner.

Installation of the Robot vacuum cleaner

  • First of all, remove the protective films that you can find on the charging dock and robot.
  • Now install the side brushes to the robot cleaner and place them on the floor.
  • Now place the charging dock on the ground wall and connect it to the electrical source. Ensure that there should be an accurate difference between the charging dock and the cleaner. Also, it should be connected to the app appropriately and be within the range of the wifi connection.
  • Now place the vacuum cleaner onto the charging dock so that it can start working along with the charging. If you are using the product for the first time then charge it fully before using it. Also, while the cleaner is on charging mode then do not install the mopping function. Because with the water you have to be extra careful as it can also damage the floors of your house.

These are the installation steps of the Mova vacuum cleaner.

MOVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Easy Setup

The Mova robot cleaner works with the Mi Home app. You can use the Mi app to control the vacuum cleaner with the palm of your hands. With this app, you can also interact with the smart home device of your home. Follow the setup instructions carefully that can be done by using the Mi app.

  • You have to install or download the app on your mobile device. For that, you can scan the QR code that you can find inside the user manual. By scanning the QR code will redirect you to the setup page of the Mi home app.
  • If you don’t find the QR code then there is an alternate solution that can help you to install the app. Open the Play Store on your smartphone and in the search bar type Mi Home app from where you can simply tap on the install button and download it on your mobile device.
  • After the installation, you have to add your vacuum cleaner device. So that you can control or schedule the working activities of your device. For that, open the Mi Home app on your phone and tap on the ‘+’ icon that you can find in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  • After that tap on the QR code icon for the scanning of the device. This will help the app to find the device.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions for further setup of the vacuum cleaner. The app supports only 2.4 GHz of WiFi connection. Always update the app on time to get the latest version with new features.

These simple and effortless instructions will help you or guide you to the proper setup of the robot vacuum cleaner device.

LED indications of the MOVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Different status indicators have different meanings. Let’s understand the meaning of the LED status on the front panel of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner LED in White

The LED of the vacuum cleaner is white which means the cleaning or charging (if it’s on the charging mode) is accomplished.

The vacuum cleaner LED is blinking in white

The white LED blinking indicates the charging of the vacuum cleaner is low. Charge the cleaner with the charging dock.

The vacuum cleaner has breathing white LED

The breathing white LED of the robot vacuum cleaner indicates the battery is fully charged but the cleaner is still connected to the power charging dock. So that you can remove the plug of the vacuum cleaner from the charging dock.

The vacuum cleaner LED blinking orange

The Led is blinking orange which indicates that the battery of the vacuum cleaner is low so return to it at the charging dock. Otherwise, there is an error with the battery, For that, you can contact your technician to check it.

The vacuum cleaner has breathing orange LED

The breathing orange LED of the robot cleaner indicates that the battery is low.

These are the meaning of the LED lights which help you to guide when there is an error in the functioning of the cleaner or the battery is low.


Why does the Mova robot vacuum quit working in the middle of the work?

If you are also facing the issue that the Mova robot vacuum is not working properly then you can check the batteries of the vacuum cleaner. It might need new batteries. You can simply replace the batteries inside the vacuum cleaner by calling your technician. But don’t change it on your own. It may be harmful to you.

Why do robot vacuums move randomly everywhere?

This happens because the vacuum cleaner has a floor plan so that it can work in an efficient way. That’s why vacuum cleaners always work in a straight pattern when they have a floor map. When the robots do not have a floor mapping then they move randomly around everywhere in your house. The map guides the vacuum cleaner where to go and what to do.

Why does my robot vacuum keep going in circles?

It keeps going in a circle because the bumper of the vacuum cleaner may be stuck mistakenly or continuously hitting an obstacle. If it is stuck so that it can’t back away, it moves repeatedly in a never-ending circle. To get rid of this issue gently tap on the bumper of the vacuum cleaner and your problem is solved.

Do robots vacuum empty themselves?

Those robot vacuum cleaners can clean themselves who have automatic dirt disposal. It can clean dirt within sixty days. But the Mova robot vacuum cleaner can’t clean its dirt itself.

How does a robot vacuum move throughout the house?

They can move all around in the house as it has sensors that are located near the bumper of the vacuum cleaner. It can allow the cleaner to clearly see through the instructions and it does not make it slow down. When the bumper is going to hit an obstruction then the sensor inside the bumper is triggered and tells the cleaner to turn around, away from the obstacle, and helps to find a clear path.

How to use a robot vacuum Cleaner?

You can operate the Mova robot cleaner with the help of the Mi Home app. Simply install it on your mobile device and follow the app instructions for the proper manual setup of the device.

How long should a robot vacuum last?

As per the reports, an average vacuum cleaner can last up to more than five years. The robot vacuum cleaner has a lifespan of around six years.

Why does the Mova robot vacuum keep getting stuck?

It keeps stuck because of the physical barrier. You can prevent them from getting stuck by creating virtual walls or magnetic tape. This is the only solution that can help the device from being stuck.

Does the Mova robot vacuum need wifi connection?

Yes, the robot cleaner needs a stable wifi connection so that it can be operated by using the app or Amazon Alexa. The Mova robot vacuum has no wifi connection but you have to set a schedule for cleaning or mopping the floors that’s why it requires a wifi connection.

Why does the Mova robot vacuum not charge?

This is a very common problem. This happens whether the dust is stuck inside the vacuum cleaner or check the cleaner is not turned on or sometimes the issue is with the battery. So check all these things carefully so that they can work effectively.

Does the Mova robot vacuum create noise levels?

No, the Mova vacuum cleaner does not create any noisy volumes. The traditional or old cleaners create too much noise during cleaning and it was slower than today’s vacuum cleaner.

Why does the Mova robot vacuum not connect to the wifi connection?

To get rid of this problem or fix the wifi connection. Unplug the wifi router from the main power source and wait for 20 seconds. After waiting for a while, you can replug it into the electric wall and check for the wifi connection.

How to reset the wifi connection for the Mova vacuum cleaner?

The reset steps are simple and easy. Hold or press the reset button until you hear a beep sound fr0om the wireless router. After hearing a voice you can release the reset button and wait for the network configuration. This will turn off the wifi indicator slowly and you have successfully done the reset of the wifi connection.

How to turn on the sleep or pause mode of the Mova vacuum cleaner?

If you want to pause the robot cleaner then press the pause button while the robot is cleaning to stop it. If you want to put the robot on sleep mode, it will automatically go into sleep mode after ten minutes of its inactivity. In case you want to wake up the cleaner then you can press any button of the robot.

How to Schedule the cleaning mode of the Mova robot cleaner?

With the help of the Mi Home app, you can schedule the time of cleaning and mopping. The vacuum cleaner will itself start cleaning the home at the designated time. After completing the work, it will return to the charging dock itself and recharge it when the work is done.

MOVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

In the MOVA Robot Vacuum review, the user says “it is such a helper for day-to-day work life. With the simple setup and getting no issues with the wifi connection, it works great by reading instructions. It can also clean my pet’s hairs from the floors and leaves no mark. Also, the dust catcher is simple to empty, and installing it again is an easy process. You do not need a mop as it can also work as a mop for you. It is simply magic for me because I don’t have enough time for cleaning and mopping and it works so well that I don’t even need to work.”