MOVA Z500 Robot Vacuum installation, faq, review

In ancient times cleanliness is not one of major concerns for all people and various nations of the world as there is already presence of clean environment and fresh air around as well as it is in the habits of all family members to keep the houses and streets neat and clean. Also if there is a need arises to clean the people they use broom and manpower mops for cleaning their floors of respective houses.
With the advent of technology the furniture in all the houses increase with the need of cleaning them. From there to clean sofas like etc items, there is a need of vacuum cleaner arises in all the minds.
The term vacuum cleaner can be also called vacuum and a hoover which is use to remove debris from floors, furniture items, sofas and many more. It runs on the principle of suction for cleaning the different things. The dirt particles are to be collected in a dust bag which is in built with vacuum cleaner which can be emptied simply by detaching it from the complete kit of vacuum cleaner.
Now for making life more easier and comfortable a new product has launched in the market which is MOVA Z500 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Smart Navigation Robot Vacuum, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 3000Pa Strong Suction, Alexa, 5200mAh Large Battery, 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop, for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Carpet
Mova z500 robot cleaner is one of the examples of voice and application controlled devices. It has the suction power of about 3000 Pa and four level control modes It has the battery power of 5200 mAh and can clean upto 2700ft square house. One extra feature is also added that along with a vacuum cleaner you also get a mop with a water tank of capacity 270 ml which is good for 110 min running.
Alexa is also present in this cleaner and you can also monitor and schedule the cleaning by using this device when you are not available at home even. Twelve months warranty is also given to you in this cleaner.

Mova z500 Features in detail

The main features of MOVA Z500 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Smart Navigation Robot Vacuum are written below in complete detail and explanation:

Suction power:

This cleaner is designed in such a way that it gives the suction power of about 3000Pa with no interruption in between and ensures removal of dust particles completely.

Vacuuming system:

It has wide main brush with no hair wrapped for its effective use and easy maintenance. The brush in this cleaner is in V shape which ensures the removal of dust particles more effectively.

Auto carpet:

In built robotic system makes ready the cleaner to cleanse a carpet by detecting when the user wants.

Slim design:

The height of the cleaner is designed in such a way if 82mm so as to enter it in smaller places for better cleaning purposes.

Battery Capacity:

It has the large battery capacity of 5200mAh so that it can be used for long hours without any stoppage.

Water reservoir:

As it can be used both as a vacuum cleaner and mop so a water reservoir of 270 ml is also provided in it.

Water control levels:

The 3 water control levels are also provided as to provide the feature of effective mopping.

Visual navigation:

We can get a clear visual view which part of the house gets cleansed and which part is left for cleaning by this feature.

Real time mapping:

You can guide it by sitting away from this by the use of this feature.


The noise level is also so much low in this cleaner.

Product overview

We discuss the overview of the product in some of the following points:

  • It consists of a Robot which is the controlling part of the cleaner which consists of a power button, a dock button, a status indicator and also contains some sensors.
  • It consists of a charging dock, dustbin and a mopping module.

Installation of the Mova Z500 smart vacuum cleaner

Before using the cleaner following are the preparation steps that you should follow:

  • Remove the protective films which are present on the side of the collision buffer and charging dock.
  • After this install the side brush until it sets into its place.
  • Keep the immediate area 1.5m in front of the charger and 0.5m to both sides of the charging dock clear of objects.
  • To ensure the proper connection between the robot and the mobile make sure the charging dock and robot are within the range of wifi connection.
  • Don’t place the charging dock in an area on which the direct sunlight is falling or at the place where the other objects may block the signal.
  • Place the robot onto the charging dock to recharge. The robot will be switched on automatically and starts recharging.
  • Fully recharge before first time use.
  • Should be cautious while using the wet mop as it may destroy the floor.

Making connection with app

  • Downloading app: Scan the qr code of the app to download and then install the app. Now you are directed to the connection setup page. We can also download it from app store just by searching Mi Home/ Xiomi Home.
  • Add device: After installing just open the app and click on “+” icon in the upper right. Then tap on “-“ the scan qr code and add the device name and follow the instructions given on the screen to finish all this.
  • Reset wifi: If your robot cant connected to the app properly reset the wifi and add the device again.

Routine Maintenance of Mova Z500 vacuum

Following are the steps you should follow for a routine maintenance:

  • Open the robot cover the press the dustbin clip to detach it from the device.
  • Remove the filter and tap its basket gently.
  • Rinse the dustbin and then filter it with water.
  • Clean the mop pad with water only and then leave it to dry properly.
  • Clean the air hole present in the water tank if the water flow is less or improperly distributed.
  • Use the cleaning tool to remove any kind of hair tangled in the brush.
  • Use the small screwdriver to separate the axle from its tire
  • If the robot stops responding suddenly we make use of it by restarting it.

Specifications of a good Vacuum Cleaner

The performance of a vacuum cleaner depends on the following factors:

  • Airflow which is measured in liters/second or cubic feet/minute.
  • Air speed which is measurable is meters/second or miles/hour.
  • Suction in Pascals or water lift in inches of height.
  • Weight in kilograms or pounds.
  • Noise in decibels.
  • Power cord and hose length.
  • Input power in watts.
  • Output power in watts or air just to represent that it is the output one.


Following are some of the faqs for the better understanding of the product:

Why Robot does not turn on?

This may occurs due to the low battery problem which can be cured by charging and then use it again after charging.

Why robot does not get recharged?

You should confirm that both the ends of the power cable are plugged in correctly.

Why does robot malfunction?

To solve this problem simply turn off and reactivate it.

Why robot is making a strange noise?

An external object may get caught in the main brush of the device, the side brush or the main wheels. So before using it again stop the robot and remove the dirt.

Why robot does not perform scheduled cleaning?

The robot may have low battery. Scheduled cleanings are not get done before it is recharged completely.

Why the efficiency of the robot gets decreased?

This may arise due to the fully filling of dustbin. Just remove it and cleanse it to get rid of this problem. Also the filter can be blocked which also needs regular cleaning. It arises also due to presence of an external object in the main brush.

Why mova z500 robot does not return to the charging dock?

There are too many obstructions near the charging dock. Place the charging dock in a more open area. Cleanse the dock’s signaling area by which its signal can’t get interrupted again.

Mova z500 robot Review

This is all about the brief details of the MOVA Z500 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Smart Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner. In my opinion we can’t ignore the features and advantages of the vacuum cleaners despite some of the disadvantages. We can optimize our bills by the optimum use of vacuum cleaners whenever required but not in our day to day life because when we use broom which requires manpower, we can make fit ourselves. So, in one line the technologies are designed for making our life comfortable and easy but not for overuse by which we can degrade our health also.

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