Netgear N150 firmware upgrade

Netgear releases the firmware upgrade to boost the device performance, advanced security, fix bugs, and add features Not upgrading the firmware will create an issue and the device may not work properly. Among the Netgear products, it has been seen that the N150 firmware upgrade stucks most of the time. If you have a Netgear N150 router, then a firmware issue may happen. Here are some tips and tricks to overcome the Netgear N150 firmware upgrade issue.

Netgear N150 can not upgrade firmware? Here are the acceptable solutions

The Netgear N150 firmware upgrade will fix many issues. If you are not apt to upgrade it, these may be the following reasons. Also, check the solutions.

Accomplish the Netgear N150 Firmware Upgrade

Leaving the firmware halfway will stuck the upgrade process. It is recommended to not leave or turn off your N150 device while the firmware upgrade is in process. Also, attempt not to go online while the firmware is updating. Affirm that you had finalized the firmware in the correct manner. After considering all the instructions in your mind, go ahead with these commands to upgrade the N150 firmware in a perfect way.

  • Join your PC with an N150 router employing an ethernet wire.
  • Launch a browser on your Window or MAC device and typewrite in the address section. You can also do the login with an IP address
  • Once the login interface is revealed, type the passphrase and username to login you set while setup. But if you did not remember the one you set, you can reset and go ahead with default credentials.
  • After you successfully log in, go to the advanced section and then to the settings tab.
  • Next, click the administration option. The firmware update option appears. Hit the check button to verify whether the firmware update is available or not. If available, hit the yes tab. Wait until the Netgear N150 router restarts and accomplishes the upgrade.

Verify Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not steady, then it may generate an issue. Confirm that you are getting high-speed internet and ping is low too. Your computer should be in the coverage of the router and is joined to the N150 network. If the problem remains, try to employ an ethernet wire connection instead of wireless. The wire should be accurately plugged into the N150 internet port. Block another device if connected to your network. Call your ISP to know whether they are delivering the internet. After following all the above tips, log in to the router interface and update the firmware again.

Download Correct Firmware File

Chase the download center from the browser and type N150 in the product name or model section to download the firmware. The list of searches shows, choose the N150 modem router. The results show documentation and firmware updates. Pick the latest available version to download. The zip file is downloaded on your PC and opened by itself. You can manually upgrade the router firmware by login into the Netgear N150 management page.
If you have already downloaded the firmware file from a third-party website, then affirm the file is in zip format. Otherwise, the chances of a corrupted file are high. After extracting the zip file, you can upload it in the firmware update section.

Check Your Web Browser

Sometimes, the browser may also generate an issue while updating the firmware. The recommended browser is Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. The history, as well as the cache of the browser, should be clear. Close the browser if the firmware update is stuck and try again. If the problem continues, try with another web browser.

Reset the Netgear N150 Router

See the push N button on the back of the device, Beside this, there is a reset button too. Make use of a pen or other sharp object to force into the hole for about three to five seconds. Free the reset button and remain quiet until the Netgear N150 reboots by itself. Resetting the router will swap all the customized settings to the default one. Once the device starts, wait for some time and try to update the firmware again.

Faulty Hardware or Block Software

Maybe the fault is in the router itself. The product you received may be defective. Assure that there is nothing wrong with the router. Check the PC you are using to update the firmware is working accurately. It should have storage space to download the firmware file. While upgrading the firmware file, it is recommended to disable the inbuilt Windows firewall, Antivirus, or other software that may block the firmware upgrade process.

Contact Netgear Team

The final key is to call the Netgear team and ask for help. They will provide you with the best solution.