Movistar smart wifi amplifier Setup, troubleshooting and review

The Hogar Movistar smart wifi amplifier is specially made to reduce the wiring connection. It mainly works to extend the Wi-Fi signal of your existing wifi router. Usually this amplifier covers the entire area where your router’s network cannot reach such as dead zones and longer areas. Using this smart wifi amplifier you can connect more than devices at 5GHz frequency. Through the 5GHz band frequency you are much less saturated and get a more efficient Wi-Fi network coverage in comparison to 2.4GHz frequency .

The Hogar smart wifi amplifier is a most optimal and reliable WiFi Amplifier. It expands the wifi network at the router’s original speed. By using it, you can easily stream your online video, or more shows. You can easily access the wifi network on your gaming consoles, TV decoders, PC, and laptops, etc. to it. no need for cables. In addition, it is also a compatible networking device specially with the 5GHz Wi-Fi router.

Movistar smart wifi amplifier installation

If you want to expand the wifi network with the Smart WiFi Amplifier, first you have to install it by following the below steps.

  1. First and foremost, you must read the Movistar smart wifi amplifier installation guide. It comes into its packaging box.
  2. Through the help of the Smart WiFi repeater Movistar manual, you can install it easily.
  3. Now, let’s install it by standing it near the location of the existing Smart WiFi Router.
  4. Also, see that the power of your router is already on and after that you can also turn on the power of the amplifier by plugging it into the power socket.
  5. Now, you have to just wait for a little bit until the WiFi LEDs light fully turn solid blue.
  6. After this, configure the Movistar WiFi repeater with another router.
  7. By pressing the WPS button on your Router connect the wifi network on your amplifier.
  8. Now, you can again look at the amplifier gateway’s WiFi and LED light and it begins to blink.
  9. After that, you can again briefly press on the WiFi and WPS button of the smart wifi Amplifier. Your amplifier LED light and wifi light flashes again.
  10. Finally, you can turn off its power to use the smart wifi amplifier accordingly or in another location and install it.
  11. Make sure your choosing location is more perfect to your previous location.

At last, you can just verify the Movistar repeater green light through the third LED light indicator. If it blinks blue light it means your network connection is good. Finally, the Movistar smart wifi amplifier installation finishes now.

Movistar smart wifi amplifier login via the Smart WiFi App

The smart wifi amplifier is compatible with various devices. You just connect the WiFi network on your device by entering the password manually. Then, you have to login by following the below steps.

  • After installing the smart wifi amplifier, you can connect the WiFi network to your PC.
  • Now, you download and install the smart wifi app on your PC from the play store.
  • Open this app and then you have to accept all terms and conditions.
  • After this, click on the next option and then also click on the sign-in option.
  • Type the sign-in credentials in the pops up sign-in box.
  • At last, you just click on the sign-in option and complete the smart WiFi repeater Movistar login process.

So, the Smart wifi amplifier login process is successfully finished now using the smart wifi app. By following the above steps, you can also try to login.

Movistar smart wifi amplifier manual

The Smart wifi repeater Movistar manual comes along with the smart wifi repeater packaging box. Through this user manual you can get a short installation guide and also know about your repeaters features. The Hogar Movistar-smart wifi amplifier user manual usually shows the Box contents such as Smart WiFi amplifier, Source fee, Ethernet cable, Installation guide, Information WiFi Tips and Guarantee card. By using all the accessories you can easily use this repeater to extend the wifi network. The features included into the manual are such as Dual band network speed with WiFi AC, Signal WiFi 5GHz, Signal 2.4GHz and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for LAN. Get different information from the manual from here.

Smart WiFi Repeater Movistar setup

To the Smart WiFi Amplifier setup first you have to install the Smart WiFi App on your PC. After that, to manage it properly, just follow the below steps.

  • Through the smart wifi app you will be easily able to manage your amplifier WiFi and WiFi networks.
  • You can also control your connecting devices and customize the name and password of your smart wifi amplifier.
  • Just, sing-in your amplifier through the app and then directly go into the setting option.
  • By following the on-screen instructions you can manage your amplifier.
  • Through the wireless setting you can easily change password repeater wifi Movistar.
  • After completing the changes you must click on the “save changes” option.

Thus, the Movistar wifi repeater setup process finishes now. Through the above steps you can also try to manage your device.

Movistar smart wifi amplifier Troubleshooting tips

There will be no such electronic device in this world that does not show problems. There is also a smart wifi amplifier from those networking electronic devices. For the Movistar smart wifi repeater troubleshooting, just follow below steps.

  • Sometimes, the Movistar wifi repeater does not work. By resetting it, you can easily solve or troubleshoot this problem.
  • Apart from this, while you use this amplifier then the Movistar wifi repeater does not connect wifi. To solve it, you can again plugin your all devices(computer, router and amplifier) by rebooting it.
  • If your Smart wifi router power is on but no internet, then you have to check your existing wifi router’s network and by resetting your router’s network, you can again connect to the wifi network on your amplifier.
  • In spite of this, if your Movistar smart wifi amplifier keeps disconnecting. To fix it, just keep your amplifier near the location of the router.
  • Moreover, If your Smart wifi repeater won’t turn on, then you can again verify your attaching wires from the wall socket. Surely, it’s not connecting to the wall socket properly.

So, these are some Movistar wifi amplifier troubleshooting tips. If your amplifier shows these types of various issues then you fix it by following these steps.

Movistar smart wifi amplifier Reviews

After a long time, I researched one of the networking devices which amplifies my existing wifi network with actual range and coverage. To buy a new amplifier, first I asked too many people and they told me a lot of amplifiers. But most of all people give me the Hogar Movistar-Smart WiFi amplifier Reviews. So, I think this is perfect for my home, so I bought it. After using it I really realise that it is really a better amplifier in comparison to others. Which is installed very quickly without any hesitation. The wifi coverage with 5GHz frequency is fully great. So, If you also think about purchasing a good amplifier which reaches each and every corner of your home easily then you buy it and enjoy a faster wifi network.


Q1. Is the WPS/Reset button helpful to reset the Movistar wifi amplifier?

Of course yes, by using the reset button you can easily reset your Movistar wifi repeater factory setting. You have to press the reset button,just for three to fifteen seconds. After the smart wifi repeater reset, you can leave it. Then, you can again turn on your amplifier by pressing the power button.

Q2. How to update smart wifi repeater firmware in a simple way?

To update your device firmware, by using the smart wifi app, you have to go into the setting menu. After this, select the Movistar wifi repeater firmware update option and click on it. Thus, you follow the on-screen instructions and update the smart wifi amplifier firmware with the latest version.

Q3. How to use the Hogar movistar wifi amplifier?

To use it, first you keep it near the location of the router. After that, you plug it in the wall second and connect the wifi network on it by pressing the WPS button. Then, to connect the wifi network on your device, go into the wifi setting and select its name. Connect the wifi network on your device by entering the password.