Netgear Mesh cbk752

The netgear mesh cbk752 is a high speed wireless network which always ensures that your office or home is getting a high speed access to internet with this tri-band mesh wifi system. This system have a router and one satellite which consists of six high-powered antennas which delivers you up to 1750 Mb/sec of bandwidth with connected device through 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, which covers up to 5000 sq ft. With a dedicated connection of 5 GHz the Orbi router and satellite allows the data transfer to each other at up to 2400 Mb/sec. This total speed is about 4x the speed of 802 ac, which delivers smooth video streaming up to 4k and online gaming experiences. The router consists of three Gigabit Ethernet ports, and the satellite consists of 2 ports which allows you to connect with wired devices like television, computers, game consoles and many more.
The orbi app can be downloaded from Google playstore or Appstore. By doing this the app will allow you to easily configure and manage devices, which includes setting guest network login. To give voice commands you can use Alexa and google assistant.

Orbi system speed

The Orbi system will give the speed of 600 Mb/sec over 2.4 GHz frequency and 1200 Mb/sec over the 5 GHz frequency. This system is designed to give large coverage up to 5000 sq ft of space. So, you can use it in home and also for office purpose.
It’s wireless signal is secured with AES encryption, it also consists of Armor which provides security from dangerous virus and theft of data for windows, Mac and also mobile networks.
If you want some additional security then have to setup guest login. With wired connection router have three LAN ports and satellite have two ports which can easily setup in TVs, gaming consoles and computers.

Use the Orbi app in case, you want easy setup.

How to install the Netgear mesh cbk752?

  1. You must have to turn off all the other modems and routers. In case, you are using a modem which is currently in use so you need to unlpug and then get a new cable modem router and plug it in the same outlet.
  2. Then, you have to use a cable which have the same axis as of the cable wall and connect the modem router to it. If you share the connection, use 1 to 2 splitter.
  3. Then, the power adapter should be connected to the modem router and after that plug the adapter into the electrical outlet. The startup will happen within 1 min and after that LED light lights with white color.
  4. Now you have to wait until the LED shows solid white color. You might have to wait up to 8 to 10 mins. Note: If your cable is still not connected with internet then you must activate your cable with your ISP.
  5. Now connect your mobile phone and computer to the Orbi cable by connecting it with the Ethernet or wifi . You must know that: wifi uses the SSID named network and password on the cable label to connect.
  6. For using through Ethernet you have to use a cable with which you will connect it to a computer to an port on the cable router.

Setup and activate through Orbi App:

Now, it is much easier to setup it with this app and it only takes 5 to 7 mins by which you can use the internet at amazing speed as fast as possible and with this app you also have access to see connected devices, you can run internet speed test and also manage your service subscriptions, and more with the help of your hand.
So, quickly setup the satellite and cable router and activate your service by downloading this app from playstore for android and Appstore.
Important: Do not place your cable router or satellite on the ceiling or wall as it can be a hazardous situation and can cause so much damage to your product.
But, if you don’t wish to use the app to setup your router you can setup it by using web interface

  1. Search the Appstore or playstore and scan a QR code.
  2. You can launch the NETGEAR app on your device by downloading it. After that you have to follow the prompts.
Click here to download NETGEAR App

How to login your NETGEAR mesh cbk752?

Follow the given steps and with the help of this you can easily login to your router:

  • You have to launch the internet browser and then you have to setup your modem router. By doing this you will see that you are automatically redirected to the cable router interface web. In case you are not redirected automatically then enter in the web browser.
  • After completing the given first step, follow the prompts which you are asked to
  • You have to agree to the all terms and conditions.
  • After that you have to place your satellite properly and sync it.
  • Now, change your admin information provided to router. Then setup some security questions which are important and will know forever.
  • Setup your name and password for your network.
  • Now you can change or update your details anytime you want using this app or security questions.

Firmware update on your mesh cbk752:

One thing you should know that you cannot manually update your NETGEAR firmware cable modem or router.
NETGEAR always provide their users a ISP with the latest firmware and this ISP automatically updates your firmware whenever it is available.
In case, your firmware is out of date you have to contact your  (ISP) for help and complete assistance will be provided to you.

NETGEAR mesh cbk752 manual:

With tri-band Wifi, you get three wifi bands, with the third band dedicated for communication purpose between router and satellite.
With the help of this less network congestion and device interference will happen and you will always get more speed and efficiency every time.
You can easily control and access anytime to your router with the help of the Orbi app which is provided on playstore as well as Appstore through which you can also test your internet speed and anytime change your basic details.
You can also see the connected devices with the help of the app.
So, all you can control with your hand and there will be no issue or any complicated work.


Is there a system with 2 satellites, or extra available satellites?

Ans: NO, there is not a 2 satellite kit yet, but you will get option of add-on satellite, the RB750

Can we create different SSIDs for different groups?

Ans: NO, you can’t create different SSIDs for different groups, there is one SSID for main and one for guest.

What the box will include in it?

Ans: It includes two pieces of modem/router and one satellite.

Does this will work with the net gear EX8000?

Ans: NO, you must need a wi-fi 6 Orbi satellite.