MPIO 5G Wireless Dongle

The MPIO 5G Wireless Dongle belongs to the “Ambo” company based in the United States. The MPIO got launched recently in May 2021. It costs around 29.9 US dollars at (ASIN -B094FCKJKS). Several sites sell it at a much-elevated price, so I recommend you to buy it from the Amazon reliable source. The dongle received a 4-star rating out of 5 within a very short time. Many people have bought it across the globe and have spread sweet words about it as well. The wireless dongle weighs around 3.52 ounces and has an 8.46 * 6.18 * 0.75 inches dimension structure. Moreover, it is available in a single color variant “Black”, and has received a #140 rating in streaming media players online worldwide.
The company provides a warranty of 1 year on the whole device. Make sure you keep the bills and documents safe to claim them via the purchasing website in the future. Coming to its structural part the 5G dongle is quite small in shape and hold-able in hand. It has the styling “M” on one side and the branding “MPIO” on the other with a Tri-pattern design embedded. The LED light blinks “Blue” in color and hides under the pattern up front. 2 ports are built on the 4K dongle, an HDMI port in front for device connection an USB for power and antenna connection. If you require any other information, refer to the manual provided with the box for further assistance.

Unboxing the HDR MPIO dongle.

The package arrives from the nearest company warehouse in a small box. Rip apart the cardboard and take out the plastic in which the product stays. First comes out the main HDMI wireless dongle in a snugly fit casing. Then comes out the signaling Wi-Fi antenna along with several cords in it. 1 cord for HDMI connection and another double type cord for power and antenna connection. Sadly no power adapter is provided, so you need to purchase them separately online. A user manual and warranty document are bundled inside too for installation and seeking help if required. Don’t forget to go through the plastic covering itself, as it comes with a ton of quick features and valuable information printed on it. The MPIO may reach you within 3 to 4 working days (free shipping) depending on your delivery location. Lastly, feel free to contact the customer service at the purchasing website in case you have any other items missing from the package.

Features of MPIO displaying adapter.

  • The MPIO 5G Wireless Dongle is quite easily portable and runnable. Due to its tiny nature, you can carry it anywhere anytime with you. Give time to your workspace and enjoy the movie night with friends all together. The feature of screen sharing makes everything possible, you can run a lot of things at the same time.
  • Stream 4K and HDR content are on the wireless MPIO dongle. It can run 4K resolution at 30Hz refresh rate and 1080p at both 60Hz and 30HZ refresh rate as well. If your screen stands compatible with the device, you can view 3D content and receive an immersive experience too. Note: In addition, for all of these to work the connected device should also support all the mentioned resolutions.
  • The best feature to uses is the Mirror and Extend mode on the MPIO. It basically displays the mobile or laptop screen on a bigger screen like TV, projector, etc. Most people use it as a casting option to watch movies or play online games.
  • The Wi-Fi antenna stands as a protector of the wireless connection between the 2 devices. It prevents other networks from hampering the ongoing stream on the attached device. (Example- radios, neighbors Wi-Fi, etc). In return, the display runs smoothly without buffering or any stopping of any kind.

Reviewing the 4K MPIO HDMI wireless streamer.

I know how hard it is for people nowadays to choose the correct dongle for themselves. In the generation of Smart TVs and HD streaming devices with remotes or apps, they find it difficult to match their compatibility. Hence, if someone is looking out for a cheap dongle that includes every other feature in this modern world, you are reading the right article. The MPIO is a wireless 4K HDMI displaying adapter, which is easy to install and run. It doesn’t require an app to function, instead, you can mirror everything you want from your phone to your TV.
The product stands compatible with almost every other device available in the market (Androids, IOS, etc). For iPads, you need to have a paid subscription for using some apps on the device. Buying this portable adapter removes your headache of messing with multiple wires. You just need to attach 2 cards to get it going smoothly. You can run several functions at the same time by just dividing the screen and start utilizing it. Just plug it anywhere and view screening. The streamer won’t even require reconnecting, once you have set it up completely. With this wireless adapter, you can attend meetings, watch movies or even play high-end games without facing any frame drops and network hampering. The antenna installed on it makes sure that the Wi-Fi connection stays fast and uninterruptible. Although, for quick alternatives you can also go through SOCLL Miracast, Mirascreen G30, Screenbeam Mini 2, Anycast display, LAIDUOAO dongle, Microsoft V2.

Installing the MPIO wireless HDR streamer.

  • Connecting the screen with the wireless streamer is quick and easy. Provide the MPIO 5G Wireless Dongle a power source (Normal Charging Adapter- 5V/2A) and place it nearby the TV. Now connect both the antenna wire and the HDMI port to the TV and switch them on. You need to notice the blue light, which blinks for showing active running status.
  • Visit the HDMI section on your smart TV. The MIRASCREEN main screen will appear on the display. Start connecting your smartphone with MIRA Wi-Fi. Go to the casting section of your mobile and click “MIRASCREEN” on it. While doing that, LED lights will blink fast and stop consequently.
  • The casting option is on and you can literally view your phone’s actions on the TV. Further to connect the MPIO with the router, visit “Google Chrome” on your mobile. Type in “” and tap the “Internet” option on it. Select your displaying router and give in the security password for access. Repeat the casting process again to receive a web connection on it. You can do the same through your computer as well. The MPIO doesn’t require any particular application to function.


Solve the Miracast connecting issue with the home Wi-Fi network?

On a starting note, check if the Wi-Fi is switched on or not, and has an active Internet flow. Using the Windows system requires a “WIN + P” typing on the keyboard, to refresh the adaptor’s network connection. If you are stuck in the middle of connecting the MPIO Miracast from your phone, try restarting it. Remove the device in the “Wireless Display” section of your phone. Reconnect it from the beginning as explained in the installation procedure. Follow that correctly and do not make any mistakes. On a final note, be sure if your device is Miracast compatible or not. Generally, it requires a Smart TV (supporting up to 4K resolution) to establish a stable connection.

How to update firmware on the MPIO HDMI dongle?

Update the firmware on the Miracast MPIO 5G Wireless Dongle by visiting the Google Chrome browser. Type in “” and select the Internet option. Slide in the menu and scroll down to view the “Updates” window. You can download and install the firmware from there if one is available. Note: Always remember to update the firmware manually, as it lacks automatic system update.

How to reset the MPIO wireless dongle?

However, resetting the MPIO is a piece of cake. Unplug all its connections from the connected device via chords and let it rest for 10 minutes. Remove the Miracast from your phone, laptop and try reconnecting it afterward. This refreshes the system and clears all the past junks that the MPIO’s been carrying all along. Restart your phone and laptop too before reconnecting.