MySpool Mailbox Alert

The MySpool Mailbox Alert is a wireless ingenious system and smart device that gives you a message on your smartphone if you receive mail in the mailbox. This Mailbox Alert extended range provides the services after setting the MySpool Hub and a Mailbox Alert Node. Both of these connections communicate with each other in the air. In addition, to operate this wireless Mailbox alert, you have to need a hub to send notifications and alerts using the MySpool cloud server. Both of them make your device capable of transmitting the exaggerated signal range very impeccably, this standard Mailbox alert does not require any hub to supply the notification ahead.

Just, fit this wireless Mailbox alert into a specific zone and place another standard mailbox to extend the signal range of this device up to 400 feet to 1600 ft areas via the combination of both appliances. The myspool setup is too easy and quick, you can easily set this device in your mailbox. It notifies you, especially while the mailbox is opened. My spool app allows you to use this wireless system undoubtedly and control that system all activities very smoothly. Use the myspool phone number to access the notification with the text message.

Amazing features of the MySpool Mailbox

The Mailbox alert system is an excellent wireless device that is installed under the mailbox and sends you notifications while opening the door of your Mailbox. It has come with too many features which are such as:

  • It only works with a wireless connection and sends you notifications up to 1200 feet area including the Extended Mailbox signal range. Also, you need internet up to 200 feet, especially for the hub.
  • If your mobile phone has a myspool app then simply create an account on this app to get the notification on your mobile phoenix while you get the mail. You can only use a signal mobile phone number and five Emails to get the text message and notification alert.
  • The Standard mailbox node uses AAA batteries, moreover, its Mailbox hub only uses the AC power outlet.
  • The MySpool Mailbox Alert installation and configuration process is too easy and you can use it instantly after activating it.
  • You can easily set this mailbox alert inside the box with the instructions of the MySpool user manual. Use the MySpool mailbox node to set up the power of this device. You can easily use this node outside of the box because this also arrives with a weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Attach this node with the inside door sensor and mount this extended range mailbox outside of the box using the node.
  • Let’s use the mailbox hub to communicate with the sensor through the air mode and get an instant notification on your registered mail or phone number.

Several steps for the myspool setup

If you wish to know “How to install the MySpool Mailbox Alert and how to use it?”. Som here is some steps to installing this wireless mailbox alert in a few seconds. Let’s use it.

  • In the foremost, you have to unbox this device from its package, if this is new.
  • After that, collect all the accessories of the Mailbox alert from its packaging box to connect it with your home Mailbox.
  • Read all the Mailbox alert instructions from the myspool user manual.
  • Now, plug the myspool hub that’s included under the packaging box of this device.
  • After this, unite this wireless hub with the internet connection and trigger this hub with your Mailbox with the myspool app.
  • After that, install the Mailbox alert into your mailbox to get the alert and notifications originally.

Steps for the Mailbox alert installation

Here are several specific installation steps to install this wireless mailbox very easily.

  • First of all, mount this mailbox inside the mailbox and attach the door sensor with this mailbox door.
  • Use the adhesive tape and sticky tape to attach this mailbox alert sensor inside the box precisely.
  • Use the extra added screw to fix both of these sensors very perfectly. Ensure that they may attach and close to each other while the mailbox is closed.
  • Fix the Mailbox node precisely with your mailbox sensor and let’s connect this system with the connection of electrical power.
  • Now, start the power of this mailbox alert and test that the myspool power alert notifies you through the hub when it gets the mail or opens it.

Specific Steps for the myspool login

After finishing the setup of this wireless Mailbox alert WiFi system, you have to follow the below-mentioned instructions to MySpool Mailbox Alert Login-in.

  • First of all, install my spool app on your mobile phone, either you must visit to login in.
  • Create the mailbox alert account to register it.
  • Now, sync the mailbox hub with this app and trigger it to get notified when this mailbox opens.
  • Also, add the sensor with this app and let’s configure the settings of this mailbox to access the notifications on your mobile phone.

Steps for the MySpool Mailbox Alert configuration

Following are the tailored steps given to set it up and configure the settings of this wireless mailbox.

  • Ensure firstly that the Mailbox door sensors are combined with each other, just for five minutes while you configure the settings of this mailbox.
  • Separate both parts, just for two seconds and keep away the magnet part of this system, just for a minute.
  • It will turn on the MAILBOX alert and let’s begin its power after the Mailbox alert setup.
  • Launch your mobile phone wifi settings and choose the device name from its wireless settings section.
  • Choose the Mailbox alert sensor ID “SASensor-000000” and connect it with the wifi connection.
  • Let’s move the web interface to configure it with more settings. Go on the Mailbox setup wizard page using your windows and transcribe in an IP address:
  • Now, let’s configure the WIFi settings and enter your router password after choosing this device name.
  • In the end, click on the save option to finish the myspool mailbox configuration process.

Following Steps to convert the Mailbox WiFi alert to extended range

Let’s extend the signal range of your Mailbox with the extra added standard Mailbox extender.

  • First of all, take the LID to turn off this mailbox smart sensor and disconnect all wires from your white connector.
  • After that, bring the place-bound and remove all the wires from its box.
  • The blue-chip is housed, also remove it and replace the replacement chip from the MAilbox alert kit.
  • Sure about that, the antennas of this mailbox sensor are fed outside. You should adhere out from the LID where the Mailbox sensor wires arrive.
  • After this, put the battery again into the battery compartment of the mailbox sensor.
  • Now, plug in the hub by using the A/C power outlet and connect with the WiFi network using the myspool app and configure the settings of this mailbox.

How to do I MySpool Mailbox Alert battery replacement?

There are specific steps to replacing the battery of this Mailbox alert, that’s all mentioned below.

  • You have to use the screwdriver to pull off the all mailbox alert from your mailbox.
  • After this, replace the battery and fix this device again as it is using this system again.

Following steps for the myspool troubleshooting

These are the several steps to fixing the error of this wireless smarts sensor efficiently. Let’s know about them.

(i) Mailbox alert not working

Here are the particular steps to fixing the myspool not working error.

  • If this is not configured then reconfigure this wireless device and use it again.
  • Connect with the power again.
  • Reconnect the internet connection.
  • Apart from this, insert the batteries into the battery compartment and use it again after switching on its power.
(ii) iPhone Mailbox alert email notification not working

These are the troubleshooting tips to fix the error of this networking device suitably.

  • First of all, move under the settings menu and choose the iPhone settings.
  • After this, click on the notifications, surely this is not enabled.
  • Tap on Email or phone number, pick one option to get the notifications.
  • Now, enable the option and acquire the notification after transforming the settings.
  • If the iPhone email notification is not showing on the lock screen, then also enable the settings for this and use it again.
  • Reset the mailbox alert, if this is not working yet.
(iii) My spool app not working

Here are the specific steps to fix the errors of this networking mailbox alert.

  • Reinstall this app and try to use it again.
  • Connect the internet connection to your mobile phone again.
  • Start the power of this mailbox alert again and start the power of this mailbox again.
  • Launch the app and pair it with this wireless mailbox alert again and use it again.
  • Restart the power of your mobile phone to fix the error.
(iv) MySpool Mailbox alert Outlook not making a sound when Email is arrives

Use the below-mentioned steps to fix this occurring issue of this mailbox alert system.

  • In this case, you have to simply modify the settings of this networking mailbox.
  • Visit under and with a troubleshooting guide to fix this error permanently.
  • Also, turn on the mobile phone sound notification again to fix this error.
  • Go into the settings < click on options < after that, clinic the Mail option.
  • Now, you should use it again and let’s get the mail with a proper sound.
(v) Mailbox Alert not connecting with the WiFi

Use the below-furnished steps to fix the error of this wireless networking device.

  • Reconnect the internet in your hub and sensor again to operate both of these devices greatly.
  • Move your smart Mailbox Alert alarm sensor to another location.
  • Also, connect this wireless router with the power after resetting it, if this is not working.
  • Moreover, access the connection of the network again and access the internet connection into your smart mailbox alert again to use this system perfectly with the internet connection.
  • Restart the power of this long-range mailbox alert system if this is not connecting with the internet connection.
  • Ensure that your entering and choosing router network connection is correct.
  • Type the correct password and SSID to connect this smart Mailbox WiFi system with the internet connection.

Myspool Mailbox Wireless Alert system reviews

The Mailbox Alert system works with the Text Message and Email Notifications. To access the better services by this mailbox then you should connect it first with the internet connection. This is a system that establishes inside the mailbox of your home. Connect the internet in this wireless mailbox with the internet using my spool app. Read the instructions of the user manual to install the app of this system and connect it with the wireless network. Use this mailbox alert extended range with your home standard wireless mailbox alert system.

It gives your information by the mailbox alert with a text message on your registered phone number address. Check the wireless mailbox alert reviews from Amazon, Walmart, and best buy selling platforms. This is available on the mailbox alarm Walmart at an affordable price. Its size and dimension are 6.85 x 6.46 x 2.4 inches and its weight is 11.7 ounces. This is launched on the date of November 19, 2018, and manufactured by MySpool. The ASIN number of this smart mailbox WiFi system is B07MMKG8LQ. This product has 327 ratings with 4.2 out of 5 stars.

MySpool user manual guide

Following are the user queries which answer surely includes under the user manual. So, you must read it and know about such different queries from its manual.

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  • Can I reset the Mailbox WiFi Alert effortlessly?
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  • Is this Mailbox Alert update with the latest version?
  • Is this a long-range mailbox alert and the best Myspool wireless mailbox alert system?