NeaBot Robot Vacuum | Nomo vacuum cleaner setup

The robot vacuum is manufactured by the company “Neabot Technology Co. Ltd” in Shenzhen, Hong Kong. The product (Model Number- NoMo) got launched last year in July 2020. The item costs around 365 U.S. dollars and is available for sale at (ASIN- B08C9T88TN). Covering the basic specifications, the nomo is available in a single colour variant that is “White”. It has a 55-70 decibel noise level conduction, a dust box capacity of 400ML and a 2.8 litre of dust bag capacity as well. The robot can climb up to a height of 0.78 inch/2centimetre and run for 2 hours straight due to its 5200 maH battery- backup.
The suction power can be altered among 700pa, 1200pa and 2700pa. Along with all these things the Neabot has received a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 in the review section of its buying link. The rating is followed by the #338 listing number in the robotic vacuums all over the globe. Negative highlights are also mentioned alongside positive thoughts. The company declares a warranty of 1 year on the internal damage of the product. They will not cover any issue if the cleaner is mistreated or disturbed in any other way. However, regarding any other issue visit the official website for further assistance.

Structural view of Nomo vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum is made up of partly steel and partly plastic fibre materials. The gadget owns a weight of 20.6 pounds and has a 13.78 * 13.78 * 3.86 inches dimension set up. Due to the addition of its spare parts and debris, the product weighs even more. The remote although has a plastic body with numerous functional buttons constructed on it. The white clicker requires a battery (2 lithium-ion), to run. The back is openable, and the front consists of Recharge, 4 Arrow keys, Start/Pause, Empty bin, Spot clean, Mute, Regular suction, Strong suction and Small suction buttons for operations.
The oval-shaped emptying bin has a power cord for charging at the back below the hot air vent. The dust container stays beneath the flip cover (open to use). The LED indicator is placed above the infrared sensor at the front. The dustbin port included with charging contacts is constructed at the bottom for the Nomo to power up. The dust panel is openable and can also be looked upon if required due to its transparency.
The Neabot vacuum comes with a laser metal sensor build up top, for picking up signals. The LED indicator and “Neabot” branding are present on the body. However, the side is filled with a speaker, TOF sensor, air vent, dust box, release button, shutdown button and stuff. The bottom side is filled with equipment such as charging contacts, 3 wheels, 3 brushes etc things like that. The mesh filters, brackets and sponges just stay inside the dust box, take it out to wash them up. Take a closer look at the product from all sides by visiting the Neabot YouTube channel.

Unboxing the Neabot noMo robot vacuum cleaner.

Opening up the huge package is going to take time. Tear up the boxboard, slowly to avoid the cleaner falling out. The white box will consist of a lot of material stuffed inside. First, the self-emptying dustbin will come in your hands, take it out and the rest will be easy to unpack. The robot vacuum follows up next, along with its 2 cleaning brushes and 1 main cleaning brush. The HEPA filter, remote and 2 dust bags are also bundled after that. Lastly, 2 AAA batteries and a user guide are kept separately in plastic for usage. The warranty can be claimed through the bill itself, that’s why the company doesn’t provide a warranty card apart from that. Keep the bill safe to use in future. Still, if anything other than this is missing from the box, please inform the customer care of the purchasing site immediately.

Installing procedure of the robot vacuum NoMo.

  • Regardless of how tough unboxing can be, the installation process is quite smooth enough. Fix the vacuum bin to a safe location and provided it with a stable power connection. Make sure the position is permanent for the bin’s placement initially.
  • Attach the dirtbag inside the closet and put the robot cleaner inside the hub for charging too. After that’s done, download the “NeabotHome” app (available for both Mac and Android devices). In the beginning, you can also operate it via the given remote. Put in the batteries, for it to transmit signals.
  • When the charging is finished (generally takes 4 hours to charge fully), test it out once. Press the “Start” button on the remote, for it to clean up a spot. Try out the different functions to ensure its active working status. (Note: Keep within a distance of 10 metres from the robot to catch the signals).
  • Now, Sign in to the app using your email ID and password and add up your Nomo cleaner. Push the “Recharge” and “Pause” buttons together on the remote for 5 to 10 seconds and a configuration page will open up on the app. Type in the Wi-Fi password to let the Neabot access the Internet. Once you have selected “NeabotHome device hotspot” you are good to go.

Pros and Cons

  • Technically, the power is good by its numbers, but it lacks the power in the fieldwork. The Nomo received 8 cfm at low power, 11 cfm at medium power, and 18 cfm at maximum power. It’s certainly above average, but it’s not that great in action as well.
  • The deep cleaning ability in the real world is measured pretty low too. The carpet deep clean feature along with the debris pick up the test and other pick up tests are not up to that mark.
  • Another con is the hair tangling and human/ pet hair test, which the NoMo failed drastically. The hair gets stuck on the main brush and doesn’t make its way to the dustbin. You have to manually do that using your hands. The basic point for the people to purchase such product is to save time, from doing this dirty thing. In this case, that is completely avoided.
  • The final factor is that Neabot is a new company introduced in the market. It lacks a proven track record and the company infrastructure currently is a bit downgrade as well. I will recommend, you to review the article slowly first, to understand the robots working ability properly. Spare parts and customer service are available 24/7 worldwide.
  • The Neabot robot has a hands-free cleaning solution. Just replace the dirtbag with a new one once a month and you’re done.
  • The nearby can suck up to any type of dust, food and small cloth particles. Keep your carpets and floors shiny by running the smart cleaner to every corner of the house.
  • The Home app supports a voice command feature too. You can speak orders via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Visit the app and provide the command “Alexa, turn on Neabot” and it will act accordingly. You can even customize the cleaning strategy and keep an eye out for the working status as well.
  • Even if you are outside the house, the robot will function if it has access to the Wi-Fi home network. You can even schedule a timer for a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning strategy. The cleaner will work duly to your preferences.
  • The best feature among all is the Lidar Navigation technology and Simultaneous Localization Mapping (SLAM). The robot works smarter using these features. With this, the Neabot can avoid obstacles, barriers and reach every corner of the room to clean. It glides over the terrain’s soothingly, according to the user’s instructions and mapping, done on the app.


How to reset, restart the Nemo robot vacuum?

There is no particular solution to this problem. Although you can forcefully shut down the system by pressing the “Shutdown” button on the robot itself. Leave it uncharged for an hour or two and start using it back again. This refreshes the full system and gives the vacuum a little bit of break too. Anyhow to reset the device, just delete the application on your phone and reinstall it back again. Start by adding the device from the beginning. This will not only wipe the memory of the normal cleaner but also set it back on track avoiding any kind of blockage.

Solve the firmware update problem on the NeabotHome app?

To update the firmware version on the NeabotHome app, keep in mind to turn on the power for charging (both the bin and the vacuum). Keep all of them attached together until and unless the upgrade finishes. Now, visit the “About” section on the app and click on the “Firmware Update” option there. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish off the process, after that. Chat with the customer executive agent at [email protected] for reassurance about the product.

How to maintain the Neabot Nomo smart robot vacuum?

Follow the points below whenever necessary to take care of your product. If you need more advice for maintaining the robot, contact the Neabot office at +86 1500-890-6018 anytime.

  • Whenever the yellow LED indicators to blink on the dustbin, change the dirtbag with the new one. It usually flashes after 2 weeks of the debris collection. The tunnel can be blocked with dust materials too, if not cleaned frequently. Once the bag is full, the tunnel gets jammed too by the dirt.
  • Wash the brushes and filters once or twice a week depending on your pet quantity. Use cold water to rinse it and then let drive for 30 minutes, before you attach it back.
  • Clear the sensor and contact ports once a month to keep them dust-free. No matter the bin itself requires a dusting every now and then. The wheels of the Nomo also requires cloth wiping to avoid getting stuck on the path.
How to look after the small children and pet safety precautions, from the smart vacuum cleaner NoMo Neabot?

Keep your children safe, by supervising them about the device. The pet, whether a dog or cat should be trained adequately to evade an accident. Usually, the pet’s tail gets stuck under the wing brushes of the device and rolls up. This may hurt the animal and the device functionality could stop permanently too or lead to broken parts also. The feet, hands and clothes of small children can also get in the way of cleaning. So, steer clear from any kind of trouble, ask your children and pet to stay away at a higher level until the Nomo finishes its cleaning round. In this way, no one gets in the path and the job gets done easily and quickly.

How to use the voice command feature appropriately on the Neabot nomo smart robot?

The smart gadget stands compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Other than turning off and on the device, the company has not created any more commands. The robot only accepts orders in the “English” language, so keep in mind to use it. The “Apple HomeKit” will sadly, won’t work on the Neabot robot. In spite of all these facts, you can get free after-sales service from the company, if required. Buy spare parts at, they are a Co-partner of the Neabot company.

Neabot robot vacuum charging, offline problem?

Check a few things before jumping to conclusions. The Wi-Fi flow should not be interrupted, keep it charging on all the time. If the LED indicator isn’t responding on the robot, even after charging try restarting it. Refresh the app and then start connecting back again. If all these don’t work out, clean the charging contacts and ports with a dry cloth. Plug out and in, the power outlet once to resume charging, the light on the bin will respond this time.

Is the Neabot cleaner not responding back to the dock station an issue?

There can be a pile of mistakes, made by the owner or the robot to meet such a situation. At first, check if the robot has got stuck on a door, wall or not. A slippery floor can also cause this issue too, the wheels won’t roll if the floor is filled up with water. Make sure the environment is kept dry for the cleaner to do his job. The dock station should not be placed anywhere else, while the robot is at work. Doing this will confuse the NoMo on his return path towards the station. A lost case of the vacuum cleaner will be reported on your phone app, which is hilarious.

Charging and no-disturb mode issue on the Neabot cleaning device.

The orange light will indicate an ongoing charge on the robot. As soon as the white light appears, it means that the device is fully charged and ready to clean. Connect the power outlet as well as the connecting contacts to the ports, correctly to avoid dismissal of power. The no-disturb mode has to be set alongside a timer, to work subsequently. Turning this on advises the robot to silently clean the room without creating noise. Otherwise, the Nomo generally creates a fuss with his noisy appearance while dusting the house.

Review of the Neabot smart cleaning vacuum.

With the urge of earning money and maintaining their home security, people have gone rogue. They can’t trust maids and hesitate to hand over the house keys to them. To provide public relief, today we’re introducing the Neabot robot vacuum cleaner. Forget about paying your caretaker monthly, as this device does almost every job of cleaning around the house with a little bit of charge. You can get rid of pet hair and all the other dusty debris, lying around the floor of your house, within a short time. The vacuum cleaner is quite a user friendly and can also be accessed over remote and voice commands.
Schedule and assign them a job and they will follow instantly, even if you are not in the house. Although, the gadget only works on a particular floor. If you have an upstairs or downstairs, you will have to carry the Nomo there, physically to resume its work. There are a ton of reasons for you to purchase it, without even thinking once. The Neabot NoMo is the cheapest and affordable product out in the market to deliver such amazing features and longer battery life. If you do rethink about anything else, take a look at CLOBOT robot, 2NICE vacuum, eufy by Amber, Lefant cleaner, Shark AV10108AE, OKP Life 2, etc for typical options. To know more about the product, drop a mail at [email protected] and they will assist you with the extra information.

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