Netgear EX6200 Firmware Upgrade

The Netgear EX6200 wifi extender is a dual-band device that delivers a throughput of around 1.2 Gbps. It is mainly designed to banish the dead spots and extend the wireless coverage with two high-gain exterior antennas. A universal extender connects readily with all routers. The flat design gives a superior look. You can stream games and HD videos sans any buffering. The setup is easy and takes two to three minutes. It arrives with regular firmware updates to fix bugs and issues. It is suggested to do the Netgear EX6200 firmware upgrade on a regular basis, if available. But sometimes, the firmware cannot be updated due to many reasons.

Can not Update Netgear EX6200 Firmware ? Check the solutions

These are the main reasons that Netgear firmware is not working. You can check the solutions from here.

Complete Netgear EX6200 Firmware Upgrade

Before going to update, keep in mind that you should not leave the firmware midway. Leaving the firmware updating process in a mid-way will definitely create an issue. Also, you need to check that the firmware update is done in the correct way. The Netgear EX6200 firmware update can be done following these steps.

  • Connect your EX6200 router with a PC. Assure that you are accessing the internet connection. Visit the Netgear EX6200 download center. Download the firmware file on your PC. Now go to the browser and typewrite the address mywifiext in the web search box.
  • The new interface with Netgear genie reveals. Look at the left side and click maintenance. Under the maintenance option, click firmware update.
  • The device update page reveals. Click the browse icon and explore the firmware file. Hit update to initiate the firmware operation. It may take some time. Remain for a while until the update is accomplished.

Check Connections and Internet Connectivity

To update the firmware, you need to log in with the Check that you have entered the correct website or an IP address to log in. Verify the SSID network details fixed at the back of the EX6200 device. The login details should be correct. If you did not remember the details, then try to log in with default credentials.
If you have connected a PC to the EX6200 repeater wirelessly, then verify that the internet is accessible. But if you have joined your PC employing an ethernet wire, then examine if the ethernet wire is connected to the LAN port and is in working condition. Affirm with your ISP that they are delivering a stable internet connection. Now try to update the firmware again. Doing all these solutions may fix the problem.

Restore the Netgear EX6200 to Default Settings

There are two ways to restore the default settings in Netgear EX6200 firmware. The first way is to do with the web interface while the second way is to do with a hardware reset button. To restore the settings with a reset button, go after the straightforward steps.

  • Thumb down the reset button on the backside of the EX6200 extender. Thumb down until you see the two LED lights start blinking. Remain for six to eight seconds to observe the light.
  • Stop pushing the reset button now. Wait until you observe the extender reboots by itself.
  • Now log in using the password and username and update the firmware.

The other way to restore the settings is using the web page. Follow the steps to do it.

  • After successful login, hit Add WPS client option.
  • Next, choose maintenance and then back up.
  • The backup settings interface reveals.
  • Hit the erase option. A new dialogue box with an alert to confirm the command shows. Hit OK to confirm or No to cancel it.

Check the Downloaded Firmware File

Downloading the wrong firmware file may create an issue. Affirm that you have downloaded the file compatible with your OS. It is suggested to download the zip file to evade corrupt issues.

Disable Firewalls and Antivirus

The Windows PC comes with inbuilt firewalls that may create an issue while updating the Netgear EX6200 firmware. It is recommended to disable it first and then try to update it. If you had installed the antivirus, disable it for some time too to evade interruptions in the update process.

Check the Device

If your PC does not have a storage space to download the firmware, then try to delete the large files. Also, you can delete the temp files that capture unwanted space. Sometimes there is something wrong with the device also. Restart your computer and try to update the firmware again. If you have another PC, then try with that.

Contact Team Support

This may be the last solution. If the Netgear EX6200 firmware upgrade not working still, you may contact the Netgear team. They will provide you with the best solution.