NETGEAR AC3000 Tri-band Access Point setup,troubleshooting and Review

In any infrastructural or office space, the main issue is with the network and connectivity issues like not enough bandwidth, internet not being easily accessible, or not enough range to connect to the infrastructural network. Using the NETGEAR AC3000 tri band wireless Access Point WAC540, you won’t have to face any of these issues.
It is a complex access point that has 3 radios which can handle situations with a large number of devices that demand WiFi service.

It can be use to connect multiple devices like Laptop, Notepad, PC, and Smartphones without any hassle and all devices can enjoy the complete performance of the WAC540’S performance and bandwidth coverage without any lag. This all comes together with the use of Insight that enables overcoming demanding situations when designing and handling networks with ease.
The WAC540 has enough power to keep applications like messaging tools, handling high-quality calls, or hosting live meetings or sessions on a smart WiFi TV around the office to run smoothly and with ease thanks to its large bandwidth and MU-MIMO features.
In this article, we will see the features, setup, and installation and the review of the NETGEAR AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Business Access Point WAC540.

What comes in the Package?

The unboxing experience is quite easy and minimal. The box contains the WAC540 wireless access point model with the DC power adapter. A ceiling and wall mount kit and installation guide for it. It also contains an installation guide for the access point device.

Features of The NETGEAR AC3000 Tri band WAC540

  1. It is completely wireless and has a dual-band channel. One 2.4GHz channel and another 5GHz channel. Thanks to its external antennas it can give fast speeds up to 1.2Gbps wirelessly.
  2. Containing multiple access points, the device allows multiple configurations for faster and clutter-free internet.
  3. The access point is compatible with backward devices like devices with WiFi 4,5 and 6. Using this way you are easily able to connect to it on any device.
  4. The access point can be set up easily and is protected by a WiFi system. These access points can also be connected to a pre-existing router.
  5. With the help of MU-MIMO support, the access point can communicate easily and simultaneously with its 3-radio parts. This allows the access point to be connected by a larger number of users.
  6. Thanks to its external antennas the NETGEAR WAC540 range is very wide. This range extends with the help of its 3-radio parts. About 600 devices can be connected simultaneously to a single access point.
  7. The device has 4 in-built gigabit ethernet ports. This enables the connections of PC, Laptop, Gaming consoles, etc. through wired means.
  8. A device is usually connected to the least congested network for faster access to the internet. This is possible by a feature known as Bandsteering.
  9. It allows the administrator to balance the load for either larger bandwidth or greater internet speed.
  10. The device is designed elegantly and blends with the surroundings. With the help of the NETGEAR Insight management solution, installation is very easy.

How to Setup and Install The WAC540 Access Point?

Setting up the WAC540 is very easy and hassle-free. To install your Netgear access point follow the below steps.

Register with the NETGEAR Insight App

NETGEAR has provided an app that makes installation and management easier. You can also activate your warranty and call for support. All you have to do is download the latest version of the NETGEAR Insight app on your mobile device. You can install this app from the Android Play Store. After installing it, you need to open it. If you already have an existing NETGEAR account it is possible to continue with that itself. If you new user then creates an account by following the instruction displayed. After this, the NETGEAR AC3000 WAC540 access point login is complete.

Connecting the WAC540 Access Point to a PoE Switch

After the login is complete, we need to connect to the internet and a PoE switch will allow us to do so. Before this, the access point will be connects to a network before the setup. This allows the NETGEAR insight app to be use for setup. An ethernet cable is connects to the access point from a PoE switch. You connect the Ethernet cable with the LAN port which is available next to the power input.

Then you need to connect to a network once the access point is ON. An LED indicator shows if the access point has powered up or not. If the LED lights up yellow, it means that the access point is still booting. Once the booting is done, the access point LED will light up green. The IP address is directly received by a DHCP server. If there is no DHCP server selected, the default IP of the access point is

NETGEAR AC3000 Tri-band Access Point Setup

Once the access point has an internet connection, it is possible to set up the access point using your mobile device. Follow the steps on your mobile device to set up the access point

  1. Firstly, make sure your mobile device is connects to the WiFi network of the access point. The NETGEAR default WiFi password and network name are available in the access point label. The network name is nothing but the SSID of the access point.
  2. You need to change the password to a more strong, suitable, and secure one and it is recommends to do so. This can be finish in the Insight app once the setup is complete.
  3. Open the app on your mobile device and log in to the app. Now to add or create a network, click on the plus sign of the app it is on the upper right side of the app. Once you click on it you can add or create a new network.
  4. The app will discover the network and after that name your network and enter a device admin password. This password is applicable to all devices that will connect to this network.
  5. You can also add the access point manually to your account by entering the serial number. Even you can scan the serial bar code to add the access point.
  6. You can also create a new network or select one. Now the access point will connect to the insight cloud once the connection is ensure. During this, the LED will light blue.
  7. If and when you are prompt, you are suppose to name the access point. The NETGEAR WAC540 firmware will get update automatically and takes only a few minutes. When a firmware update takes place, the LED keeps blinking yellow.

Deployment of the NETGEAR AC3000 Tri band Access Point

The netgear ac300 tri band setup has been completed and all you have to do now is place the access point. Choose a suitable and accessible location for the access point. Make sure the access point is in an elevated location and is within range of WiFi coverage. You can use the wall or ceiling mount for placement. Follow the instructions on the guide given in the box. After selecting an ideal location, disconnect the access point and place it in the selected position. After placement, make sure you re-connect the access point. To connect to the internet, use a browser but before that connect a PC or mobile device to the network to ensure the connection.

This is how the NETGEAR AC3000 WAC540 Tri-band Access point is set up and install.

NETGEAR AC3000 Tri-band Access point Other Modes for Setup

It is possible to set up your access point to the cloud using other ways. The NETGEAR Insight cloud portal is use. Setting up managing devices and subscriptions can be done using this app. A premium subscription may need to be purchase in order to use the Insight Cloud Portal. The same steps are follow to use the app, only the serial number has to be manually enter by the user when ask. You can configure the access point using a local browser through WiFi or ethernet. For more information on this, you can check the NETGEAR WAC540 user manual which can also be download from their website.

If in any case the access point is not discover, try disabling your firewall or anti-virus app for a temporary amount of time. Make sure you re-enable these apps once the access point has been discover.


The NETGEAR WAC540 comes with a five-year hardware warranty and this warranty can be claim using the NETGEAR Insight app. There is an all round-the-clock technical support via phone for ninety days. These issues are solve by highly technical experts. You can also contact support via chat which is also available for ninety days. This support coverage contract can be extended by buying their subscriptions that are available. The NETGEAR Insight app can also be using for more troubleshooting and customer support. Their website can also be using for any technical help.

HOW TO RESET THE NETGEAR AC3000 Tri-band Access point?

Resetting the device is very simple and can be done in these ways:

  1. Use the NETGEAR Insight app to remotely reset your device without any physical key.
  2. Press the reset button that locate behind the device known as the backplate of the device.

NETGEAR AC3000 Tri-band Access Point REVIEW

Having a lot of employees using the same WiFi access simultaneously takes a toll on the router and is not very applicable for fast transfers of data and information within the office. We purchased the NETGEAR AC3000 WAC540 Tri-Band Business Access point for the office and ever since then, we haven’t had any problems with speed loss or transfer interruptions. It is very easy to install and very easy to connect to. It gives a very seamless experience and can connect up to 600 devices with ease.

Thanks to the placement of the access points in ideal locations and the wide range of the access points, the WiFi is easily accessible from anywhere in the office. The app is very easy to use and is very user-friendly and they keep updating firmware via the app itself, due to which there is no need for a physical being coming and updating the access points. The access point device is easy to mount which is thanks to the mounting hardware provided and they look very elegant and not very tacky like many routers. Overall, we are all very satisfy with the product, with the main key factor being user-friendly and hassle-free to use.